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  1. KyleGS

    Dual DVC's

    Sorry- we'll go $375 with local pick-up. Baton Rouge, LA
  2. KyleGS

    Dual DVC's

    Sorry- tunings are 16hz, 20hz, 26hz with the plugs
  3. KyleGS

    Dual DVC's

    Dunno what to ask but I need it out of my yard. Dual DVC (dayton 12's). Double baffle mdf extensive bracing 3 - 3in flares tuning can be 18, 25, 16hz (plugs included) 5.1cf total internal volume light amount of egg shell PASSIVE with dual input cup Sounds amazing with all...
  4. KyleGS

    What do you guys do with all your old DIY projects?

    My DIY projects are starting to pile up! I always want to upgrade and it leaves tons of projects to get rid of. The problem is: my spks are probably better than most 500-1000 store brand floostanders and my sub is definately worth MUCH more than anyone (lay person) would know. I've already...
  5. KyleGS

    Is it correct, that Yamaha receivers better then H/K?

    Sounds like misinformation to me. I just switched a Yammie 5760 for an HK 430 and there definately was a difference but it wasn't the same as you were told. My Yammie had better features and great little gadgets on it but the H/K has much better sound quality (IMO) and more power (clean power)...
  6. KyleGS

    amp for my yamaha

    You'll adjust the levels so that all are equal. Your Yammie receiver will have more power available to give your center ch and rears and the sound should improve dramatically. I've seen the greatest improvement with seperate amps when listening to music/stereo sources.
  7. KyleGS

    amp for my yamaha

    sorry tommie- you posted a few seconds before me >> :) The old Yammies are tough to beat. I picked up a M70 and M85 and wouldn't trade them for anything under 1k. The M70 was bought for a little over 200 and is indestructable; super clean and super strong. The M85 is unbelieveable. Here...
  8. KyleGS

    amp for my yamaha

    2ch Yammie 2ch parasound 2ch parasound 5ch H/K I have no idea what your budget is, new/used, wattage desired, channels needed, etc but here are a few I've been watching. :) In the past, seperate amps have cleaned up the sound and added more headroom (power).
  9. KyleGS

    Cab design for (4) Dayton DVC subs

    "overkill"... I guess I'm not familiar with that word. :) That is a good idea and probably the most practical for the future. What would be a good isolator b/w the subs if stacked not to damage the finish or shake, rattle and roll off the top?
  10. KyleGS

    Cab design for (4) Dayton DVC subs

    This is for home audio use only. If I wanted pro audio or sound reinforcement I would use my Eminence Kilomax 18's. This is just for stereo/HT in a very large room. I would go ported but I'm partial to the sealed sound. I already have a pair of the DVC's, so two more will not cost me too much...
  11. KyleGS

    Cab design for (4) Dayton DVC subs

    Wow- I have some research to do. I'm going to try to read up on push-pull, dipole, and somewhere I read "bipole". Then you have a standard sealed box with drivers on opposite sides firing in phase like any other sealed box -- dunno what you call that one... From what I have read so far- I...
  12. KyleGS

    Cab design for (4) Dayton DVC subs

    What is the difference b/w running a push-pull system and just running the subs in phase? What exactly is the benefit of a push-pull system? Thanks for the help. Joey- yes, unfortunately the IB is out of the question.
  13. KyleGS

    Cab design for (4) Dayton DVC subs

    I'm going to run (4) of the 12in DVC's sealed with a final Q of 0.7. I'd like a little feedback for a cabinet. I don't want the 4 subs run up the front of the box. (too tall) I don't want them side by side... (too wide) I don't really want two seperate boxes. I've tried to offset...
  14. KyleGS

    Klipsch KSW sub?

    If you're an HT enthusiast (not pure audiophile) I think you will really like the KSW subs. They have tons of thump and really add to the HT experience. Most everyone I've talked to- really like the subs.
  15. KyleGS

    Yamaha HTR-5790(Price help really)

    I can't get you a better price but I can suggest you look at the H/K's refurbs. The only reason I'm suggesting this is b/c I was just sent an HK430 to replace my Yammie 5760. The sound was night and day different. I loved the features and extras of my Yammie but the HK had MUCH better stereo...
  16. KyleGS

    Ive updated my DIY cable gallery.

