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  1. ManojM

    Verdict on Denon 3800 and 9000?

    There was an enormous amount of discussion on this and AVSforum about these two players, but much of it has died down. Obviously there is some disappointment with the chroma bug being present, other bugs in the 3800, and these have been reported in various reviews. What has not been discussed is...
  2. ManojM

    FS: Outlaw Cables

    Set of 6 Outlaw Audio 0.5 meter interconnects (RCA). 2 months old, have original bags. $60 shipped.
  3. ManojM

    How do you bridge channels on a Classe CAV-150 ?

    I just bought a Classe CAV-150, but I do not have the manual. The website doesn't have any info either. I am trying to bridge channels 5 and 6 for my center channel as I only have a 5 channel setup. I see that there is a switch that you can flip up and to where it says 5+6. I assume that it...
  4. ManojM

    Has anyone looked at the speaker placement in the HTF picture area?

    I just ended up in the area where HT forum members post pictures of their theaters. I was surprised to see how many had fairly poor placement of their speakers. Examples of what I saw: 1. Main Speakers placed right up against the side of an RPTV. 2. Main speakers shoved back into a corner...
  5. ManojM

    Which 5 channel amp with these B&W speakers?

    I have B&W Nautilus 804 fronts, 805 rears, and a HTM2 center channel. I am wondering on what peoples thoughts are for an amp for this system. I was considering the Sunfire Cinema Grand (the 200wpc one) or the Rotel 1095 becuase of the synergy with B&Ws (the only time I have heard the Rotel was...
  6. ManojM

    B&K AVR 202 in near perfect condition

    B&K AVR 202 Series 200 receiver in almost perfect condition. Faceplate and case are in beautiful condition. Receiver has excellent, smooth sound, has driven my B&W Nautilus speakers, and the volume control has never gone beyond -15. The remote has a couple of scratches on it, but these are...