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  1. JamesHromadka

    North to Alaska comments

    North to Alaska has always been one of my favorite movies. I used to watch my parents' videotape all the time. I always wondered why the ending had the people all squished together to make them tall and skinny, and then I later learned that that was what some TV editors did instead of pan & scan...
  2. JamesHromadka

    First-run Indie films on DVD

    Saw this AP article on a service that sends DVDs out to its readers, but also includes a first-run independent movie as well. Is an interesting concept, and it reminds me of the InsideDVD flicks, but with new movies instead of old public domain films .
  3. JamesHromadka

    The Parent Trap (original) and Polyanna

    I have always enjoyed Hayley Mills movies, and was excited when Amazon broke the news of The Parent Trap and Polyanna on DVD. Does anyone know the OAR for these titles? IMDB Shows TPT as 1.75:1, but the DVD shows as 1.66:1. Polyanna on IMDB is 1.75:1, but the DVD is 1.33:1 I've always wanted...
  4. JamesHromadka

    Fox: North to Alaska

    Fox, please release http://us.imdb.com/Title?0054127), giving me a taste of what it could look like. Please, please release this movie on DVD. I don't care about extra features, I just want it in anamorphic widescreen! ------------------ James Hromadka Senior Editor - VisorCentral.com...