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  1. Tony_Faville

    M*A*S*H Martini Collection Heads Up

    I have been looking for this collection and refused to pay the $225 and up that it is going for on Ebay. Couldn't find any e-railers or retailers that had it in stock until last week. I found it for $159.99 at http://www.wherehouse.com if anyone else is out there looking for it at an affordable...
  2. Tony_Faville

    FS: Gently used 15gb iPod

  3. Tony_Faville

    In Living Color Season 2, edited?

    I have only watched two episodes so far but I noticed a cut in the skit with Damon as the homeless guy in the Army recruiters office. Specifically in the ending, on the DVD it went to a black screen but I distinctly remember in the TV broadcast, he walked out of the office singing "Get a messed...
  4. Tony_Faville

    Highlander TV Movie DVD's MAR

    Okay, I just received the set of 3 Highlander TV Movie DVD's for reviewing and they are MAR'd, matted to be widescreen, chopping alot off the top and bottom of the picture. I'm not as astute as some of you are in regards to Aspect Ratio's and such but this is pretty obvious. I grabbed a...
  5. Tony_Faville

    Integrating a PC into your Home Theater System

    Sorry if this question does not belong in this forum. Administrators, please feel free to move as necessary. I did do a search but came up empty so, again, I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere. My question is this, I am interested in integrating a PC into my HT system (like a...
  6. Tony_Faville

    Just bought a Sony KP46WT510....

    46" Widescreen HDTV for $1169 at Best Buy ($1299 with 10% off). This is my first widescreen HDTV and was wondering now that I have spent my hard earned money on it, what are your thoughts on this TV? Kind of did it bassackwards didn't I?
  7. Tony_Faville

    New TV Advice, please?

    Okay guys, I am finally looking at moving into a widescreen TV. My wife and I watch a total of four TV stations (Discovery, History, FoodNetwork and CBS) and the other 95% of the time is spent wading through our DVD collection. I come to you guys for assistance because you undeniably know...
  8. Tony_Faville

    "Be sure to drink your ovaltine..." at thedigitalbits...

    Could this be a hint of a A Christmas Story SE?
  9. Tony_Faville

    I met William Baldwin

    I was in the Nike employee store and I noticed a couple of the ladies acting like schoolgirls so I looked at what they were looking at, William Baldwin was in the store. We get celebrities in all the time but he was the first one I actually met. We have a rule that we are not allowed to ask...
  10. Tony_Faville

    Replacement program for DVD Profiler???

    Anyone have any recommendations for another application with the functionality of DVD Profiler? I am one of the paid customers that because of the upgrades inability to communicate outside of my corporate firewall, I no longer have access to all the features. Thanks for any info.
  11. Tony_Faville

    ST:TNG Season 1 FT

    Looking for Sopranos Season 2 or 3. Bought Season 1 of ST:TNG and realized I wasn't as much of a Trek fan as I used to be.
  12. Tony_Faville

    I love Diet Coke.....

    not because I think the drink is great but because of this. Six weeks ago my wife cracked open a 2 liter of Diet Coke, looked under the cap and said, "Huh, winner, digital camera." Me, being the occasional pessimist said, "Yeah, right...let me see." Sure enough, it said WINNER DIGITAL...
  13. Tony_Faville

    Which DVD would you buy for a milestone?

    Probably a lame thread but I'm curious to see what you have to say. My DVD collection is sitting at 694, 6 more and I break 700. So, as the thread title states, what DVd would you buy for #700? I have two in mind, both Criterions....Brazil or Spartacus. Leaning towards Brazil.
  14. Tony_Faville

    Help me settle a debate.......

    Okay, I am having a debate with a youngster on another forum and wanted to seek out your assitance in providing a resolution. When someone mentions Hollywood to you, do you think of a place, or the film making industry? And if you think of the film making industry, does it generally encompass...
  15. Tony_Faville

    Billy Jack remake....

    starring KEANU REEVES?!?!?!?!??!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Link
  16. Tony_Faville

    Directors Favorite Cheesy Movie......

    What is that one movie that you, and sometimes seems like only you, love to watch anytime, anyplace? Mine is Brainsmasher: A Love Story with Andrew Dice Clay and Teri Hatcher, filmed right here in Portland and is so cheesie, you need to watch it with a bottle of wine and some dry salami. It's...
  17. Tony_Faville

    Humor: Microsoft, Panasonic Partner on New DVD Player

    Microsoft, Panasonic Partner on New DVD Player By Brian Briggs Redmond, WA - The DVD-RV31M, a DVD player created in a partnership of Microsoft and Panasonic, is the first DVD player to incorporate Microsoft's MDVD video encryption standard. The discs are encoded in the MDVD standard, a...
  18. Tony_Faville

    WB: Any chance of Witchblade?

    Forgive me if this is already posted. My search failed to find a direct question/request. I have several friends who lived by this show it's last season and would love to have it on DVD. Any chance of this in the near future? Thanks.
  19. Tony_Faville

    RCA 38" Widescreen HDTV

    Looking for opinions on this set. I have looked at the specs and drool over the TV every time I see it but have not spoken with anyone with any experience with one. Thanks.