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  1. Chris VW

    Games FS: X-Box 360, PS3, and Wii

    I have these games for sale. I am an adult gamer and my stuff is well cared for. These are unopened or played through once. All are mint condition and come with all materials. All prices include free shipping in the Continental USA. If you need references my e-bay handle is outlikealight...
  2. Chris VW

    Blacksite: Area 51 X Box 360 FS

  3. Chris VW

    FS HD DVD, Blu Ray, X-Box 360 games.

    These prices include shipping in the USA. Basic mail service unless you want to pay for priority mail. I also sell on e-bay under outlikealight and have 100% positive feedback. I accept Pay Pal. Contact me at [email protected] HD DVD Mission Impossible Boxed Set $45 Blu Ray X...
  4. Chris VW

    FS Blockbuster Video card with 40 free movie or game rentals

    I bought a projector from Panasonic in January and recieved a rebate and a Blockbuster Card good for 40 free game or movie rentals. Good on any movies or games. It's a $200-$300 value depending on what you use it for. It is good till 12/30/07. I use Netflix and don't want to join blockbuster...
  5. Chris VW

    Oppo DV-970HD DVD player for sale

    Hi, If your looking at this you know what it is so I'll spare you the glowing reviews which can be seen elsewhere. This is brand new and has never been opened. I recieved it for buying a new projector and since I have HD DVD and Blu Ray I will not be keeping it. This retails for $150 plus...
  6. Chris VW

    Crank and Underworld 2 Blu Ray for sale.

    As the title say's I have these two for sale. Crank Sold! Underworld 2 $18 shipped Would also trade for Four Brothers HD DVD or Blu Ray My e-bay handle is outlikealight if you need a reference. PayPal only. Chris V
  7. Chris VW

    WTB Alias Seasons 1,2,3

    Hi, Looking to buy Alias season 1-3 used but in great shape. I am willing to pay via PayPal. out
  8. Chris VW

    WTB DTS Demo #8 and #9

    Hi, WTB DTS Demo Disc #8 and #9. If you have these and want to sell them shoot me a price. I can pay via paypal. Thank you. Chris V [email protected]
  9. Chris VW

    Sound Level Meter Calibration question.

    Hi, I purchased a digital meter from Radio Shack. I understand what settings to put it on and it works fine with the test tones put out from my Denon 3805. At what volume should I have the 3805 and what do I do with the numbers I get? I set the meter at 80 so do I adjust all of the speakers...
  10. Chris VW

    WTB Black Hawk Down 3 disc and Memento LE

    This thread is done. Thanks everyone!!!!! Hi I would like to try and get those two DVD movies. I would pay $20 for the Black Hawk Down and $15 for the Memento LE shipped. I could Pay via PayPal. Let me know if your interested. Thanks for your time. Chris