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  1. Paul D Young

    IPOD newbie question about file transfers

    I apologize in advance if this has been covered before but I could not find any info in my search. I want to get an IPOD so that I can listen to it while working. How the heck do I get the songs on there? Do I have to use Itunes software because I am still running Windows 98 and I don't think...
  2. Paul D Young

    Help me make a compilation of Ohio songs please!

    Long story short; I'm making a compialtion for a friend who live in Columbus, OH and I want all the songs to be either about Ohio or just mention the state or any Ohio city. The more mentions the better. I'm just getting started but of course I plan on including Ohio by Neil Young and...
  3. Paul D Young

    Help me figure out this movie please?

    I would like to find out which DVD movie I saw recently featuring the song "Something Stupid" performed as a duet between Frank and Nancy Sinatra. I think they played it during the credits? It was probably a semi-recent film. (Last couple of years?) I heard the song again at the end of...
  4. Paul D Young

    I screwed something up and I need help!

    Hello, I'm using Internet Explorer 5 and Windows 98 SE. I recently installed a program called MGI PhotoSuite that came with my new digital camera. It messed up my file associations for JPG and GIF. I re-associated them to Internet Explorer like I wanted but each time I clicked a picture it...
  5. Paul D Young

    WTB: Sony MDS -JB 940

    http://www.sel.sony.com/SEL/consumer...ds-jb940.shtml I decided (too late I guess) that I want one. please email.
  6. Paul D Young

    Which Doors song is this?

    Which Doors song (I'm assuming it was a Doors song) says "Blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles"? I'm not to hip on this group but I would really like to be.
  7. Paul D Young

    Steely Dan Lyrics question

    What the heck do they say in Show Biz Kids from Countdown To Ecstasy by Steely Dan. If you've heard the song before you probably noticed that they chant something throughout the entire song over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. About a zillion times...
  8. Paul D Young

    Where are these Simon & Garfunkel tracks from?

    I just bought the original 1972 Greatest Hits of Simon & Garfunkel after realizing that after purchasing the Old Friends box set, The Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-1970 box set, The Graduate Soundtrack, Live From New York City, 1967 and Concert In Central Park, that I was still missing the...
  9. Paul D Young

    I'm confused about some simple stuff regarding region codes and video formats.

    My friend's roomate moved to Dublin (which I believe is located in Ireland?). He lived in the USA up until a month ago. He decided to take his Region 1 DVDs with him. (Bad idea?) He bought a DVD player when he got to Dublin and tried to watch his DVDs on his new TV and DVD player. He says that...
  10. Paul D Young

    Is there a book reference site like IMDB or All Music Guide?

    Maybe this should be in the computers area? I was wondering if there were any book reference sites on the web where I can find out all the books by an author and such. I was hoping for something similar to the fine sites: All Music Guide for music and IMDB.com for movies. Any suggestions?
  11. Paul D Young

    Holy Cow! Who are these people?

    I never really paid any attention to this message at the top of the forum:
  12. Paul D Young

    I don't even know what I need, or where to start

    I used to be a DJ and last Christmas I set up my "2 turntables and a microphone." I bought a new Numark DM1295 Professional DJ Sampling Mixer. I mixed and I scratched and I sampled just like when I was in High School. It was a great little toy and I loved to play with it, FOR ABOUT A DAY! Then I...
  13. Paul D Young

    Hiding a folder?

    I'm using Windows 98 2nd edition. I keep a lot of files in one folder that I would prefer others not to have access to. Is there a way to hide this one folder from all users so only I know it is there? Or, is there a way to ensure that the items in this folder do not appear in a search...
  14. Paul D Young

    Barry Levinson's Jimmy Hollywood

    I have always felt that Jimmy Hollywood was a very good movie. Although it seems to me that it never really achieved what it was going for, it was still a fun story and very well done. I think that Joe Pesci is hilarious in this film and Christian Slater's performance is his best (that I've...
  15. Paul D Young

    Links folder in Internet Explorer. Please Stop!

