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  1. Bruce Chang

    cell phone advice

    Out of all the phones my friends had, everyone said that the 5190 nokia has the best reception. My nokia 8000 series suck, the V.60 on cingular sucks (according to my friend), Siemens was the only decent one. Maybe it's Cingular that sucks
  2. Bruce Chang

    Nervous about going to a new school tomorrow

    Not to mention the quality of the women goes up tremendously in college... From my hometown Orange County, CA women, Berkeley is a couple steps down. From an SNL skit "If you believe in yourself, eat all your school, stay on milk, drink your teeth, don't do sleep, and get your eight hours...
  3. Bruce Chang

    Thinking of buying a Honda S2000

    Member suspended for posting offensive remarks. Any further remarks that can be construed as offensive, condescending, or just plain rude will be handled in the same manner. Robert Crawford HTF Administrator
  4. Bruce Chang

    Good place to buy cordless drills?

    Mark the Dewalt's have 450ft/lbs of torque while the Milwaukee is 400ft/lbs. As the HiFi salesman says "Oh you need the bass" in boogie nights, I say you need the extra torque.
  5. Bruce Chang

    Good place to buy cordless drills?

    I just got the DEWALT DW987 18 VOLT DRILL for $137 plus shipping! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...046601829&rd=1
  6. Bruce Chang

    Good place to buy cordless drills?

    where are you getting these deals? Steve who what's the make of the 19.2V drill? The dwalt had more torque 450lbs compared to the 400lbs of torque on the 18V makita. The makita comes with an extra battery though.
  7. Bruce Chang

    Good place to buy cordless drills?

    Buzz hook me up with an 18V dewalt. I need one!
  8. Bruce Chang

    Mounting Paradigm Studio ADP ?

    I would say use lag bolts instead of anchors, they're much stronger. I cut a piece of 3/4 mdf to size for my Axiom QS8 on my walls. Used 2 lag bolt per side and it's pretty strong. I put my my wieght (160lbs) and it handled it fine. Make sure you put it on a stud or a pilar.
  9. Bruce Chang

    Speakers...Can I do better for my money than these?

    If anyone is located in CA, I'm selling my PSB stratus goldi's for $1100
  10. Bruce Chang

    Speaker wire is speaker wire is speaker wire. Or is it?

    Sound King 12awg is a great cable. It could be had at www.partsexpress.com I'm using Nordost superflatline biwire cable and I don't hear a difference.
  11. Bruce Chang

    Any John Mayer fans?

    Check out John Mayer- channeling other musicians on Kazaa. He does a good DMB empression.
  12. Bruce Chang

    What are the best sunglasses for driving?

    Blue Blockers and Eagle eyes, very hip. The coulds look so detailed. :)
  13. Bruce Chang

    Any John Mayer fans?

    IMHO, John Mayer does not sound like Dave Matthews. I bet if you listen to John and Dave the same time, you can tell who is who. Creed does not sound like Pearl Jam, but Creed sucks big time.
  14. Bruce Chang

    Need a fair dealer in SF

    Keith, head up to Berkeley and go to Music Lovers and SF stereo. Both were willing to help me and listen to most of their equipment in the store.
  15. Bruce Chang

    Thinking of buying a Honda S2000

    BMW has 4 seats which automatically makes it a non-sports car, its a sports coupe/sedan. Don't get me wrong the M3 and M5 are both amazing cars, but neither are "sports cars". From www.dictionary.com ---------------------------------- sports car n. An automobile equipped for...
  16. Bruce Chang

    Thinking of buying a Honda S2000

    Very good input, guys, both the pros and the cons...I do appreciate it...except for you Bruce. Your feedback isn't really helpful, if you don't like these style of cars, go to the Camero forum, don't stir up shit in my thread! Why do people put SO MUCH emphasis on torque? As Brent said, I'm...
  17. Bruce Chang

    Need help.....best pair of dipoles for the $

    I love my Axiom Qs8 in my small room.
  18. Bruce Chang

    Any handgun owners? Help, I gotta pick one...

    Not a gun person, but the desert eagle you in movies are pretty sick. The mp5 rifle is pretty cool too. I've heard it's the mercedes of rifles.
  19. Bruce Chang

    anyone know where i can buy NBA JAM arcade?

    Well my father is in the Vending business and usually get's most of his stuff at Beston West. There's a North and Southern California section. Search on google and give Betson a call. They'll probably give you some information where you can get vintage games in the east coast.
  20. Bruce Chang

    yet another "car audio?" thread

    I would not trust a head units from Sony, Kenwood, rockford fosgate. They were better in the old days. I have the Sony cdx-c90 which lasted me 3 years and now it's getting repaired, Clarion 9575rz stolen, Clarion 9475 display got messed up, Kenwood excelon 9something the buttons were too small...
  21. Bruce Chang

    Thinking of buying a Honda S2000

    Hey Todd, there's no replacement for displacement. I think alot of people in here watch too much "fast and furious". Hey man the S2000 need two large tanks of NOS and a spoon engine. :)
  22. Bruce Chang

    Thinking of buying a Honda S2000

    "Bitch car? That's peculiar. The S2000 is a sophisticated sports car with terrific performance and reliability. I'd love to hae one." Um, I don't consider it a sports car. What the heck are you going to do with a high rev engine. It will suck in a road course and off the line. The only thing...
  23. Bruce Chang

    Who else cannot stand host on Dog eat Dog?

    She is hot, but the show is not
  24. Bruce Chang

    Thinking of buying a Honda S2000

    I hate the S2000. It's a bitch car along with the miata.
  25. Bruce Chang

    Are Lubro Moly products worth the $$? And other car care tips?

    try mobile 1 and amsoil sythetic oil instead of messing around with the fake stuff. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hehehe.. interesting choice of words.. hahaah, dude it was late at night. I can't believe I didn't revise that. Well...
  26. Bruce Chang

    $ 540 for a water pump (Dex-cool) antifreeze

    Well, everyone say, oh the flowfooler is so good and it well lower your temp by 15F. I looked at it closly and it was a GYB from kragen with a different fins. Although the flowkooler is working, I don't see any improvement. THe lifetime warranty kragen special is a pretty good water pump. I...
  27. Bruce Chang

    Are Lubro Moly products worth the $$? And other car care tips?

    Snake oil man. Don't use that stuff. If you want something that works try mobile 1 and amsoil sythetic oil instead of messing around with the fake stuff.
  28. Bruce Chang

    I must be cursed :/

    Get hyperthyroidism like me! :) Lost 25 pounds in 1 month!
  29. Bruce Chang

    phone company says my friend cant use a cordless phone!

    Hmm, that sucks. I never heard of this problem.
  30. Bruce Chang

    I C E - In Car Entertainment

    I don't understand the ICE? It's illegal to watch movies and TV while driving. I think it's more of a ego thing. :) I leave my HT and audio at home, and a nice SQ system in my car.