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  1. GaryPete

    Bose (gulp!) question

    I'm the original owner of a set of Bose Series I 901s and would like a little information about repairing them. I just read somewhere, on eBay I think, that the series I speakers didn't have the rotting foam surrounds like all the subsequent models have and should last a 'lifetime'. Anyway I'd...
  2. GaryPete

    recessed connection box

    Is there a specialized recessed type HT connection box that I can recess into a wooden floor next to my sub woofer for it's power and signal connections?? It's in the middle of a very large room and I don't want to string wires across the floor. Big enough for a double duplex in there for AC...
  3. GaryPete

    600 sq ft room...Satellites or book shelves??

    My HT room is 600 sq ft but we don't have any speakers, yet. Wife says small speakers and I always do what I'm told. The satellite speakers I've read about so far are recommended for no more than 400 sq ft which is closer to our actual seating area in the big room. I'd still like to do the...
  4. GaryPete

    Speakers for my Yamaha RX-V660

    Helloooooo? Let me summerize my previously long winded questions. If anyone here knows anything about how include a subwoofer to a surround sound speaker system that doesn't have a bass output jack I would greatly appreciate a shout. Moderator..If I'm in the wrong forum please redirect me...