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  1. Theodore

    New R2 version of "Jack The Ripper"

    Will this movie play in my dvd player? Is the format the same as dvd's in the U.S? Thanks.
  2. Theodore

    Sony Grand Wega or Samsung DLP?

    Having trouble deciding between these two. Does one have any significant advantages over the other? I play a lot of video games, so that is an important factor. Do both of these t.v.'s support 720? BTW, I am looking at the 50'' Sony and the 50'' Samsung. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. Theodore

    How is the Samsung 43'' DLP?

    Im strongly considering this t.v. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Theodore

    What is DVI?

    I have a Sony Wega XBR-800. On the back of the t.v there is a slot that says DVI. What does this do? Thanks.
  5. Theodore

    Buying new HDTV: 16:9 or 4:3

    I play LOTS of video games and watch few dvd's. I can't decide which is best for me. Do games look much better on a widescreen t.v.? My budget is $3000. Any suggestions either way? Thanks very much.
  6. Theodore

    Are DVD recorders worth buying right now?

    Im considering buying one. I have an old vcr and I would like to upgrade to a dvd player. I don't do a great deal of recording though. Thanks for any feedback.
  7. Theodore

    Help with Sony Wega XBR-450

    Thanks Jeff. I am using the dvd player on my x-box, so I don't have that many options. In the menu on my t.v I can set the 16:9 mode to auto or on. Should I just leave it on auto then? Also, in the menu I can change the picture (it says drc)to progressive, cinemotion or interlaced. Is this...
  8. Theodore

    Help with Sony Wega XBR-450

    I have a Sony Wega XBR-450. Should I have the 16:9 mode on the t.v set to auto? Also, what is the 3:2 pulldown feature? When I watch a dvd will I see black bars no matter what I do? Thanks very much!
  9. Theodore

    Help with settings on new HDTV decoder box

    I got it through TWC. It's a Motorola HDTV box. My t.v. is a Sony Wega XBR 450 32 inch. Thanks for the help.
  10. Theodore

    Help with settings on new HDTV decoder box

    I have a Wega t.v. that automatically detects a 16:9 signal and I just got my decoder box. The box has a menu that lets you change the screen size to 16:9, 4:3, or 4:3 stretch. What should I set this to? Also, no matter what I set it to, the picture is not full screen. Is this normal...
  11. Theodore

    where can I buy a calibration dvd?

    A friend told me about this dvd that optimizes your t.v, however, I called a few home theater stores in town and they didn't know where to buy one. Thanks!
  12. Theodore

    Question about my HDTV

    I have a Sony Wega XBR 450 t.v. I was watching a anamorphic DVD and I noticed that there were black bars on the screen. I set the dvd player to 16:9. Should I set it to full screen when watching anamorphic dvd's. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Thanks!
  13. Theodore

    What are anamorphic DVD's?

    Should I see black bars on the tv when playing a DVD that is widescreen? I changed the screen size on my dvd player to 16:9. Also, what's the difference between widescreen, anamorphic and 16:9? Thanks!
  14. Theodore

    What are anamorphic DVD's?

    Are most DVD's anamorphic? I have a hdtv ready tv do I need to change any setting on my dvd player? Thanks very much for any info.