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  1. Mat_M

    Getting married...need some assistance

    Hey folks, Mat here. My future wife and I are getting married in early June and are now going through the process of making a registry. My question is, for those that are married, what do you wish you would have registered for after the event of your marriage? You know, basic stuff that...
  2. Mat_M

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    I thought I'd pass this along... Today I went to a local "hifi" dealer here in Tempe, Arizona. I spoke on and off with the owner in between my listening sessions of the setups in the store. After a while a gentleman walks into the store and starts talking to the owner about the frequency...
  3. Mat_M

    Please help with this movie poster

    Hey folks, not sure where this thread should belong; hopefully it's right here. My brother is a huge movie poster fan and wants a Return of the King poster. I found this one: http://www.hollywooddreamsonline.com...l.aspx?ID=1193 It's huge and I know he'd love it. My questions are: Is...
  4. Mat_M

    What the heck happened at Amazon.com???

    Did this happen to any of you? When I view my wishlist all I see is the amazon.com price. It USED to be that you would see the "new & used" option if you wanted to buy used. What the heck?!?
  5. Mat_M

    Which Gamecube games are LAN capable?

    I tried doing a search and only found that Mario Kart is. Are there any more? Are there any planned in the future? Thanks!
  6. Mat_M

    Nathaniel Heatwole: Hero or Villian?

    Check this out guys: http://www.cnn.com/2003/LAW/10/20/ai...are/index.html What do you think of this? Is Heatwole in the right or wrong? Are the airline lawyers claiming he's a 'bad guy' because bringing those items on a plane and then leaving them there for a month is a huge slap in the...
  7. Mat_M

    Paradigm Studio 100, 80, or 60 Owners

    How many of you run your mains as large? If you do, where do you put the cutoff frequency (if allowable on the pre/pro)? If your answer was yes, do you also run a sub? If your answer was no, at what frequency do you cutoff the mains? 80Hz? 60Hz? Thanks
  8. Mat_M

    Should I do this?

    So after I bought my new amplifier, it powers my full range speakers at bass frequencies better than my Infinity BU-2 can output. I'm curious what you experts in here think about this crazy idea: Later on (3-5 years) I'll be getting a massive sub. But for now, what if I got rid of the...
  9. Mat_M

    Is there a consolidated Enter the Matrix moves list?

    It seems the more I play E.t.M, the more cool moves keep popping up, and I have no idea how I did them. Is there a website that has a list of most (or even all) of the possible moves in Enter the Matrix?
  10. Mat_M

    TV options help

    So I'm kind of in a beginning stage as to what TV I'm going to upgrade to, so I'd like some input. I don't want to ask things like, "what's the best TV for $XXXX" or "which TV is best for me". I'd like to start more general and work my way into the specific questions. So it's obvious to me...
  11. Mat_M

    Most posts/views

    Anyone know which threads have the most views and/or most responses? The BTTF one is closing in on 80,000 views for example; and the Anthem post in receiver/separates/amps has something like 1600 replies. Anyone know what the world forum records are?
  12. Mat_M

    Sub + BFD: Calibrate in Pro Logic or Stereo?

    I'm getting ready to equalize my sub again since I've made some room changes. Now, I know most people recommend setting all speakers to small and let the sub handle all the lows, but after several trial runs with small/large/sub on/sub off settings, I find that the best sound (to me) is setting...
  13. Mat_M

    Help me decipher this...(long)

    I have an issue with my Cinenova and was wondering if any of you could tell me what I'm saying is wrong here...These are the emails we sent back and forth: Got another quick question for you: Today I was watching Lord of the Rings on DVD. My pre/pro is a Harman Kardon AVR300. I had the volume...
  14. Mat_M

    Ground Loop Problem (almost) Solved

    Not sure which forum this belongs in (maybe tweaks/connections?), so I thought I'd share my experience today: I live in Tempe, AZ, and today I had Cox come out and install digital cable. The moment the cable was hooked into the wall, hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 'Dangit' I think to myself, ground...
  15. Mat_M

    Help Match Speakers to My New Amp

    So the search for new speakers will commence soon. I don't plan on buying for at least a year, but I want to get an idea of where to look for speakers. I just got my Earthquake Cinenova Grande 5. Assuming that price is *almost* not object, what 5.1 or even 7.1 setup would work nicely with the...
  16. Mat_M

    Please help with MS Equations!!!

    I haven't used Microsoft Equations (Word 2000) in quite some time, but tonight I was writing a report... I click 'insert' -> 'object' -> 'microsoft equations 3.0' When I begin to put stuff in the box, it becomes REALLY messed up. It seems that the spacing is all screwed up: subscripts and...
  17. Mat_M

    Does this happen with you?

    When I click 'first new post' in my favorites, I get this: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...post&threadid= Anyone have this problem too?
  18. Mat_M

    Possible (active) crossover for Bi-Amping?

    So I've been looking at the Earthquake Cinenova 5. It claims to have a filter "High-pass / low pass variable filter, range 20 Hz to 5 kHz (one/ channel)." My question is, could this serve as an active crossover to bi-amp the mains? For example: for each speaker, use one channel with a lowpass...
  19. Mat_M

    Help me with WinME and SS

    Ok this is really weird, and I have NEVER found an answer to it online or from friends, so I'm hoping you guys can help: I like to watch my (.avi or .rm or .mov) episodes of South Park before I go to bed. I have WinME, and I set my screen saver to kick on after about 25 minutes. Problem is...
  20. Mat_M

    Testing 1 2 3

    alskdjf;lkajl kj3 l;jgk
  21. Mat_M

    Outlaw 770 and 4,6 Ohm Loads

    Does anyone out there use the 770 with say for example, 4 Ohm fronts, and 6 Ohm center/surrounds? I've read the quote "there's only so much power a single unit can put out", and was wondering if anyone has had any problems with this type of setup. The 770 is stated to have 300WPC for all 7...
  22. Mat_M

    Money Allocation

    Is there a rule of thumb with the ratios of money spent on speakers+sub to money spent on pre/pro+amps? I know it's obvious you don't want to go spend $5G's on a pre/pro+amp and then spend only $1000 bucks on 5 or 7 speakers; what do you guys think? Mat
  23. Mat_M

    Outlaw and 7.1

    Since the search is disabled right now I thought I'd make a post. I'm leaning (really far) toward the Outlaw 950/770 combo, or the 950/755 combo, but I'd like to find out some information on how (and if) anyone uses 7.1 surround mode(s) for DVDs. I tried posting something similar in the HT...
  24. Mat_M

    7.1 and DVD's, is there a benefit?

    Sort of a noobie question here: If I go with a 7.1 system, how will it affect DVD playback? If the DVD was encoded for 5.1 sound, how will a 7.1 system utilize the sound coming from a 5.1 datastream? Will it: a) Use all four surrounds? (if so, how?) b) Use only the 2 rear surrounds? c)...
  25. Mat_M

    Outlaw 950/770 Owners chime in please

    Ok I'm pretty much set on giving the Outlaw 950/770 combo a try. But first I'd like 950/770 owners to ring in here. It's been a very long time since the "hiss" was discussed; if I purchase the unit now will it be eliminated? But more importantly, I'd like to get an idea of what speakers you...
  26. Mat_M

    Technical Questions...Please Help

    The bottom line is, I need to know what kind/type of signal comes out of a receiver's "subwoofer" RCA connector. What is the frequency range (10-150Hz?)? What is the typical amount of power sent? How is the signal processed from DVD to the connector? Will a low/medium-end receiver send out a...