    Any objective or even subjective comparisons to cheaper cables? (rat shack, partsexpress, etc?) Just curious... There is heated debate about this across all audiophile boards. I must say, I am very impressed by your work. BTW- I've never been involved in those debates. Great work.
  17. KyleGS

    You've got a tumult and over RMS power to drive it - what enclosure do you build?

    Just going off my Tempest and DVC designs-- it looks like you may want to try a sealed cab with a qtc of 0.707. I've put my Tempest in three sealed boxes and a ported box but nothing sounds as good as the sealed 0.707qtc design. I listen to ALOT of music compared to HT. I've always been much...
  18. KyleGS

    Better integration: sealed or ported DIY mains with sealed sub

    Sounds good. I was planning on running the Extremis @ a 0.7Q design.
  19. KyleGS

    Better integration: sealed or ported DIY mains with sealed sub

    I'll be building the KIT61 soon with the Extremis. I'm really partial to sealed designs. I'll be running (4) sealed Dayton DVC's. Can anyone comment on the integration of sealed vs. ported mains with a sealed sub. It seems like I read somewhere that ported mains blend better with sealed...
  20. KyleGS

    Oh yeah!!!!! 8" Dayton Parts Express sub finished!!!

    That subs looks great. BTW, that Yammie M-80 may be old but by no means is it dinosaur equipment. I'd put it up against any sub $1000 stereo amp currently on the market.
  21. KyleGS

    Total Cost for Tempest Sub?

    If you go sealed you may be able to get away under $300. I would do 4cf with 3-4lbs of stuffing. If you go large ported you may need more than 1 sheet of mdf. (plus a port or two) The stuffing is cheap at wal-mart. Screws and cheap binding post @ PE for around 2-3 bux for both. You can...
  22. KyleGS

    rustoleum hammered paint ?

    Here we go... found some pics comparing the Hammer and Bedliner (i used duplicolor from Wal-mart) Hammer paint bedliner bedliner2
  23. KyleGS

    rustoleum hammered paint ?

    I finally figured out how to use the stuff. I chose Kilz as my primer- I usually thin it out a little. After a quick sanding of the primer I would spray on the hammer paint on surfaces that were laying flat- facing up (horizontal). Spray it on all at once, one thick coat as fast as you can. This...
  24. KyleGS

    box design for 15" dayton titanic mkiii

    The 2.5cf sealed design should be great in your Jeep. I personally like the sealed design when using a larger woofer like this one. You should get all the output and extension you need with a sealed box, not to mention great SQ.
  25. KyleGS

    Shiva not enough?

    Move it around in the room. Try every corner, try anywhere feasible. My Tempest is a bone crusher in one corner and inaudible in another corner.
  26. KyleGS

    Adire Extemis 6 Specs / Designs

    Would a small sealed box work with the x-over if the baffle were 9-10in?
  27. KyleGS

    Adire Extemis 6 Specs / Designs

    Dan- Could I substitute a smaller sealed box for the 0.75cf ported box if the baffle is the same width? If the baffle were @ 8in vs. the 10in wide PE box-- how drastic would the mod be to the x-over? Thanks
  28. KyleGS

    diy cabinet ideas for a dayton dvc 12

    Hey Fred- I've played around with the DVC a little and found it likes a little smaller box than the Shiva. I squeezed two DVC's in about 5cf (with light stuffing) and tuned to 16,20, and 25hz and it really sounds very good. Here's a few pics. pics However I am a big fan of sealed...
  29. KyleGS

    4in TB fullrangers (tiny) project

    I'm interested in a pair of TINY TB fullrangers for my bedroom. I've noticed that the 4in models have more cone AND a good bit more excursion. It seems to me they would be far superior to the 3in models on the bottom end. My question is this: How do I determine which of the three 4in TB...
  30. KyleGS

    I've tried everything, but my shiva is still bottoming out!!!

    Unfortunately- I've found this to be true also. But don't let your audiophile friend(s) hear that sub. :)