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  1. JohnAP

    Finally! Once & Again Season 2

    I saw Amazon's got Once & Again Season 2 listed for August, which is awesome. I remember when Buena Vista released the first season a couple years ago the same day as the first season of Felicity. The Felicity releases kept on coming, but I guess Once & Again didn't sell well because even a few...
  2. JohnAP

    Lilya 4-Ever and Lukas Moodysson on dvd

    I have a couple questions if there's anyone out there with answers. First, Lukas Moodysson's first film was given a Region 1 release under the new title "Show Me Love," but I have not been able to find his second film, "Together." Am I correct in assuming that it has never been released for...
  3. JohnAP

    Hollywood remaking tons of Asian films

    I got the new issue of Entertainment Weekly today and there's a two page article in News and Notes about the current Hollywood obsession with buying the rights to Asian films to remake as American productions. Does this practice disturb anyone else? Though the original films may see an R1 dvd...
  4. JohnAP

    Wizards and Ralph Bakshi on dvd

    Does anyone have any information on the state of Ralphi's Bakshi's Wizards. Fox put the film out on vhs back in 1993, but that is the last time it was made available to the public and copies are pretty scarce nowadays. My main question is whether or not Fox still has the rights to the film...