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  1. stephen_z

    Indy DVD's on 10/21, any deals 2 be found?

    For those who haven't picked up the new release... Walmart in Milpitas, CA is selling them for $35.96 (Walmart in San Jose, CA has them for $41.95... they couldn't explain why there was a pricing difference)
  2. stephen_z

    2 ch. setup...

    If you can sweet talk your local dealer, see if you can audition Triangle Titus 202's ($495/pair).
  3. stephen_z

    bookshelves for < $800

    I'll put in my usual plug for Triangle Titus 202's ($495/pair). Great for jazz, vocals, classical... extremely efficient (92db). A little light in the deep bass, but not unsatifsfying.
  4. stephen_z

    "Accessories4less.com" product quality

    Timely post by all. I just placed an order with accessories4less for AR PRO sub-cable, s-video, optical and coax (still waiting for delivery). It will ease my mind when I receive the cables with "minimal" packaging. Any comments on how these cables perform against any other reasonably priced...
  5. stephen_z

    Sony SCD-CE775 not reading some standard Redbook disks?

    Hey Eujin, I've had it for about 6 months, and it's been ok with what I typically listen to (classical, jazz, SACD). It's only had problems on the following: David Sanborn "A Change of Heart" 1987 Phil Collins "...Hits" 1998 These are cd's that I haven't listened to in a while and they...
  6. stephen_z

    Sony SCD-CE775 not reading some standard Redbook disks?

    Don't know if this is a new development with the player or whether I'm just starting to come across some c.d.'s which won't play on the system. Does anybody else have the same problem? Hate to bring it in for service if it's characteristic of the unit.
  7. stephen_z

    Recommendation for S-Video cable

    My HT is in flux due to a recent move. I've had to set up my equipment stack >15 ft from the display. This will hopefully be temporary. Are there any recommendations out there for an inexpensive S-Video with decent performance that will tie me over. I was hoping that AR would have something, but...
  8. stephen_z

    UPDATE: Philips DVD963SA U.S. Availability

    It's also been frustrating to even locate a 962 locally for demo, to get a glimse of the potential performance of the 963. I feel that Philips is losing potential customers by holding back the release in order to clear older inventory (are they doing the same with the old Q50?).
  9. stephen_z

    Soprano Fan Furious In Bay Area - No Hbo!

    More ranting... we actually got through to a real live "customer service representative", who was of no help whatsoever to explain why the service interruption was occuring... "it's an HBO network problem". Strange that family members in LA and Tahoe are not experiencing the same problem. When...
  10. stephen_z

    Soprano Fan Furious In Bay Area - No Hbo!

    Here we are, in the greater Silicon Valley region where technology is king, and ATT Cable TV can't get their act straight to keep the Sopranos broadcast from going off the air! This is the 2nd week that HBO has gone off a few minutes prior to the start at 9:00PM PST. The last blackout lasted...
  11. stephen_z

    Shrinking list of on-line DVD merchants

    Just wanted to see if other members noticed the same... when using www.shopping.Yahoo in search of DVD sellers, a reasonable list of low priced merchants would appear. I would typically use these searches to find a low cost/high rating supplier for higher priced DVD's which haven't been...
  12. stephen_z

    High End Store Rant

    Steve, It can be a crap shoot no matter who you're dealing with. In my recent upgrades, I've dealt with a couple of high end dealers for my speakers (Triangle) and electronics (Rotel). One dealer let me take home a brand new black RMB-1075 as a "loaner" while I waited for my silver/black...
  13. stephen_z

    Unshielded speakers and TV

    Nathan, This had me going for a while as well... I recently bought a 27" Panasonic flat screen and was more critical with the picture quality than I had ever been. Unfortunately, my old Sony XBR died so I had no comparison. Initially, I thought I may have moved my bookshelf speakers too close...
  14. stephen_z

    I need someone to tell me if this was a good deal

    Pat yourself on the back, ya did good kid!
  15. stephen_z

    My girlfriend is driving me crazy!!! Please help with tvs.

