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  1. Dan_Whip

    What music would YOU take to demo speakers?

    Don't let anyone tell you to take a certain CD. You need to take something you yourself are *very* familiar with. If you take music you've never heard before, you won't notice any subtle details a speaker may be missing. On the other hand, with something you are very familiar with, you will be...
  2. Dan_Whip

    Value of completed HT (when selling turn key)?

    I saw an article a few months ago about this. The main factor is the area of the country you live in. If you are in an area with a lot of high-tech companies, then the employees of these companies find high value in completed home theaters. But other areas comprised of low-tech jobs, the value...
  3. Dan_Whip

    Tools & Project

    Another option is to check out Acoustic Visions. Kyle has subwoofer kits that come with the Shiva, an amp, and the enclosure kit. So all the wood is pre-cut, you just have to assemble it. There are 3 different Shiva kits that would be within your budget. Check it out at...
  4. Dan_Whip

    So i just got a budget to work with... Now what?

    I received my Stryke kits just over a week after ordering. Very happy so far with the service from John, which is one of the main reasons I went with his kit over some of the others. John is very active within the forums, so if I have a question, he's usually not too far away.
  5. Dan_Whip

    So i just got a budget to work with... Now what?

    Another option is the one I'm working on. Take a look at the Stryke S1-MTM(http://www.stryke.com/speakerkits.html#S1MTM). Right now they are intro priced at $155/pr.
  6. Dan_Whip

    Good, Affordable Cables/Connections for new HT...

    I have the Dayton cables and think they're great. The price was definitely right, and they are built well. In my opinion they should be on your short list.
  7. Dan_Whip

    HT able to reproduce this?

    Here's something to try with the mother-in-law once Master and Commander comes out on DVD! http://www.abc.net.au//news/newsitems/s1009297.htm
  8. Dan_Whip

    Blind Subwoofer Purchase...help?!?!

    There are quite a few great subs in that price range. The SVS is probably the most popular, but there is also the Adire Dharman, Parts Express has the 12" Titanic MKIII, HSU STF-3. Those are just the ones off the top of my head that are in that general price range. Any of them would be a big...
  9. Dan_Whip

    A good sub to match B&Ws?

    The Adire Rava looks like it would be perfect for your budget. In all the time I've been on the various forums, I haven't seen a single bad review of the shiva driver. You could also look at Parts Express at their complete kits. Just bolt everything together and you're good to go.
  10. Dan_Whip

    Newbie -- yes, another one!

    In the past it was true that the projectors were lacking, but there have been so many huge advances, that you'll be amazed at what they can do for a fraction of the cost of that plasma screen. I read an article in a magazine about a reviewer doing a test to see how good these new projectors...
  11. Dan_Whip

    Newbie -- yes, another one!

    I'd definitely look at a projector. Just to give you an example, for about $2,500 you can get a Panasonic PT-L500U. If you mount it 9' from your wall, that gives you about an 80" screen. It will have a much better picture than a plasma will, plus will save you 7 grand. With that 7K, you can look...
  12. Dan_Whip

    5.1 and 7.1 dilemma

    Hell, I'd go one step further. Since wire is so cheap, why not wire for 15 or 20 speakers. You never know what new technology is going to come out and "revolutionize" the industry. JVC just came out with a 9.1 receiver, and I'm sure there's more to follow. It's much easier and cheaper to do it...
  13. Dan_Whip

    DIY bookshelfs from PartsExpress?

    Marc, Take a look at speakerbuilder.net. He has quite a few Dayton designs. He designed the 'Pee Creek' speaker around the PE cabinets. He gives all the details including crossover building. Should be everything you need.
  14. Dan_Whip

    Rather Novel Speaker Stands

    Are those made just for listening to Edgar Allan Poe on tape?
  15. Dan_Whip

    Refurbished or not to

    I just bought a refurb Marantz from A4L a couple months ago. So far no problems at all. I have looked closely and cannot find any scratches, blemishes, or anything on the receiver itself. I was also worried about going refurb, so I purchased the 2 year warranty extention. It was only 30 bucks...
  16. Dan_Whip

    Anybody want a challenge?

