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  1. Daryn D

    Receiver upgrade advice

    Hi all. I am driving my Paradigm Signature 2's, which are my mains, with an HK-320. My music to HT ratio is 9 to 1. I plan to update my receiver and would like to know your recommendations on buying used equipment. What brand/models do you recommend in the $600 range. Should I do separates or...
  2. Daryn D

    Pioneer dv-563A firmware upgrade

    I've been reading on other forums about problems with playback of some newer DVDA's. It appears the record industry, in their infinite wisdom, monkeyed with the anti-copy system and is not compatible with the 563. Now if you want the upgrade you must send your unit to a tech center. Pioneer...
  3. Daryn D

    I need a new vcr

    My VCR just died. It was about 15 years old and needed to be replaced anyway. I usually rent dvd's, but my son has a lot of VHS tapes. Also, (and most important) I record from my HI-8 camcorder to VHS to send to the grandparents and want the best quality at a reasonable price--$200 or less. I...
  4. Daryn D

    Martin Logan vs Paradigm vs Joseph Audio

    I have been auditioning upgrades for my fronts and these are my final three (at the moment) Martin Logan Montage Paradigm Signature 2 Joseph Audio RM7si Signature Mk2 I have not been able to A-B these three and so I am looking for your opinions/experiences. I found the ML's to be...
  5. Daryn D

    How to convert cassette to cd

    Does anyone know how I can convert cassette tapes to cd's?
  6. Daryn D

    paradigm canadian prices

    Hi everyone, this is my first foray into this awesome forum. I'm planning to purchase Paradigm to upgrade my front three. I will likely go with Studio 60's and cc470. Now my question. I live 6 hrs from Vancouver, B.C. Does anyone know what prices I could expect to get up there? I've called...