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  1. bruin

    Want to Buy: GR-Research AV3s Center

    Looking for a Gr-research av3s center with orwithout the sonicap upgrade any finish/color is fine. thanks James
  2. bruin

    27" Zenith HDTV connected to a PC question

    I have a 2 year old 27" Zenith HDTV that has a VGA input. The manual says the input accepts 1080i and 480p. So I connected a vga cable from the tv to my computer vga out. I get a beautiful picture with the pc set to output at 640 x 480 (i guess this is where the 480p compatibility comes...
  3. bruin

    FS: Entire Home Theater System - Gr Research, Rotel, Parasound

    http://www.pbase.com/bruin/bl2_driver http://www.pbase.com/bruin/mt1855 Items are in Los Angeles/Northridge I need to make room in my tiny room. All the items for sale are in excellent condition. (1) Rotel RTC-965 w/ Univ Remote $345 shipped 5.1 Preamp with Dolby Digital and DTS Has...
  4. bruin

    FS: Rotel RTC-965 $400 shipped w/ RR939 remote

    Selling a used but in excellent condition Parasound HCA-855a amplifier for $450. This amp has not been overdriven. I am using them to power 3 GR Research AV2's and 2 Rutledge Audio Design "Metals" at very low volumes in my small 11x10 room. The amp is at the bottom right of this pic Amp...
  5. bruin

    FS: Parasound HCA-855a

    Selling a used but in excellent condition Parasound HCA-855a amplifier for $450. This amp has not been overdriven. I am using them to power 3 GR Research AV2's and 2 Rutledge Audio Design "Metals" at very low volumes in my small 11x10 room. The amp is at the bottom right of this pic Amp...
  6. bruin

    FS: Nintendo Gamecube w Madden 2004 and Warranty

    $135 Shipped $125 if you pick it up (Los Angeles) Selling an excellent condition Game Cube (black color), no dings or scratches. Comes with: - 2 controllers: 1 original Nintendo and 1 non-nintendo with the rumble feature - box and manuals - Madden 2004 - 64MB Memory Card - 5 plastice...
  7. bruin

    Anyone have Spires in Los Angeles?

    Does anyone own a pair of Spires in the LA area? I would like to hear them out if possible. Thanks!
  8. bruin

    DVD Player with RGB output?

    I just got a 27" Zenith hdtv C27V22 that has an RGB input. I am using the 1080i component input already with my cable box and the only other input that accepts 1080i is the RGB input. 1) Can anyone recommend a progressive scan dvd player (upconverting or just regular 480p) with an RGB...
  9. bruin

    Philips 55" LCOS problem

    My brother just got the Philips LCOS 55" tv and one thing that was really bothersome are flickering lines during chapter 26 (?), the Neo vs Smith fight scene in Matrix Revolutions. Whenever lightning strikes, there are obvious horizontal flickering lines. He uses an S-Video connection to...
  10. bruin

    FS: Klipsch RP3 Pair and KSC-C1 center channel

    Location: Los Angeles area All three speakers are in excellent condition. Very few scratches as these have been well taken cared of. (2) Klipsch RP3 Left and Right Pair each with built in 10" powered subs at the bottom sides. $570 local pickup w/ manual, rubber feet (1) Klipsch KSC-C1...
  11. bruin

    Sony 50" LCD Projection TV Lamp question

    Just got this Tv...I just noticed that the replacement lamp indicator lighted up and the tv wouldn't turn on. However I tried turning the tv on again after 2 minutes and the tv came on. It's been less than a month since I got the Tv. My questions are: 1) Should I notify Best Buy (who I...
  12. bruin

    27" TV Panasonic Tau Flatscreen non-hdtv LA

    I'm looking to upgrade my video display so I'm selling my 27" Panasonic Tau Flatscreen TV. The model # is CT-27SX31. http://www.pbase.com/image/18789319 It has -2 A/V inputs in the rear and 1 set in the front w/ S-video -A/V out -PIP -headphone jack at front -remote and manual...
  13. bruin

    FS: 2 DIY Sealed 12" Subs

    I'm selling these two awesome subs because I am downgrading to a single sub...mainly for space issues. For more info regarding these please see the link below. http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=131466 I've since repainted them to a dark mahogany. You can always sand and restain...
  14. bruin

    Car audio help needed! GR 6.5" woofers ok?

    Is there any restriction or negative effects of using a 6.5" GR woofer in a car audio application? I am planning to pair it with a VIFA 1" D25AC-05. -if anyone has any experience with car audio apps, how would I go about constructing a x-over?
  15. bruin

    Is there a DIY meet this weekend?

