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  1. DanielK

    Pronto TSU-7500 remomte and Pronto RF Extender

    Hi, Have the pronto tsu-7500 remote control as well as the pronto rfx6500 RF-extender for sale. Both with original packaging/manuals/contents. Both in excellent condition - was going to be used for a dedicated remote but have gone with a home automation system. Check out remotecentral.com...
  2. DanielK

    FS: Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player

    Hi, Have a new/sealed toshiba hd-a1 hd-dvd player for sale. Never opened - had planned on using it in a dedicated theater, but my plans have changed. Purchased from Best Buy BM. Asking $340 obo + shipping (pickup possible in central illinois). Thx, Dan
  3. DanielK

    Harmonic Technology Precision-Link Balanced Cables (5)

    For sale: 5 Harmonic Technology Precision-Link Balanced Cables. In excellent condition. Selling as I've downgraded from separates to a receiver and no longer need these cables. See http://www.harmonictech.com/products...sion_link.html for more information. Asking $250 obo + shipping.
  4. DanielK

    Emotiva DMC-1/MPS-1

    FS: The Emotiva Twins: DMC-1 preamp and the MPS-1 amplifier. Purchased A-stock from www.av123.com and in nice condition. See the products section at www.av123.com for all specifications. Asking $2600 + shipping (have all original packaging) - (will conside serious offers). Pickup in central...
  5. DanielK

    Griffin Itrip for the 3g Ipod

    Hi, Selling a griffin Itrip for the 3g ipod. All original contents - itrip, packaging, CD. (Ipod is not included). Asking $12.50 shipped (CONUS) or best offer. Thx, Dan
  6. DanielK

    Ipod 3g accessories

    Have a few ipod accessories to sell as my 3g ipod (the one with the buttons above the scroll-wheel) died. Have the dock - never used, 6pin-4pin firewire adapter, and the ipod/firewire cable. $10 obo + shipping.
  7. DanielK

    Rocket 850/200/300

    Hi Relisting these speakers as I my original buyer backed out. For sale: the Onix rocket rosewood 850's, RSC200 center channel speaker, and RSS300 surround speakers. In nice condition. Purchased as A-stock from www.av123.com. Original boxes/packaging materials. Asking: 850s: $1200 obo +...
  8. DanielK

    FS: Emotiva DMC-1 and MPS-1 (preamp/amp)

    FS: The Emotiva Twins: DMC-1 preamp and the MPS-1 amplifier. Purchased A-stock from www.av123.com. See the products section at www.av123.com for all specifications. In excellent condition - minimally used as i've been in the process of building a dedicated media room. When used, only 5...
  9. DanielK

    Dolby-DTS-THX signs

    These were purchased from BobRic here at HTF. Have been in the process of constructing the HT and the signs won't end up being used. Here's BobRic's old ad - seems to sum up the details: I have a set of Theatre signs that are all similar in make up. They all have a black and gold front that...
  10. DanielK

    FS: Wood Technology Center Channel Stand

    FS: Wood Technology CT-12 Ebony center channel stand. Going with in-wall speakers so here's your chance to get a great center channel stand at a great price. Asking $22.50 shipped (continental US).
  11. DanielK

    Pioneer 59avi DVD player

    Hi, Have a pioneer 59avi DVD player that I purchased from EricA here at HTF. In excellent condition. Actually haven't even used it since i've received it as i'm in the process of building a theater - am selling as i will be going with denon components instead. Original box/cables/remote/manual...
  12. DanielK

    Onix Rocket Package (850/200/300)

    Hi, I have for sale - a rocket package from av123. A pair of 850's, the bigfoot center channel, and a pair of 300's. Check out www.av123.com. They are in excellent condition except for one of the 300's came with a depressed dimple in the cone - it hasn't affected playback from what i've...
  13. DanielK

    FS: ACI Maestro Subwoofer

    For Sale: The ACI maestro subwoofer in architectural black. In excellent condition. I purchased this of SteveN here on HTF. Love the subwoofer- but it hasn't seen much action as I'm in the process of converting to inwall speakers/subs. Check out www.audioc.com for specs and check out the...
  14. DanielK

    FS: Screen Innovations 77" Fixed-Frame Screen

    Hi, Selling my screen innovations 77" fixed-frame screen with the velvet border frame. An excellent match with the infocus 4805 that i'm selling. The screen/projector are being sold as I'm currently upgrading. The screen was purchased from Anthony at Plasmadocs. Asking $350 or best offer...
  15. DanielK

