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  1. Don

    D-Box what is it exactly.

    and how much does it cost. also is it worth buying it ? for those who don't know about it like me check out their site. D-BOX
  2. Don

    Borders 40% OFF Til Saturday Only.

    since no one has posted a link for Borders in a while heres one for you good til Sat only.Borders Coupons - coupon400327
  3. Don

    New Leopard 10.5.6 and the Rest Like

    IMovie 09 and the Rest like Ilife and the New Iworks. are these new programs worth buying or should i just stick with what i have now ? also anyone at MacWorld get to see these new Programs and is it realy great ?
  4. Don

    How High should a TV

    be off of the floor if one is going to get a stand for it or mount it on the wall. right now my tv is on the floor but i would like to get a stand for it and have it at a better viewing angle.
  5. Don

    New Panasonic DMP-BD55 Owner Needs Help

    evrey time i put a disc in. i'm still getting the black bars on the top and bottom is there a way or setting that i can do. to get rid of this problem. ?
  6. Don

    Help Needed for Removing Jaggedness from. a Panasonic TH-46PZ800U

    HDTV set how can i get rid of the Jaggedness on my set it just came out of the box. i'm trying to calibrate it by eye but no luck so far and my HD Essentials disc is packed away or missing plus i never calibrated using a disc before. also how high should this set be off of the floor. right now...
  7. Don

    Looking for a Good HDMI Cable for the Panasonic DMP-BD55

    does anyone here have any suggestions. or know of a properly wrapped HDMI Cable. that is reliable/decent i was looking at the Monster Cables at Circuit City Tonight but didnt want to pay $115.00 just for One Cable any Suggestions anyone ?
  8. Don

    NHT Speakers and Need a SubWoofer for the

    Denon AVR 3808Ci cany anyone reccommend a model to go with this receiver the Dealer Reccommended NHT One's but i can't find them Listed on their web site. and what would be a good subwoofer to go with this set up.
  9. Don

    Help Needed Which is Better LCD or PLASMA.

    i'm Thinking of Buying the Panasonic TH-46PZ800U for about 1,500.00 from BB am i getting a Good Deal and TV here or would i be better off with a LCD and not a Plasma ?
  10. Don

    Setting up Time Machine.

    anyone here know how to set up time Machine. i was trying to set mine up but in the process of doing so. turned time machine off and cant figure out how to turn it back on and whats the proper way of setting time machine up.
  11. Don

    Denon 3808CI Any Comments

    or things i should know about this receiver as to what speakers to look for. is setting it up very hard to do ? if anyone owns this receiver what do you have it set up to. i'm looking to retire my AVR-3200 Due to the fact that the right rear surround is not working any help is appreciated.
  12. Don

    Panasonic BD35AK

    i just picked this up a couple of weeks ago at costco for a Great Price. now the main thing is setting it up any Thoughts or Tips are Greatly Appreciated.
  13. Don

    NEW PS3 160 GB need more information.

    i was thinking of buying the new PS3 last night from Target but the cashier told me that it wont play my PS2 games on it is this True ?
  14. Don

    looking for software and books to learn for Doing Video Audio and Special Effects.

    i'm looking to graduate from IMovie 08 and HD. any suggestions as to what to buy i'm thinking of getting the Final Cut Pro. the One for $1,299.00 what is worth doing or learning in final cut pro. and what is in DVD Pro ?
  15. Don

    Speakers for a Denon

    Receiver which model i have is the AVR-3200 any suggestions. as i'll like to get this receiver up and running. and a sub woofer as well.
  16. Don

    Apple Software and Books Any Reccommendations.

    i'm looking for software and books so that i can learn to do Video DVDs and Soundtracks and Music on my Mac Pro any Reccommendations ? Don,
  17. Don

    New Mac Pro Owner Looking for Help on

    Learning how to Convert VHS Tapes to DVD using the Mac. and usining IMovie and deciding what Software to buy for Video Editing and Making my Own Videos/DVDs i am a beginner.
  18. Don

    How to get HDTV on My Mac Monitor/Computer

    is anyone here into Mac Computers i'll like to get HDTV on my Monitor. i have the 30 in monitor that apple sells. any suggestions or did i post this in the wrong section of the forum here ?
  19. Don

    Panasonic Viera looking for a 42 inch model

    any suggestions as to which models to buy and which ones to avoid. i'm also looking to match it up with a Panasonic Blu Ray Player but the player will be asked in a different part of the forum. Don,
  20. Don

    Columbia/Tristar DVD Clearance at www.oldies.com

    here is a link so evreyone can eaisily access it. http://www.oldies.com/series-listing/columbia-dvd.html
  21. Don

    Fox Cinema Classics Collection

    here are two more titles that so far fox has announced yet on their site. ( but i have the DVDs in hand because of a possible mistake at the store ) these titles are The Robe and the second one is Demetrius and the Gladiators. the cases they come in are the slip covers not the nice ones like...
  22. Don

    NHT 3's Versus NHT'S SB 3's

    anyone know which one might be better for a satelite system. if i get either of these they will be used on a Denon AVR-3200 Receiver. any thoughts or advice. also what is the prices for these speakers. Don,
  23. Don

    DVD's Mastered in Hi-Definition.

    i know that Sony. mainly has these out i have a few of them. but can't think of the names right now. is there anyone here who can provide a few titles. so that a list might be made from it. Don,
  24. Don

    LCD/HD Widescreen TV's What To Look For Etc.

    are there any does and don'ts of buying a LCD widescreen HD tv. i was at wally world today looking at their lcd tvs and was looking at a sanyo there. is sanyo a good brand or should i look/get something more different. also what options do i need as in dvi s cable etc.
  25. Don

    Looking to Buy a DVD Recorder Any Suggestions.

    as per Brand name what to look for. reliability etc. it will mainly be used for recording tv Shows.
  26. Don

    Will HDDVD Be Compatible.

    with the Current DVDs we now have. or do we have to Re-Buy Evreything ? Don,
  27. Don

    Hooking up Panasonic SC-HT670

    to a Sony TV without Audio Outputs. is there a way to bypass this. like using a DishNetwork Box similar to a cable Box. if i use the Dishnetwork box. i'll be going out on the the box to in on the receiver. anyone know if this is possible or will this work at all. Don,
  28. Don

    Speed Racer #3 two Versions ?

    according to dvdsoon there are two versions coming out tuesday. one is from alliance and the other one from universal. anyone know what version to get. http://www.dvdsoon.com/search-result...order=distance
  29. Don

    Speakers Needed Thinking of Either

    buying M&K or Monitor Audio any Reccomendations Please. the receiver i have is the Denon Avr-3200 i would prefer LCR speakers. but i'm open to anything that will sound good with this receiver. Don,
  30. Don

    Right Rear Surround Not Working.

    on my Denon AVR-3200 is there a way to Check this out. or How expensive is it to get fixed. also is there a way i can check if it is the speaker itself. i'll like to keep the receiver and not have to go out and buy a new one.