    Tim, Does "around $200" give you +-10% tolerance ($220?)... hopefully you can convince her of that... or just chip in the difference since you'll be spending some TV time at her place. Just looking at Yahoo Shopping, you can find 25" (even 27"!) sets for $200-220 (granted, you still have to pay...
  16. stephen_z

    Online Song Sampler

    Can anyone help jar my memory... there was a website I found which allowed you to input a song title which would come back with a list of releases by various artists performing the song. You could then sample snippets of the song without a long MP3 download. We're not talking Napster or any of...
  17. stephen_z

    Oh, the frustration of trying to find SACDs and DVD-Audio discs in stores.

    Keith, We feel your pain. Unfortunately, BB probably has some of the best prices for SACD, but a lousy selection. Tower Records in CA has a broader selection but outrageous prices (Spyro Gyra "In Modern Times" 19.99 vs BB @$15.99)and when you ask anyone from CC, BB, they can barely tell you...
  18. stephen_z

    Sony SACD SCD-CE775 Question

    I recently picked up the SCD-CE775 for $190 US (is it $249 Canadian?) at Good Guys. You probably won't see it advertised on any of the main websites (CC and BB), but individual stores may still have new units. It's a great entry into the SACD format. After getting the player, if you're...
  19. stephen_z

    tx37 vs 6.3 vs 3802

    Eric, Just saw the Integra 6.3 at my SF dealer. This guy carries just incredible stuff for one location... wilson benesch, sehring, jm reynaud, axiom, coincident, triangle, arcam, audio refinement, cairn, creek, naim, rega, ps audio, sim audio, music hall, ayre... it goes on and on. He even...
  20. stephen_z

    B&W vs NHT

    I could be wrong, but this will be the first of many posts... go with the B&W's.
  21. stephen_z

    Cheap SACD Player

    Luke, I recently purchased a SCD-CE775 from Good Guys... same annoying loud mechanism as you described. I think it's just gonna be something we live with. Haven't done a whole lot of serious listening, but what I've heard so far on SACD is very satisfying.
  22. stephen_z

    $1K quality DVD player with the works?

    Isn't the Marantz 8300 "do-it-all" player coming out with an MSRP of $1500?
  23. stephen_z

    Most Transparent Speakers under $1500?

    Paul, I'm just a plain ol' city boy who hasn't demo'ed every speaker mentioned in this forum, but have listened to a few... and I am still a devout believer, that regardless of the great electronics behind a setup, if the speakers move you emotionally for the music you listen to, you'll know...
  24. stephen_z

    The BEST CD player

    Hey KeithH, Quest for Audio is listed on Music Hall's web site as a dealer (so the $489 price should be good to go).... by the way, thanks for the recommendations on my first time buy on SACD. I got the Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" and the Charles Mingus "Ah Um", but believe it of not, I haven't...
  25. stephen_z

    The BEST CD player

    Keith and Matthew, Just an FYI... the Music Hall is being sold new-in-box by Quest for Sound (check www.audiogon.com) for $489 w/shipping (in continental US)... a store demo is going for $450 w/iso-pads.
  26. stephen_z

    Rotel RMB-1075 vs. RMB-1066.Big difference??

    just an addendum...when and where did you buy your RMB-1066? authorized dealer? it's downright outrageous they didn't mention the price reduction.
  27. stephen_z

    Rotel RMB-1075 vs. RMB-1066.Big difference??

    John, Just my 2c... I have a 1075 that I'm very happy with. I would think the extra $300 may be worth it just to give yor speakers a little more headroom in terms of power.
  28. stephen_z

    The BEST CD player

    Theres's also some buzz about Music Hall CD-25
  29. stephen_z

    Recommendations for first SACD buy

    Thanks to all! Based on the initial inputs, I think my first cut will be Miles Davis - Kind of Blue Dave Brubeck - Time Out Bach Brandenburg Concertos (Somary) Spyro Gyra - In Modern Times Pizzarelli - Swing Live or Beethoven String Quartet (Lindsays) Any additional suggestions are...
  30. stephen_z

    Recommendations for first SACD buy

    I just recently picked up a Sony SCD-CE775 to try out the SACD format. Can folks make recommendations of their top 5 choices? Any genre is welcomed, though I lean towards jazz and classical. I'm looking for selections which are sonically exceptional and really show off what SACD can do. 2-ch or...