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  1. J

    Re: *** Official CASINO ROYALE Review Thread

    I disagree. Baccarat is an outdated game that would have been horrible for the movie. Maybe 5% of the viewers would understand what was going on. Texas Hold 'em is all the rage right now and the average person knows the rules and whatnot. Baccarat may be more elegant for the movie, but I...
  2. J

    *** Official CASINO ROYALE Discussion Thread

    1. I went to the movie with an ex girlfriend and she about had to change her panties during the movie because of how "big, smart, and brutal" Daniel Craig was. Trust me, I was annoyed with her constant little gasps and squirming throughout the movie as she kept commenting on how she did not...
  3. J

    *** Official CASINO ROYALE Discussion Thread

    Wow, I am the exact opposite in almost every regard...The Home theater forum is a tough crowd for sure.
  4. J

    *** Official CASINO ROYALE Discussion Thread

    I actually saw it twice today and I am glad I did. It is one of my favorite Bond movies and much better than I thought it would be. Hell, even a girl that I went with who does not like Bond movies loved it and wants to see it again. I felt like I was watching a Connery Bond and I cannot...
  5. J

    The O.C. Season 4 ongoing thread

    Damn, my girlfriend is going to be pissed when she finds out the new season is already on and she missed the first episode. Horrible PR on Fox's part.
  6. J

    'GHOST HUNTERS Season 3' on Sci-Fi.

    haha, yeah I can't believe the ladies fell for it and actually marked it down in their activity log. Steve saw through it right away. I really hope they do another live episode because it was interesting to see it as it happened and the viewer having a chance to contact the TAPS team and...
  7. J

    'GHOST HUNTERS Season 3' on Sci-Fi.

    Yeah, at least I think they did. There was a back to back part where the phone rang in one room, and then when they cut to another room, it rang there and again until they took it off the hook. They obviously knew that viewers were just calling the hotel and getting patched through because...
  8. J

    'GHOST HUNTERS Season 3' on Sci-Fi.

    yes, there is some interesting things...but only at certain points.
  9. J

    'GHOST HUNTERS Season 3' on Sci-Fi.

    LOL...I love the viewers calling the hotel rooms and cranking them...
  10. J

    'GHOST HUNTERS Season 3' on Sci-Fi.

    So far this has been a yawn fest...The ECW wrestler has not been the huge distraction that I thought, but you can tell Jay is NOT happy with his distractions at some points.
  11. J

    'GHOST HUNTERS Season 3' on Sci-Fi.

    Sean, I had no idea about the wrestler, but I did see a promo and the "panic button". Hopefully it is not what we think and these are just some out of investigation gimics to keep the audience around for the entire show because it is tough to keep an audience for 6 hours...especially if...
  12. J

    'GHOST HUNTERS Season 3' on Sci-Fi.

    Just saw the commercial...looks like I will be glued to the TV with some beer on Tuesday night! Anyone see the horrible show on VH1 tonight with celebs ghost hunting in an old mental institution? It was basically the old MTV show, FEAR and a complete set up. They had an EMF detector and...
  13. J

    'GHOST HUNTERS Season 3' on Sci-Fi.

    CRAP! I missed the premier. I need to set the DVR this week.
  14. J

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Prequel to the Remake!

    I had a similar experience with kids during Dawn of the Dead (2004). This couple brought their 2 kids to the movie, must have been 4-6 in age, and they ran around the theater the whole time- up and down the stairs- while laughing loudly. When they finally sat down to watch the movie, they...
  15. J

    APOCALYPTO --- Mel Gibson's Latest

    Looks amazing...I can't wait. This, FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, and CASINO ROYALE will hopefully make up for a bland year.
  16. J

    SPHE Press Release: Married...With Children: The Complete Sixth Season

    can't wait. I never thought this show would see DVDs past season 3...I will take what I can get.
  17. J

    Newradio Season 5

    Good to hear. Even though the 5th season had a hanging sense of tragedy to it, it still had some excellent episodes. I can't wait to complete this series on DVD.
  18. J

    Ghost Hunters

    There is a place right by where I live (Humble, Texas) that made a top 10 creepiest/haunted list recently. It is an old ghost town and cemetary hidden in the woods behind a large strip mall. The place is freaking creepy. I used to go back there as a teen and I have never seen a group of 20...
  19. J

    Nip/Tuck Season 4 ongoing thread

    I thought it was a step back in the right direction. I was relieved to read interviews with the creators and cast about the Carver and last season. They thought it was horrible and joked about them having to start carrying guns and badges as they became detectives instead of surgeons. To...
  20. J

    Deadwood: Season Three

    I thought this would fit well here regarding some of the posts since the finale. This is Earl Brown's (Dan Dority) latest post on the HBO forum: I swore I had made my final post regarding this season, but after reading some of the postings, I have a few thoughts I cannot suppress...
  21. J

    Ghost Hunters

    excellent news - other than the seperate releases...but I am not surprised considering that HBO is doing it with the Sopranos and Entourage DVDs this year.
  22. J

    Deadwood: Season Three

    I also cancelled my subscription this past week. I will re-up just for the finale of The Sopranos even though it is a shell of its former self. I will also do so for the final season of ROME and the end of the current season of Entourage. Luckily I will just have to do this once since all...
  23. J

    Ghost Hunters

    Now, are the new episodes finally going to be season 3? Any news on the season 2 DVDs?
  24. J

    RIP: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin passes in animal attack

    Horrible, horrible news. I pray for his wife and 2 kids and that the work he did will continue on in his name. I hope the footage of his death is never leaked to the public...
  25. J

    Deadwood: Season Three

    No kidding. I had to laugh a bit that the murderers of her previous husband were now helping her out.
  26. J

    Deadwood: Season Three

    ^^ I would assume the scene may have been a flashback or something. What an excellent episode. As soon as I saw Ellsworth talking to his dog, I knew he was done. Him drawing his last breath before the fatal shot was very moving. I actually found myself very affected by his death...which...
  27. J

    NewsRadio - Season 4

    has there been any news of the season 5 DVDs? I also think there were some classic eps during the season even though the show felt different. I still want to own it and complete the set.
  28. J

    New 'Alexander' DVD coming...

    I would love to see a cut like this. Yes, the movie was flawed, but I still enjoyed it greatly and thought it was unfairly beaten. I actually know several people who will swear up and down that the movie sucked...yet they never saw it. Gotta love the influence that the media has.
  29. J

    Entourage season 3 (Parts 1 and 2)

    I would expect the 2nd half to be pushed to March now that the Sopranos has been pushed. ROME has been bumped up to Jan 07 to take its place. No matter that ROME is better than the Sopranos currently, I could not see HBO holding with a Jan release for Entourage considering they are desperate for...
  30. J

    Hell's Kitchen Season 2 (June 2006)

    I enjoyed the ending, but it was obvious Heather was going to win...if Virginia had won, then I would have believed that Ramsay did have a hard on for her. The FAQ on the official site claims that the winner actually does not "get" or run the restaurant, but is given the title of "Executive...