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  1. RayJr

    Rethinking The Importance Of Video Calibration

    Hello All, Thought you would find this interesting. http://hometheaterreview.com/rethinking-the-importance-of-video-calibration/ Even professorial reviewers can be educated. :) RayJr
  2. RayJr

    Current List of THX Certified Video Calibrators for HTF Members

    Here is a link to current THX calibrators and the areas they serve. THX Certified Video Calibrator Here is a quick ISF/THX Overview. Info I thought would be helpfull in this area of the forum. RayJr
  3. RayJr

    FT: Sealed Dolby Demo Blu-ray

    I have a sealed Dolby Demo Blu-ray I would like to trade for the Blu-ray "Baraka" or "DVE" If you have any other Blu-ray offers....please throw them out there..I may be interested. Here is the info on the Dolby Disc. The Sound of High Definition II Dolby Blu Ray Disc - New and factory Sealed...
  4. RayJr

    CES 2010 Event

    I am going to CES in Vegas next week and was wondering if any forum members would like something to do Saturday night? There will be an open house that is hosted by THX VideoTech… my understanding from my email to them is, that it is open to all A/V enthusiasts So..I figured we could...
  5. RayJr

    For Sale: BHL 5009-S (Bulb for JVC RS1 and RS2)

    For Sale: BHL 5009-S (Bulb for JVC RS1 and RS2) I have a brand new bulb in the box for JVC RS1, RS2 and Pioneer PRO FPJ1. Price: $250.00 plus shipping PM or email me with questions. Thanks for looking RayJr
  6. RayJr

    FS:Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player

    [b]I am selling a slightly used Oppo DV-981HD I have original packaging and paperwork Price: $150 shipped in the CONUS [img]https://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/thumbs/0/0e/oppo1.jpg/1000x500px-LL-oppo1.jpg">
  7. RayJr

    URC MX-3000 (Black) NEW VERSION

    URC MX-3000 (Black) NEW VERSION Hello all I just got this about a month ago. SO...my loss is your gain....this unit retails for $1000. This is the brand new (BLACK) unit that works with the URC Lutron switches also. The unit also includes The URC programming software that has the live...
  8. RayJr

    New to Video calibration take a look at this deal

    I was just over at the Spectrcal website (CalMAN) and saw something very interesting.....looks like they have a real nice starter package at a killer price. They are bundling the CalMAN software ($200) with a X-rite Meter that specs out like the i1D2 ($259) for $299. Not really sure if this is...
  9. RayJr

    Who is going to CEDIA & when do you arrive?

    Hello All, I will be attending CEDIA this year for the first time.....really looking forward to it. I arrive Wednesday night..and leave Saturady after noon. Look forward to seeing some of the HTF group there. Later RayJr
  10. RayJr

    Da-Lite Designer Contour Electrol 106"..BRAND NEW

    Da-Lite Designer Contour Electrol Screen Screen : High Contrast Matte White 106" (Gain 1.1) Screen Type: Motorized Case Color: Black Brand new in the box...never opened....I bought it over a year ago and decided to go with a different model, and larger size. Price: $500.00 Contact me...
  11. RayJr

    SpyderTV PRO 2007 (STV300)

  12. RayJr

    15 min of fame

    My time in the spot light. http://www.electronichouse.com/artic..._his_business/ Later RayJr
  13. RayJr

    FS:SMART III Ver. 2.0 Video Calibration Toolkit

    SMART III Ver. 2.0 Video Calibration Toolkit I use it to do Projector calibration, but have bought a new system recently. Works perfectly and in like new condition, Calibration software and instructons included. Includes: 1) light meter 1) CD with Software and instructions 3) color filters...
  14. RayJr

    FS: Lexicon MC-1 Ver.4 fully loaded

    I have for sale a Lexicon MC-1 V4 that has been in my system for I think 4 or 5 years. This unit works perfectly..only reason I am selling is that I am upgrading to Lexicon MC-12 HD. I have original box, remote and all books and paper work. I will be posting Pictures of the unit later today...
  15. RayJr

    FS: Golden Theater GTX-1

    I bought the unit brand new and after about 4 years it developed noise in the channels..not sure what it is...but it was out of warranty so I shelved the unit and bought a Lexicon. Now I was cleaning out the garage and found it again, I powered it up and it powered..as you can see in the...
  16. RayJr

    My Home Theater

    Here is a link with pictures of my theater. www.socalht.com/ray It is always a work in progress. Just added..Toshiba HD-A1 (HD DVD Player) and preordered JVC RS1 Projector (1920X1080) Any comments..good or bad..I would like to hear. Thanks RayJr