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  1. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    Does anyone subscribe to the idea that a room has to be large enough to allow a half or even a full wavelength to exist for best bass sound quality? Or is pressurisation of a smaller space just as good with regards to sound quality in the bass? I am more interested in hearing opinions on...
  2. ChrisBee

    AV Subs v true infinite baffle for electronic organs?

    Hi As a bass fan, always eager to learn more, I've just been reading an interesting website by an electronic organ enthusiast. He worked through the various options of large bass enclosure (sealed, reflex, horn etc) But actually ended up with a true infinite baffle as the ideal way to play...
  3. ChrisBee

    Missing low bass?

    Hi A subwoofer thread on a stereo forum raised an interesting question. One that my lack of AV experience leaves unanswered. I'm strictly stereo floorstanders + SVS sub. :b Take a standard 5.1 AV set-up with *large* speakers fed full range material. The subwoofer is fed by the...
  4. ChrisBee

    Why SVS is so popular?

    Hi, I've been browsing about infrasound and its effects on the human body and brain. It would seem that today's better subwoofers are getting into serious near-infrasound territory at levels which affect mood and intellectual performance. Infrasound has been used for centuries in large...
  5. ChrisBee

    Proving SPL meter roll-off

    Hi I've been using my RadioShack/Realistic analogue SPL meter for about 8 years in several different listening rooms and with several different sub/speaker systems. But it was only recently that I discovered the "well-known" bass roll-off and "necessary" correction figures. Before that...
  6. ChrisBee

    SVS high level connection versus low level

    Hi, New member, first post. Great forum. :) I have a PCi 16-46 :b on order to replace my two big home-built passive coupled cavity subwoofers. I am primarily interested in music and watch films on satellite TV and VHS with stereo sound. Rather than investing in DVD & multi-channel AV...