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  1. Reid K

    shopping for an hdtv, but need some serious help

    Here is a few things I guess you should know 1. size of the tv isnt an issue, iam building an entertainment system for it so width and such does not matter, and I dont care if it is a CRT the extra size and weight doesnt matter. 2. the tv will be used solely for gaming, mainly right now with...
  2. Reid K

    Looking for a new HDTV

    With my new job I find out I get all tvs at cost through visions, and with that being said iam considering upgrading my tv. However I have no idea what features to look for, and just general things that are important to look for. I want widescreen, and I want HDTV that is all I know. The size...
  3. Reid K

    Need some new headphones

    I just recieved 300$ as a grad gift, and iam thinking of spending 100$ of it on a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones since I will be taking public transit to and from university everyday next year. Is this a reasonable budget or should I think of spending a little bit more? Also I really...
  4. Reid K

    Just bought a new MP3 player now I need headphones

    I was kind of thinking of the panasonic RP-HC70 are these any good? Right now I have the sony ear clip ones but those get crackly at low frequencys will these peform better than that? I like the noise cancelling since Iam on the bus 5 days a week and it is nice to cancel all that outside noise.
  5. Reid K

    is this a problem (possible serious)

    When I have the volume turned up (near max) all my speakers start getting this static like sound, and it is really annoying inbetween songs so just wondering is something wrong with the reciever or is this normal?
  6. Reid K

    Need some help

    Currently Iam using a nomad zen xtra for my portable music but on some fast songs or low bass songs I get a crackling sound and have been told these are the headphones fault (im using the style sony ones that are pretty cheap) now Im asking you guys what is a good pair of headphones I can get...
  7. Reid K

    xmen 2 question

    Just wondering is this one also THX certified? I just want to pick up a movie that has this to help fine tune my reciever and such. Thanks in advance
  8. Reid K

    is this site reliable?

    www.ecost.com I want to order an Iriver hp-120 from them since they give you a guaranteed price in canadian funds, but before I drop that kind of money I want to know if it is reliable or not, so can anyone help me out on this?
  9. Reid K

    ipod work with usb 1.1?

    Will a 3rd generation windows ipod work with usb 1.1 or just 2.0, and firewire?
  10. Reid K

    hmm would this work (ipod related)

    Here are a few options I was wondering if they would work with an ipod battery. 1. I see it has that 4 AA battery thing would I be able to just use that after the ion battery died? 2. Would I be able to send the ipod in to apple 1 month before the warranty up and say the battery is no longer...
  11. Reid K

    Batteries of hard drive mp3 players (please I really need help)

    Okay im down to either an iriver, or ipod but depending on this answer the zen might win due to its removeable battery. Here is my question both the ipod and iriver has a 1 year warranty, but what happens if my battery dies after that 1 year? Can I get the battery replaced? If so how much will...
  12. Reid K

    Need some serious mp3 player help

    After doing some research and stuff I narrowed it down to the iriver, and the ipod (as judged by my other thread) now pending what is said there about the iriver I got one question for the iriver. They just release the Ihp-120, and I was wondering if that model made any improvements over the...
  13. Reid K

    Ipod question

    Just wondering I saw it works with firewire, and usb 2.0. I was wondering if it also works with usb 1.1 or whatever the old usb is called
  14. Reid K

    Mp3 player question

    Okay im really in a dilema I cant decide between three players now 1. An Ipod. I have only heard good things about these, and the new ones with wireless headphones are tempting. 2. A nomad zen nx (the upgraded one coming soon) bigger than an ipod and slightly cheaper which is always good. 3...
  15. Reid K

    Need help picking an MP3 player

    im currently in the market for one of the big gig MP3 players and after some research two have caught my eye. 1. The ipod (how can you not reconize this) 2. The Nomad Zen NX. (seems like a great deal for the price) Now keeping in mind im only spending around $450 canadian (can get zen nx or a...
  16. Reid K

    Some more Ipod questions

    After reading a bit about the older ones I learned that after a while the unit would get kinda wonky (battery life would get messed up etc) and was wonderin if this was fixed in the new ones. Also right now I have a nomad 2c and the screen is just about completly filled with dust, and was...
  17. Reid K

    Ipod question

    Just wondering if I put songs on this at a CD quality (128 I believe), and wired it into my reciever (just out of the head phone jack) how comprable would this be to a cheap CD deck connected to my reciever through an optical cable?
  18. Reid K

    Increasing power of my sub

    Right now I have a JBL PB-10 is there anything I can do to increase its bass without preferably buying anything new? My reciever is a yamaha rxv-730 if it matters
  19. Reid K

    Hooking up two subs at once

    Just wondering my current reciever is a yamaha rxv-730 and was wondering if I would be able to hook up two subs at once to it, and if so what would I all need. Also my sub is a JBL-pb-10 so what would be best matched with that another one of the same model or something different?
  20. Reid K

    Is this a good TV?

    Iam looking into the following Samsung and any feedback would be swell. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....oryId=cat03002 Thanks in advance to anyone who helps
  21. Reid K

    Need TV advice

    Okay right now iam working on getting the best setup for my 3 next generation consoles so of course one of the logical steps would be an HDTV (mainly for xbox i guess). So with that said most of the use on the TV will be for gaming with some movie watching (wont watch any normal TV on it) Iam...
  22. Reid K

    What should I upgrade?

    Okay I got some money again and thinking I might look into replacing some of my speakers (would use the old ones in my room for my stereo) Okay first off my "area" where I can set up is in the corner of the basement. So the actual place is not all that big. As for the shape imagine and L except...
  23. Reid K

    Minidisc play quality

    Okay I got a birthday coming up and iam either going to get a CD deck for my home theater or a mini disc player. I was just wondering how does hooking up a mini disc player to my system with an optical cable compare to an equally priced CD deck? (talking around 200-300 canadian) Also assuming...
  24. Reid K

    What is a good CD mini system

    Well my old one in my room died so I need to replace that now. For my b-day ill get around 300$ canadian and was wondering what a good one tto look into would be. Right now iam thinking of the JVC MX-GT700 Mini System. Any comments on that or another system would be great.
  25. Reid K

    Using old reciever as a pre amp

    Okay I had an old RCA reciever kicking around and iam using it as a pre amp for my new bass shakers. My current amp is a yamaha rxv-730. Iam wondering how will I wire the two together to have the RCA power the shakers. The simpler the better.
  26. Reid K

    Need some help fast

    Okay I just got some aura bass shakers (4 ohms each), and Iam using a reciever with only 8 ohms to power them. I have been told I can bi wire them to make this work properly, and iam wondering how I bi wire them.
  27. Reid K

    Wiring advice

    I have just purchased some of the 25 watt aura bass shakers. Iam playing of using this old reciever to power them: AMPLIFIER SECTION: All 5 channels: RT2280: each 80W at 8 ohm. 0.9% THD @1 kHz Subwoofer channel: 100w at 8 Muting Attenuation: 65dB Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz...
  28. Reid K

    OHM question

    Just wondering I bought the RCA RT2280 home theater about a year back and since then have redone my whole home theater. Now my question is how can I tell what OHMs the reciever sends out the signal? Iam wondering because iam thinking of using the old reciever to power some bass shakers.
  29. Reid K

    Bass shakers

    I have heard a few people talking about these and have a couple of questions. 1. What is a good place to look for them? 2. What should you look for in a bass shaker? 3. How much does the average one cost? 4. How would you set it up? (like the reciever, do you have to plug it into a wall etc)...
  30. Reid K

    is this a good dvd/cd player?

    http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pro...=&newdeptid=11 Iam thinking about getting this. I will be using it for about half music half DVD's.