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  1. Travis W.

    Two Gamecube games for sale (minimally played)

    Hi, I'd like to sell two games for the Nintendo Gamecube: Both games have only been played a few times. I take excellent care of all my digital media so no scratches whatsoever. They play great and packaging is in excellent condition on both items. I will sell Starfox Assault...
  2. Travis W.

    King Kong Production Diary Set for Sale (viewed only once)

    Hi, this is the first item I've sold on here. I'd like to sell my edition of the Peter Jackson King Kong Production Diary. It has been viewed only once. Here is a picture of the item: The only catch is I do not have the art cells that came with it. My father's a huge fan of all...
  3. Travis W.

    Any news on a Region 1 edition of Godzilla: Final Wars?

    Has anyone heard a rumor or just anything in general about Godzilla Final Wars coming to DVD. I'd assume since it's a pretty high profile title that Sony would be trying to release it on Region 1 as fast as possible (to curve the oncoming swarm of bootleg discs).
  4. Travis W.

    Articles on DVD and the Negative Impact on Cinema?

    I'm trying to write a paper on how I believe DVD is only helping cinemas but I need to cite some articles that think DVD is hurting cinemas. Does anyone know of any online?
  5. Travis W.

    Blade: Trinity Unrated Version Glitch?

    After watching the so called unrated cut of the film (i.e. just longer) I decided I would only watch the theatrical cut of the film (included on the disc). So I start watching it today and in the beginning when a digital clock hits 00:00, my DVD player freezes at 04:36 in. It's only on the...
  6. Travis W.

    George A. Romero's Land of the Dead Teaser Trailer Premiere This Week

    I work at a theater and we just got our sheets of trailers we can program on the new movies. On the list for xXx 2: State of the Union is...Land of the Dead. Trailer runs 1:47 so I guess technically it's a teaser even though it comes out in June. JoBlo posted this news a few days ago but I can...
  7. Travis W.

    Best Buy and the Midnite Movies Streeting on 3-22

    I've been trying to find any information on the next batch of Midnite Movies streeting tomorrow. I know which movies are apart of the lineup and I know that they are exclusive to Best Buy but I've been searching BB's website, there's no record of any of the titles. I even went through their...
  8. Travis W.

    Clarissa Explains it All Season 1 Due May 17...More Nickelodeon Sets on the Way?

    Davis DVD is reporting a May 17th street date for the complete first season of Clarissa Explains it All. I'm hoping that maybe this is a sign that Paramount is going to release many of it's Nickelodeon properties on DVD. Full season sets of Rocko's Modern Life, Aaah Real Monsters, Salute Your...
  9. Travis W.

    Help in Identifying Music from Dark City Trailer...

    On the theatrical trailer featured on the Dark City DVD I have been trying to figure out what the name of the song is. It plays throughout the trailer and I can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Travis W.

    *** Official SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW Review Thread

    Here's hope that this begins the official Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow thread. I had been looking forward to this since they day I heard about it. A film like the old serials that could possibly have ringings of Indiana Jones and Star Wars? WWII era airplanes against giant robots? I...
  11. Travis W.

    *** Official EXORCIST: The Beginning Review Thread

    I saw it last night and I didn't think it was that bad. I mean it's nothing great but it's certainly above the other turkies released this year. A little too many "music sting" scares for my tastes but some scenes were genuinely creepy. 2.5 out of 4.
  12. Travis W.

    *** Official ALIEN VS. PREDATOR Review Thread

    Mortal Kombat is nowhere near as bad as this film, to compare the two is ridiculous since they're not even the same genre. You're only comparing them since they're both by the same director but Anderson did not write MK he merely directed it. It's unfair to compare the two.
  13. Travis W.

    Need Help on Picking the Right Video Editing Software

    Okay, I've got a complication. Here goes: I filmmed a short movie on a Hi-8 camera a few months ago. I tried to edit it using Dazzle but it crashed. Then I tried Premiere but the audio is out of sync (uploaded it several times to no avail). Now I'm looking for a cheap yet effect video editing...
  14. Travis W.

    Ultimate Versus in Region 1?

    I was wondering if anybody knows when to expect Ultimate Versus in Region 1. This cut has 10 more minutes added into the film and I'm really interested in seeing this.
  15. Travis W.

    Ultimate Versus

    I found a listing for the Ultimate Versus DVD and was wondering if anybody here has it. I'd like to know if the extra features have english subtitles and if it's an overall good disc.
  16. Travis W.

    Does anybody have the recently released R2 edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    I just found about a recent R2 release of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Apparently the film was re-released theatrically in the UK not too long ago but a remastered DVD is out. I've seen screen grabs from this R2 edition and the difference between it and the R1 counterpart is...
  17. Travis W.

    Why can't Universal seem to make up their minds on these releases?

    http://www.davisdvd.com/news/daily_news.html Every Friday for the last month or so, we've been hearing of Universal delaying titles and bumping back and forth. Van Helsing was pushed from 9/28 to it's originally reported date of 10/19...to 10/19 again. Then Dawn of the Dead (a film that came...
  18. Travis W.

    Is There A Site To Watch One Episode of These Cartoons?

    I'm trying to find a site where I can preview and episode of Garfield & Friends. It's been awhile since I watched it...a long while. I wanted to watch one episode to see if I'd be willing to buy the set? I'm also looking for a site where I could watch one episode of the Super Mario Bros. Super...
  19. Travis W.

    Will Ryuhei Kitamura's films ever come out to Region 1?

    I know Versus has come out (just last year) but where are his other films like Azumi, Alive, Sky High, or Aragami? These films are only available in Region 3 counterparts and impossible to find in the United States. The man is a very cool director and he deserves to have his films released here...
  20. Travis W.

    ***Official SHAUN OF THE DEAD Discussion Thread

    I've been excited about Shaun of the Dead since the first trailer but haven't heard anything about it coming to the US in any form. I would have thought with the recent success of it's own Dawn of the Dead that Universal would plan some sort of tie-in. Is this film going to hit our theaters or...
  21. Travis W.

    Any news on a sequel to the Dawn of the Dead remake?

    With the recent remake of Dawn of the Dead being such a hit is there any news about a sequel? Many have already speculated that it would use the title of Day of the Dead but I don't think it will. Since Rubinstein technically owned the rights to Dawn, pretty sure he doesn't own the rights to Day.
  22. Travis W.

    Can we expect a second volume of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    I don't know how well TMNT Volume 1 sold or anything but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about Artisan releasing season 2.
  23. Travis W.

    I need an e-mail address for New Line Cinema

    I've been trying to contact New Line through e-mail for awhile now. Many people here might not like Mortal Kombat but I'm trying real hard to get through to New Line in hopes of a special edition DVD. The company puts out some of the finest discs but this was one of their first and still one of...