    It seems like everytime I turn around, Internet Explorer adds a folder titled "Links" to my Favorites folder. I delete it and then it comes back again almost immediately. It has been happening for about 3 months and it is driving me batty! How do I stop this from happening?
  16. Paul D Young

    Can I take my dog on a test drive?

    My wife and I are planning on buying a new vehicle soon. Some people may think it is stupid but how my dog rides in the vehicle will play an important role in deciding which one to buy. I want to make sure that he can comfortably look out the window while I drive without being totally free to...
  17. Paul D Young

    I'm really lost on this ftp/ip stuff

    I guess I'm new to this and I've never posted in this area before so please fell free to kill me if this is a heavily covered topic. But here it is: Once in a while I come across statements like this:
  18. Paul D Young

    Neutering a dog?

    What exactly is involved in neutering a male dog? I have never had mine nuetered and I don't have any plans to but I was curious as to what it is. Are any "parts" removed? Can you tell if a dog is neutered by looking at it? I am truly clueless here. Any info would be appreciated. And while...
  19. Paul D Young

    Why don't I start another Star Wars thread?

    Why don't I start another Star Wars thread?:laugh: It seems like every day someone tries to start a discussion about some Star Wars related topic and it gets closed down. I just want to say thanks for reigning in these threads because I'm sure the Movies section would turn into the Star Wars...
  20. Paul D Young

    The Big Chill and Grand Canyon

    I watched both The Big Chill and Grand Canyon this week by coincidence without realizing they were both directed by Lawrence Kasdan. I had seen them both way back in the day on videotape (gasp!) but it was a brand new experience to watch both of these they that the should be watched. Needless...
  21. Paul D Young

    What was the name of this show?

    What was the name of this show? I believe it was on Fox in the early days. It was a sitcom where a white woman and a black man got married. She had an older teenage daughter with long red hair and he had two sons. I can't remember much else about it except that I used to really like it. Do...
  22. Paul D Young

    Am I the only one who wants Bill Withers on CD?

    I have wanted to get all of the Bill Withers albums on CD since CDs came out. There are at least 5 compilations on the market right now but none of his original albums except for "Live at Carnegie Hall." I want all the albums, especially the early Sussex ones. It drives me crazy that you hear...
  23. Paul D Young

    Question for Kinks fans

    I am trying to collect all the Kinks re-issues that came from England on the label Essential Records/Castle Communications. So far I've got the following 7: Kinda Kinks Lola Vs Powerman... Arthur or decline and fall... Village Green Preservation Society Something Else By The Kinks...
  24. Paul D Young

    SACD Changers

    I have been meaning to add another changer to my listening system in the back room. I currently have two Sony 400 CD changers and I was planning on adding one more. I would also like to add a SACD player to the system. It would be worth the extra cash if I could kill two birds with one stone and...
  25. Paul D Young

    A test of my sig

    only a test
  26. Paul D Young

    Rolling Stones Limited Editions

    I know that I while back, before I was into the Stones, they re-released a lot of their Virgin albums in limited edition cardboard sleeves to replicate the original LPs. Does anyone know which ones were released that way? I just picked up Some Girls that way from circuit City yesterday for...
  27. Paul D Young

    SACD Vs. DVD Audio - lots of questions

    This is not meant to be one vs. the other in terms of sound quality which will boil down to too many opinions. What I am wondering about is the mechanics of the whole deal and what is available in either format. I'll tell you what I THINK I understand about the formats. I already figured out...
  28. Paul D Young

    Here is an easy one.

    Please help with the title of this song. It will be really easy if you can tell what the heck I'm talking about because you probably hear it all the time. I think I just heard it in a car commercial today. I heard the song a million times but never knew what is was called or who it was by. It...
  29. Paul D Young

    Rolling Stones Hot Rocks Question

    Do you know where the live version of Midnight Rambler from "Hot Rocks" comes from? It seems to be longer than the live version on "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" and I wonder if "Hot Rocks" provided the first release of this version, did it? Also, what about Gimme Shelter also on "Hot Rocks"? Did this...