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  1. Mat_M

    What happened to DVD Coverart?

    So what's the new update on this? Anything yet? The site still has "You are not authorized to view this page".
  2. Mat_M

    Merged Thread: LOTR: ROTK - Theatrical & EE Release Dates? & DVD Features

    But see, here's the thing...we KNOW that the scouring scene was shot. How? Remember back in Fellowship, when Galadriel is having Frodo look into the birdbath-looking-thingy. We totally see the scouring happening! Frodo sees lots of Uruks pillaging the Shire, burning things left and right. Am...
  3. Mat_M

    DVD/CD Multi-pack cases/Group buy?

    These?? http://www.inetdvd.com/store/cases.asp
  4. Mat_M

    Good DVD to test new 5.1 setup?

    Great threads for this: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=178984 and http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...hreadid=108204
  5. Mat_M

    Please help with this movie poster

    So it finally came. You should see the condition it's in...my God: www.public.asu.edu/~mat2222/pictures/posters/ It was shipped in two smaller cylindrical tubes TAPED together. What a joke. Look at the damage. I'll keep you updated on IF he'll send me another one.
  6. Mat_M

    What was your very first DVD?

    The Rock
  7. Mat_M

    Please help with this movie poster

    So it's been almost a month since I ordered from these punks. I STILL have NOT received my poster. I'll keep you updated. As far as I'm concerned, stay away from them.
  8. Mat_M

    Earthquake Cinenova Grande...do I need to rewire my house??

    Hey Alan, Fellow Cinenova owner here... I was wondering if you got the version with the balanced inputs? And also, this amp has been famous for it's power-on "thump", and it's powerdown "screeching fireworks". Does yours have either of these problems?
  9. Mat_M

    Getting married...need some assistance

    mmmmmmmmm....Fry's Electronics...
  10. Mat_M

    Getting married...need some assistance

    Thanks man! Any other contributions?
  11. Mat_M

    Getting married...need some assistance

    Hey folks, Mat here. My future wife and I are getting married in early June and are now going through the process of making a registry. My question is, for those that are married, what do you wish you would have registered for after the event of your marriage? You know, basic stuff that...
  12. Mat_M

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    Well after all this banter I'm going to go ahead and make the conclusion that the salesman was full of s%!t. Not a single measured source has been given forth showing anything remotely close to his claim (30kHz??? come on...that's not even half of 88kHz). So you folk with your turntables, go on...
  13. Mat_M

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

  14. Mat_M

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    7Hz to 25kHz is FAR from 88kHz; and I have seen NOTHING that states the medium can go to 40kHz.
  15. Mat_M

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    So from the looks of it, there's only one credible source so far, and that claim is only to 10.24kHz. For those of you giving the better specs on the lps, what are your sources? As for Cardas, if it's the same George Cardas who makes $3 cables and sells them for $1000, I won't even consider...
  16. Mat_M

    Frequenc Spectrum of CDs vs. LPs

    I thought I'd pass this along... Today I went to a local "hifi" dealer here in Tempe, Arizona. I spoke on and off with the owner in between my listening sessions of the setups in the store. After a while a gentleman walks into the store and starts talking to the owner about the frequency...
  17. Mat_M

    *** Official THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING Discussion Thread

    I don't know if this has been mentioned, but is there only 1 RotK TV spot? I've been trying to find out if there are more. And if there are more than one, where can I download them?
  18. Mat_M

    Please help with this movie poster

    Yes I know it's a big one, and I'm hoping my brother will appreciate it:) Thanks for the feedback!
  19. Mat_M

    Please help with this movie poster

    I've been doing a little reading over at http://www.learnaboutmovieposters.com but haven't found anything specifically related to a poster like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Mat_M

    Please help with this movie poster

    Hey folks, not sure where this thread should belong; hopefully it's right here. My brother is a huge movie poster fan and wants a Return of the King poster. I found this one: http://www.hollywooddreamsonline.com...l.aspx?ID=1193 It's huge and I know he'd love it. My questions are: Is...
  21. Mat_M

    What are the best speakers you have ever heard?

    VMPS RM40's using Sonic Frontiers tube gear, with a PS Audio 2 ch. amp.
  22. Mat_M

    harmon kardon power ratings

    I bought HK just for this reason (well, and a few other reasons)...honesty
  23. Mat_M

    Any people in the Phoenix area?

    Bump, there's gotta be more AZ people in here...:)
  24. Mat_M

    Terminator 3 DVD -Interesting Observation

    Ok so bottom line: Is it really that big of a difference to justify a re-release ala BTTF? Methinks no
  25. Mat_M

    Cinenova 3 channel questions

    The pre/pro doesn't have an effect on it. I have an HK AVR300 right now. I've even disconnected in the RCA inputs and tried it, still a thump. No matter what I do in terms of order-of-turning-on-components, a thump still occurs. Roger I saw you had some posts over on AVSforum concerning the...
  26. Mat_M

    Cinenova 3 channel questions

    Yes, the pre/pro is on first. I tried it the other way also, both times yielding a thump. I'm almost ready to email Earthquake and ask what the heck is going on. I've read over on avsforum.com that this is a common problem. One Cinenova user contacted Earthquake and was told the "thump" was part...
  27. Mat_M

    Cinenova 3 channel questions

    Hey Roger, Does your Cinenova have the famous "thump" that the amp is known for at powerup? I'm curious if it's a problem with all the Cinenovas, because mine does it also (Grande 5). And do you know by chance if it's fixable?
  28. Mat_M

    *** Official THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS Discussion Thread

    Very cool: Deus Ex Machina definitions: (1) In Greek and Roman drama, a god lowered by stage machinery to resolve a plot or extricate the protagonist from a difficult situation. (2) An unexpected, artificial, or improbable character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of...