    FS: Infocus 4805 Projector

    Hi, Selling the infocus 4805 projector. Purchased as A-stock from plasmadocs (per Anthony at plasmadocs - they are an authorized infocus dealer) at the beginning of the year. No issues with the unit - selling because I will be upgrading. Great reviews here at HTF and AVSforum. Just checked...
  16. DanielK

    FS: Panasonic RP91

    For sale: A Panasonic RP91 dvd player in black. The unit is used but in nice condition. I'm the original owner, with the unit used only for the occasional DVD. Original box/remote/manual/player. I have not had any issues with the unit and I'm selling only because i've recently upgraded. Asking...
  17. DanielK

    FS: Pioneer 1014TX

    For sale: The Pioneer 1014TX receiver. In excellent condition, purchased from Best Buy in Nov 2004. If you're looking at this ad, then you know the great reviews it has received. Selling because I will be receiving separates next week. Will be shipped in the original box with manual/mic/remote...
  18. DanielK

    FS: Onix Reference 1 / Ref1's

    For sale: The Onix Reference 1's in BirdsEye Maple. Purchased directly from AV123. These were Bstock - used as a display only at an audio gathering per Sean over at av123. I've had these out once and they are in wonderful condition. Selling as I've picked up another pair of Ref1's with a tube...
  19. DanielK

    Svs 16-46pc

    Hi, For sale - the SVS 16-46PC. In excellent condition. No problems with the unit. Purchased from SVS directly. Asking $350 obo + shipping. Located in Central Illinois for pickup (preferred). Feel free to email/PM with questions.
  20. DanielK

    WTB: Component Video Cable

    Hi, Looking for a component video cable at least 25 feet. Thanks, Dan
  21. DanielK

    Moving Sale: B&K Reference 50, SVS 16-46PC, and more

    Hi, Will be moving very soon and therefore looking to sell some of my home theater equipment as I'll be upgrading in the new home. Located in central Illinois - feel free to contact me regarding inspection/pickup/pictures. 1. B&K Reference 50. Original owner, non-smoking home. Purchased...
  22. DanielK

    Moving Sale: Onix Rockets, B&K Ref 50, and more

    Hi, Have several pieces of home theater equipment that I'd like to sell off as I plan on upgrading/speakers will not match decor for the new home. All serious offers will be entertained (ie. room for negotiation). Buyer to pay shipping costs - would prefer pick up - if you live around the...
  23. DanielK

    Jet Set Radio Future/Sega GT New

    Hi, Finally got around to getting an xbox but really have no need for these 2 games. Still sealed. Asking 17.50 shipped or best offer (US). Prefer paypal. Have a perfect ebay record.
  24. DanielK

    WTB: Sony SCD-222ES/555ES CD/SACD player

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Sony 222 or 555 CD/SACD player. I'd appreciate an email if you have one to sell. If you happen to know where to pick up a 555ES, i'd also appreciate any info (internet sites like onecall, oade, j&r don't have anymore) Thanks
  25. DanielK

    Klipsch RC-3, RB5-II speakers

    Hi, 1) Have a pair of RB5-II's (bookshelf) in very nice condition with cherry finish. Have original box/packing materials. Asking $480 obo plus shipping/insurance. 2) Have a RC-3 center channel speaker in very nice condition, black ash finish. Also with original box/packing materials...
  26. DanielK

    B&K Ref 50 Remote Help

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there who either had the remote which came with the B&K Ref 50 or who was familiar with it could help me. Just received the unit, but don't have quick access to a windows computer. I was wondering if there was any way to "learn" my other remotes without the...
  27. DanielK

    Sony ES 222 vs 555 vs wait?

    Hi, I've been in the market for a new CD transport and have decided to try the sony ES SACD products. I was hoping to get some help in deciding whether to purchase the 222 vs the 555 (or wait for possible new products?). I unfortunately don't have the opportunity to audition either player, so...
  28. DanielK

    $3500 5.1 Speaker budget - help!!

    Hi, I need some recommendations for a 5.1 speaker setup for around $3000-4000. I know it is ultimately up to one's ears, but suggestions/recs would be helpful as I'd like to rule out as many possiblities before making a final purchase. Will be running the speakers with the B&K 50/Sherbourn...
  29. DanielK

    Anthem AVM20 or B&K Ref 50

    Hi, Looking for a recommendation. As a newbie to the separates world, I'm trying to find an easy to use preamp in the price range of the anthem or B&K. Living in an area without ready access to listen to them, I was hoping for recommendations from those who have experience with the anthem or...
  30. DanielK

    Sherbourn amp - where to buy?

    Hi, I was interested in purchasing the sherbourn 5/1500a amplifier after all the great reviews here. Just wondering if there were any suggestions in terms of where to purchase one of these (online or local for 61701). Thanks