    Another model I'd have a serious look at is the Infocus X1. It compares very well to the Panny, plus you can get it for under $1200, plus right now there is a $100 rebate. That gives you plenty of budget to get a good screen, a ceiling mount if you want it, and all the wiring you'll need...
  17. Dan_Whip

    Am I kidding myself?????

    What a difference a day makes. My wife has found another floorplan she wants (luckily we're still at the lot improvement stage), and this new house has a space that would be 18x25! But at least now I know the minimums, so when she finally makes up her mind I will get nothing smaller than the...
  18. Dan_Whip

    Am I kidding myself?????

    I've just started looking, but from what I've read it's probably one of these 3 choices: Panny PT-L300, Infocus X1, or the Sanyo PLV-Z1. But who knows, by the time my house is finished and I get moved in and ready to start the HT room, I may go to something different. I still don't understand...
  19. Dan_Whip

    Am I kidding myself?????

    That sounds great. Since I have the 9 foot ceilings, I'll definitely put in a riser. Wow, I'll be happy and the wife will be happy. I don't know if that's ever happened before. :wink: :laugh:
  20. Dan_Whip

    Am I kidding myself?????

    I'm in the process of building a new house. In the basement there is a room that is 17 x 12 x 9 (L x W x D). I want to get a front projector, 100" screen, and 2 rows of seating. Using 1.5 x screen width, that would make the first row 10 feet back. Is 7 feet enough for 2 couches and legroom in...
  21. Dan_Whip

    Recommend a circular saw

    As a former framer, I'd have to agree with the suggestions of a worm drive. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but after using it I would never go back.
  22. Dan_Whip

    DIY 5.1 Speakers

    http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...2&pagenumber=1 Here's a pretty interesting thread over at AVS. It includes a very good step by step build of the Audax home theater system. Decent place to start
  23. Dan_Whip

    Anyone buy extended warranty from Warrantech?

    Just noticed that you can buy a 2 year 100% covered warranty from Warrantech for $29.95. Plus, it's renewable, so in theory you can spend 30 bucks every other year and be covered for life. They were not listed on Resellerratings.com so I don't know anything about them. Has anyone ever bought one...
  24. Dan_Whip

    Receiver choice?

    I honestly don't think I will be disappointed with either of them. I could flip a coin and be perfectly happy, as long as I never hear the other one.
  25. Dan_Whip

    Receiver choice?

    Thanks for all the responses. It's looking more and more like the 325. I still have about a month before I order, so keep up the debate. I'm sure they are both high quality pieces and I wouldn't have problems with either. I'd love to hear from someone that has heard them both in a HT and how...
  26. Dan_Whip

    Receiver choice?

    Wasn't that with the x20 models, not the x25? If they are still having problems, it will be a no brainer. I just thought I read somewhere that the new models have resolved the problem. Thanks
  27. Dan_Whip

    Receiver choice?

    I have my receiver choice narrowed down to 2. Either the Denon 2802 or the H/K 325. Both have the features I am looking for in the price range I am looking at. I know people are going to suggest other brands, but for one reason or another, I have discounted all other receivers, so I'm just...
  28. Dan_Whip

    Paradigm vs. Axiom vs. Rockets

    I don't know how far you are away from Ottawa, but you might want to e-mail Marc at www.audioshop.on.ca. His prices are much less than the Axiom site, even with shipping. He also carries Dahlquist speakers, which according to most people that have heard the 2, sound much better for a lower...
  29. Dan_Whip

    Question for the SVS folk....

    I didn't say I'd wait forever. I just didn't want to save up money for the next 6 months, buy something, and see a SVS system come out 2 months later. But now my wife and I are talking about building a new house. I would have a dedicated theater room, so the speakers I am looking at now might...