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  1. David_B

    WTB: World is not Enough, Armageddon Criterion, Spiderman Superbit

    I have a Armegeddon Criterion i'll sell you for $22 shipped. Let me know via email. thanks, David
  2. David_B

    FS: Box Sets (TV series)

    How about $70 shipped for: STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION: Season 1 (may have a deal pending on this one though) The Shield Season 2? Let me know via email. Thanks, David
  3. David_B

    FS: Firefly, Alias 1

    PMed you. Email me and let me know. Thanks, David
  4. David_B

    FS: Tons of DVD's Disney, Criterion, Box Sets

    YGM on: Black Adder: Complete Collector's Set True Romance: Director's Cut
  5. David_B

    Dvds for Sale....Reasonable Prices... Free Shipping... Paypal Only

    Hey Tina, Would you do $60 shipped for Xena Season 1 and Xena Season 3. Let me know via email. Thanks, David
  6. David_B

    DVDs and Gameboy games...

    Is that Mrs. Pacman the Namco Museum Gameboy Advance Game? Let me know via email, i may be interested. Thanks, David
  7. David_B

    FS: Dead Ringers Criterion, Charade Criterion + 30 other CC's

    YGM (actually two emails) regarding my purchase and a bump. Regards, David
  8. David_B

    Recalled Ed Wood SE DVDs for sale at cost + shipping

    I'm interested if there is one available in your update. Thanks :) David
  9. David_B

    FT: Unopened Sex and the City Season 5

    I have a few off your list that I'd trade for it. How about Fifth Element (First one), Memento (Not the LE) & Me Myself Irene (I think i have a copy of this for trade) for it? Let me know via email ... [email protected] Thanks, David
  10. David_B

    WANT: Who Framed Roger Rabbit and others...

    I am also confused as to what you have up for trade. I do have the subject title though. Let me know via email ([email protected]) if you are interested. Thanks, David
  11. David_B

    WTB: Six Feet Under and Band of Brothers

    I have a open BoB that I'd sell for $60 shipped. Let me know. Thanks, David
  12. David_B

    FT: PS2 Games 4 Xbox games

    How about Ghost Recon (XBox) for Splinter Cell (PS2)? I have some others too, but I need to check and see what I'd want to trade. Let me know via email ([email protected]) Thanks, David
  13. David_B

    FS/FT: The Adventures of Antoine Doinel Boxset

    I'm interested in the set, is that a shipped price? Let me know via email ([email protected]) Thanks, David
  14. David_B

    Holiday Sale -- DVDs and VideoGames

    Is the Casablanca: SE the newer 2-Disk one? If so, i'd be interested in that and Valley Girl. Let me know via email ([email protected]). Thanks, David
  15. David_B

    DVDs for trade -- great titles! 2 for 1's! Come inside

    How about The Man Who Wasn't There (I think i still have a copy of this) for Sling Blade or Bean - The Movie? Let me know via email - [email protected] Thanks, David
  16. David_B

    FT: various DVDs I don't watch anymore

    Hey, You said you were interested in kid's stuff. So i weeded out what i thought was kid's stuff from my list (in need of an update) here: http://web.wt.net/~breton/Hobbies/DVDTrade.html Would you be interested in: Scooby Doo On Zombie Island Walking With Dinosaurs Alice In Wonderland...
  17. David_B

    DVD's For Sale

    So, you still have the criterions left? Email me that list if its still available. Thanks, David [email protected]
  18. David_B

    FT: Scarface AE

    Hey Mike, I got all of those that interest me. The only exception is my Thin Red Lin isn't DTS, so i may be interested in upgrading. Email me and we'll see if we can work something out. David
  19. David_B

    FT: Westworld, Mr. Bean The Whole Bean, Kangaroo Jack, & others

    Hey Dan, I replied to your PM, I'm really not sure whats going on here with the email thing. My email on here is [email protected] Hell, maybe I'll try posting in your DVD Talk thread....lol. Talk to you later. David
  20. David_B

    FT: Scarface AE

    How about one of the following for it: From Dusk Till Dawn - CS Glory - SE Jackie Brown - CE Jerry Maguire - SE Monsters, Inc. - CE (I Think I have a copy for trade) Reservoir Dogs - Ten Years Special Edition (Mr. Blonde) - Sealed Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Vista Series Let me know...
  21. David_B

    FT: Westworld, Mr. Bean The Whole Bean, Kangaroo Jack, & others

    Hmmm, Nah, I didn't get it. I'll reply to one of the other ones i have from our previous conversation. David
  22. David_B

    FT: Westworld, Mr. Bean The Whole Bean, Kangaroo Jack, & others

    Hey Dan, We were attempting to work out a deal involving Apollo 13: CE over on DVDTalk. Would you be interested in trading it for A Christmas Story 20th Anniversary SE? Let me know via email ([email protected]). Thanks, David
  23. David_B

    Yankee Doodle Dandy, Robin Hood, Treasure of the Sierra Madre all sealed!! F/T

    I'm interested in a copy of Robin Hood as well as all the others. Check out my link below: http://web.wt.net/~breton/Hobbies/DVDTrade.html and see if there is anything you'd want from there. Let me know via email. Thanks, David
  24. David_B

    FS: DVDs (also includes TV box sets/Adult titles)

    Interested in the Babylon 5 Season 3. Is it still available. Let me know via email. thanks, David
  25. David_B

    A few DVDs for sale-A man apart, Core, Stripes, V, & many more - most below $10

    YGM regarding V: The Final Battle (2 Discs). I am in the US BTW. Let me know. thanks, David
  26. David_B

    Casablanca New 2-Disc Sealed and Cheap

    I'm interested as well, but it looks as if they are all taken? Let me know either way. Thanks, David
  27. David_B

    Want to Buy or Trade: Angel Season 1 and/or 2 USED

    Hey, I have a Angel Season 1 that I'd trade for your AoD: LE, Goonies, and V: The Final Battle should you decide to trade. Let me know via email if interested. David
  28. David_B

    Looking For Warriors Dvd

    Hey, I have a copy for trade. What do you have for trade? Let me know via email. Thanks, David
  29. David_B

    Value of used Dances With Wolves DTS?

    Anything on my tradelist for it? http://web.wt.net/~breton/Hobbies/DVDTrade.html David