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  1. Steve Zimmerman

    Onix Rocket RS1000 NIB, $2399 OBO!

    Buyer fell through so these have been listed on eBay. Thanks anyway for looking. --Steve
  2. Steve Zimmerman

    Onix Rocket RS1000 NIB, $2399 OBO!

    Someone make me an offer, folks. I gotta get these out of my garage (right now my Infiniti G35 is spending its nights in the driveway!). --Steve
  3. Steve Zimmerman

    Onix Rocket RS1000 NIB, $2399 OBO!

    Here's your chance to save money on a brand new unopened pair of Onix Rocket RS1000 speakers in gorgeous South American rosewood. I received these speakers as compensation for some web work I did for AV123.com (hosting their online forum) but when these speakers arrived in their HUGE boxes my...
  4. Steve Zimmerman

    Onix Reference 2 (Birdseye Maple)

    Bump (price lowered to $1500 + shipping).
  5. Steve Zimmerman

    Onix Reference 2 (Birdseye Maple)

    These speakers are an audiophile's dream. I purchased this pair of Onix Reference 2s early this year for use in my home office. However, within a couple of weeks of buying these speakers I changed jobs and no longer work at home. They have been listened to *very* infrequently and I frankly...
  6. Steve Zimmerman

    FS: Outlaw 750 5-channel amp

    Sorry, not looking for trades at this time... --Steve
  7. Steve Zimmerman

    FS: Onix Rocket 750s, 200, and 100s

    One unopened RSC100 left. --Steve
  8. Steve Zimmerman

    FS: Onix Rocket 750s, 200, and 100s

    In anticipation of finishing a dedicated HT room, I purchased a full set of Rocket speakers: a pair of RS750s, the "bigfoot" RSC200 center channel, and two RSC100s which I was going to use as rear-surrounds. However, the economy changed and we sold the home with the unfinished basement. I...
  9. Steve Zimmerman

    FS: Rogue Audio Magnum 66 tube preamp lsr w/ silver faceplate

    Looking for a very nice way to get into tubes? I'm upgrading so I need to sell this very smooth and lovingly cared for Rogue Audio Magnum 66 preamplifier with line stage and heavy duty remote (no phono). Silver faceplate, external power supply for a better sound. This unit also has a very...
  10. Steve Zimmerman

    FS: Outlaw 750 5-channel amp

    I recently upgraded to the 950/770 combo so it is time to say goodbye to a wonderful friend: the Outlaw 750 amp. This beauty/beast is a fabulous 5 channel amplifier at 175 watts per channel (8 ohms, all channels driven)--equally good for both home theater and music. This amp can reach within...
  11. Steve Zimmerman

    Ear Fatigue??

    Maybe you just had the volume up to loud in your excitement over your new speakers. --Steve
  12. Steve Zimmerman

    6 Rocket 750 Towers and a 200 Center? Go all out? PLEASE READ, sorry its long!!

    I understand the WAF, believe me. In that case, I'd say go with bookshelf surrounds, save the money and upgrade the fronts to the Stratas in another year or two. I'd bet they will pass WAF muster if they're not too big. I would still go with the Outlaw ICBM when you are ready to got the...
  13. Steve Zimmerman

    6 Rocket 750 Towers and a 200 Center? Go all out? PLEASE READ, sorry its long!!

    Let me throw some advice into the already crowded ring. Aside from the actual 5 (or 7) speakers you are considering purchasing, you already have close to, what, $10000 spent on the other gear? I am as big a Rocket fan as there is on the planet, but frankly I think your spending priorities are...
  14. Steve Zimmerman

    B&W 602 S3 - What Happened During Break-In?

    Your ears and brain will break in as well. --Steve
  15. Steve Zimmerman

    Need something weird

    The Outlaw ICBM will do what you're asking. Some subwoofers like the Rava SE have low level outs as well. --Steve
  16. Steve Zimmerman

    Expert Opinions PLEASE!!! Aragon 2007, Outlaw 770

    My opinion... There's no way in hell you or anyone else on this board would be able to tell any sonic difference between the Outlaw and the Aragon at a level-matched 85dB using real music and real speakers in a blindfolded test. For all of those who are going to jump down my throat at this...
  17. Steve Zimmerman

    Do I have enough SVS or not?...

    TommyL, I too am drooling over the B4 but since I use my system for more than just movies, I sorta have this music-lover's rule of thumb... The subwoofer shouldn't cost more than half the combined cost of the five other speakers. Otherwise, you're like the guy at the gym who only works his...
  18. Steve Zimmerman

    can o worms - compare rockets to JBL S-series

    No offense, Phil, but that pre-canned content comes off sounding a lot more like an advertisement than a "golly I sure do love my JBLs" opinion. Todd, my first home theater package was almost exactly the setup you are considering. I later added a second pair of JBL S38s for a separate room...
  19. Steve Zimmerman

    Wire Length really that much difference?

    And I continue to persist in my belief that for "normal" cable lengths the impedance effects are well beneath the audible floor. --Steve
  20. Steve Zimmerman

    Wire Length really that much difference?

    John, I'm saying I don't believe a 20ft length of normal 12 guage wire attenuates the audible range of frequencies by even 0.05 dB. That's my opinion--for now, but I'll measure it just for fun. --Steve
  21. Steve Zimmerman

    Wire Length really that much difference?

    John, OK I have a Master's Degree in EE and I'll chime in to say that what you're describing is inaudible. --Steve
  22. Steve Zimmerman

    Rotel 1066 Users...

    Kevin, for HT usage you want to keep the low-pass filter on the subwoofer completely out of the way (i.e. turned all the way up) and let the receiver handle the crossover, else you stand to lose some LFE content. In the scenario you describe, yeah, you'll get 80 Hz surround content sent to the...
  23. Steve Zimmerman

    Worst subwoofers that money can buy?

    I'd just like to point out that DIY doesn't have to mean design the entire thing yourself. There are plenty of kits that will give you a tried and true design along with everything you need (just add elbow grease). The Bottlehead Foreplay preamp and the VMPS RM-40s come to mind. --Steve
  24. Steve Zimmerman

    The wife has spoken!!!

    I have three pieces of advice: (1) Keep perspective. Every couple has areas in which they agree and disagree. Sure, HT is an important hobby of mine--but it's only a hobby and there are other more important areas in which my wife and I totally agree. (2) Be patient. If you love audio/video...
  25. Steve Zimmerman

    WTB: Pronto TSU2000 remote

    As an update... I managed to take apart my Pronto and get it working again, at least for now. So I'm no longer needy--at least for a while :) --Steve
  26. Steve Zimmerman

    FS: Pronto TS1000 and Docking Station

    James Elvick is my freaking hero. Dude makes my buy-n-sell habit look like child's play. --Steve
  27. Steve Zimmerman

    WTB: Pronto TSU2000 remote

    I don't know the difference between the TSU1000 and the TSU2000. For example, I spent a *lot* of time designing the interface for my TSU2000. Would it be backwards-transferrable to the TSU1000? --Steve