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  1. Shea

    Problem with video on RPTV

    I have a Mitsubishi RPTV, and for awhile now every once in awhile the screen when watching cable will flash black before going back to the picture. Sometimes it will do it a couple times in a row, then lose video completely. I have an HD cable box, using an S-video cable. I'd just kind of touch...
  2. Shea

    Would I be crazy to try to move RPTV to upstairs apt?

    I don't know if this is just a stupid question but we are moving in a little over a week(last minute promotion and move type thing so got to do it all quick). The town we are moving to has virtually no downstairs apartments available by the time we need it. There are a lot of great upstair apts...
  3. Shea

    Sirius home install

    Was going to ask on Sirius Backstage but it won't let me login. If I get the Audiovox SIR-HK1 will I be able to plug it into my 10-15 year old boombox(it has 2 red/white inputs on the back, one labeled CD out, the other rear speakers) as opposed to my a/v receiver in the living room? Reason I...
  4. Shea

    A couple questions

    I'm trying to give myself a crash course in satellite radio so I can decide between Sirius and XM for Christmas. I haven't listened to the radio locally in months, live in a fairly small city without any music stations I'm interested in. We had a good rock station for a couple of years but it...
  5. Shea

    FT/FS: TV Box Sets, Movies (Plus a want list)

    I have the following DVD's available for trade/sale: TV Box Sets- Movies- Big Daddy - $8 K-19 the Widowmaker - $8 Little Nicky - $8 Scooby Doo - $8 Signs - $9 Windtalkers - $8 Coyote Ugly - $8 Going Overboard(Adam Sandler) - $3 Documentaries- Life Beyond Earth - $8 WANT...
  6. Shea

    FT: 24 Season 1, want to trade for other box sets

    I have a used copy of 24 season one I'd like to trade for other TV box sets. Wants: Star Trek DS9 season 1 Babylon 5 season 1 Stargate SG-1 season 2 Buffy season 1 Band of Brothers PM me if anyone would like to trade! Thanks.
  7. Shea


    I'm thinking about getting a DVD burner drive on my computer to make DVD's. Don't really know much about them yet just starting to look into it. I'm wondering if it's even possible to make copies of DVDs I've bought. If possible I'd like to make backups of them but am wondering if they are copy...
  8. Shea

    Asian editions of DVD box sets

    Searching on ebay for TV show box sets on DVD almost all are Asian editions which seem to have everything except the special features. Are these legit?
  9. Shea

    WTB: Star Trek: DSN, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1 Box Sets

    Am interested in any/all seasons of these 3 shows, but want all seasons in order so must start wish season 1. Would just like to buy as I don't have anything I'm willing to give up for trade. If interested email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  10. Shea

    Recommended screen size?

    I couldn't find a thread relating to this so here goes. I am trying to figure out what size of a widescreen to get. I'll be sitting about 7-8 feet from the screen. I read on a Cnet buyers guide> http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6463_7-....html?tag=tnav I could get anything from a 47" to a 60"...
  11. Shea

    universal remote

    I have a HT with a Kenwood Receiver, RCA DVD player, Toshiba VCR(TV tuner via VCR).. Too many freakin remotes! Can anyone give recommendations on fairly cheap (under $50) universal remotes that can run all of that?
  12. Shea

    HT newbie needs much help

    Hey guys, just joined, and read through the HT faq/guide at the top of the forum.. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible here. Monday got a Kenwood Audio Home Theater System #HTB-205...