    I heard there is a meet somewhere in Southern CA this weekend. Can anyone give me more info? Is it open to the public? or does it need an rsvp of some kind?
  16. bruin

    Anyone have any DIY bookshelf speakers for sale?

    Please post if you do...looking for a spare pair of bookshelves for a friend. Budget is around $90-130.
  17. bruin

    Stereo Preamps w/ HT bypass?

    I need some recommendations for a stereo preamp w/ HT bypass new or used prices. My budget is $300...but if there is something cheaper...then great!
  18. bruin

    Need some tips for my setup

    During heavy bass scenes in movies like LOTR or Star Wars: TPM & ATOC, vibrations from the sub causes some rattling of the AV1+'s that sit on top and detracts from the listening experience. Any suggestions to get around this? ThanksPic setup Still waiting on my parasound 855a...
  19. bruin

    Preamp questions,,,please help

    I was planning on buying a preamp with dts and dolby digital processing as well as stereo. I've read that preamps have a noticeable difference compared to receivers. My question is...has anyone tried comparing the sound when connecting 1) the 6 channel outputs on their DVD player to their...
  20. bruin

    FS: Panasonic 5 Disc DVD Player CV52

    $60 shipped Selling my Panasonic 5 Disc DVD/CD/MP3/VCD changer/player with DTS and Dolby Digital outputs. Also has component video outputs, optical and coaxial outs. It is in excellent condition, barely any scratches. I take care of all I equipment I own. This is about 2" thick..very slim...
  21. bruin

    AV1+ comparison with Klipsch RP3's

    Frank C, this is for your request as well as for those who want to read another positive take on the AV1+s. Some background info: I mostly listened to Dave Matthews, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Collective Soul, Moulin Rouge and some techno cds that's I love (ATB, Paul Van Dyk)when I compared...
  22. bruin

    NAD T761 Owners -Question

    When you turn the T761 receiver off, does it send a strong jolt to your sub? If you own a Behringer Feedback Destroyer, then you know what I'm talking about. I just got my T761 and when I finished testing everything and was satisfied and turned it off...clack! to my sub! the horror...anyone...
  23. bruin

    5 1/4" and 1" tweeter kit recommendations?

    I have 2 old bookshelf enclosures already refinished with cutouts for a 5 1/4" driver and a 4 1/8" (1-inch)tweeter. The enclosure dimensions are 13"x8"x9". It has a 2" diameter port. Anyone know a kit that will work with these enclosures without any woodworking adjustments? I don't have any...
  24. bruin

    AV1+'s and Shielded center pics

    http://www.pbase.com/bruin/inbox With the help of Danny Richie and Danny Wesnor and many others fromt his forum...a BIG THANKS! I will probably have them veneered for a more professional look down the road...my finishing skills aren't much to speak for.
  25. bruin

    Cheapest receiver with preouts or a good preamp

    I'm not so good with the terminology but I believe what I need is a receiver w/ preouts as I'm planning to get a 5 channel amp to match. I've read that the receiver may be a limiting factor in quality so what is an alternative to the receiver? What components exactly? I will need...
  26. bruin

    FS: Harman Kardon AVR320 w/ Fry's 5 year performance guarantee

    I'm selling my Harman AVR320 to upgrade as always. This is a terrific receiver in excellent condition and functionality. It includes a learning fully programmable remote, manual, receipt, transfer of performance guarantee, and tuner cords. Will be double boxed and padded by styrofoam (not...
  27. bruin

    WTB: Something to power/process 3 AV1+s and 2 8ohm rears

    Please post what you want to sell. I need something stable for 4ohms for the fronts and 8ohm rears. I need a combination that essentially replaces my receiver. So I'm thinking a cheap receiver that has preouts and a good amp that can do the front channels. Budget for both is about $$420
  28. bruin

    Need advice: Harman AVR520/320 ok for AV1+?

    I don't listen to stuff really loud...loudest is 94db tops. I just want to make sure that the 520 or 320 can handle 3 AV1+'s for the fronts and 8ohm speakers for the rears. I need advice on these receivers as well as other opinions within a $400 shipped budget.
  29. bruin

    Harman Kardon AVR320 warm to the touch

    I'm just wondering if something is wrong with my receiver. Even for about 1 hour of low listening level with just stereo, the receiver gets warm. Even out in the open it is still warm but not hot hot, just noticeably warm. Is this normal?
  30. bruin

    FS: NEAR 10M II bookshelves, $210 shipped obo, inverted titanium tweeter

    Selling these to make way for my AV-1+ fronts. Very detailed highs, great balance, and imaging. Uses an inverted tweeter and 5 1/4" driver. There is a little nick on one grill and a very tiny crack on the tip of one terminal cup (see pics); absolutely no effect on functionality. Everything else...