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  1. NickGL

    Power Cleaner?

    well i decided i'd better make this inquiry after 3 local pole transformers blew outside my apartment building in under 2 hours today causing explosions powerful enough to set off no less than 5 car alarms and scare the crap out of the firemen trying to put the flaming power pole out after the...
  2. NickGL

    leave it on?

    i've heard conflicting reports regarding receivers and amps in regards to turning them off when not in use or leaving them on 24/7 even when not in use i'm thinking that leaving them on will bake the electronics, even with great ventilation and shutting it off is a good idea, though i've...
  3. NickGL

    Alright, it has come down to two

    I recently came back from auditioning the Marantz SR5400 and a similarly priced Ingegra model. The Marantz was set up in front of me and as such not given break- in time, but my initial impressions were good. It has very good control over the speakers, and it's high end was better than the...
  4. NickGL

    $500 home theater receiver choices

    I assume this thread has been made before, and I hope it hasn't become annoyingly hackneyed. I'm in the market for a new receiver; I'm a student and as such not the most wealthy person but have been bitten by the audio bug (sadly, heh). My 1999 Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX has recently died so I am...