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  1. Brandon Gantt

    Vote for the next Harryhausen Blu-Ray!

    The Columbia Classics website has a poll up to choose the next Ray Harryhausen title for Blu-Ray. The choices are MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD or SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER: http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/columbiaclassics/
  2. Brandon Gantt

    Donna Summer "CRAYONS" 5/20/08

    NEW YORK, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary singer songwriter, DONNA SUMMER, is hard at work on her first studio album of all new material in 17 years! Crayons is set to release on May 20, 2008 on Sony BMG Music Entertainment's Burgundy Records. Singer/songwriter/pop culture icon Donna...
  3. Brandon Gantt

    Chaka Khan "FUNK THIS" 9/25

    International recording artist and industry legend Chaka Khan to release first new studio project in 10 years. FUNK THIS is a return to Chaka Khan's funky/R&B roots produced by hitmakers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. In stores on September 25 on Sony BMG/Burgundy Records. FUNK THIS contains...
  4. Brandon Gantt

    Count Dracula (BBC) 9/25

    From DVD Drive-In:
  5. Brandon Gantt

    Donna Summer signs to Burgundy Records

    This was posted on Donna's official site! Donna Summer
  6. Brandon Gantt

    The Avengers: Emma Peel Bonus Disc contents

    "...quirky British TV classic... back in top form." -- Debi Lee Mandel, Digitally Obsessed All 50 episodes from the acknowledged high-water mark of the classic British action series. Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee shine in the camp British action classic. Includes a brand-new bonus...
  7. Brandon Gantt

    Donna Summer, Universal partner for single

    Donna Summer, Universal partner for single (Reuters, Saturday July 16) NEW YORK (Billboard) - Donna Summer has entered a one-off deal with Universal for her new single, "I Got Your Love." Beginning July 26, the track will be available for digital download at iTunes. "I Got Your Love" was...
  8. Brandon Gantt

    Starcrash 05/31 (Region 1)

    It appears that this will finally be getting a Region 1 release. Amazon has it listed here from a company called Jet Films.
  9. Brandon Gantt

    Blake's 7: Region One?

    What's the deal with Blake's 7 not getting an American release? After BBC Worldwide went through rights hell with current concept owners, Blake's 7 Enterprises, everything seemed to be going smoothly. It might not be as popular as things like Doctor Who or Are You Being Served?, but you would...
  10. Brandon Gantt

    Faerie Tale Theatre: The Complete Collection-January 2005

    I'm a little surprised that no one took any notice of this. Here's some news courtesy of TV Shows on DVD, from November. Faerie Tale Theatre-The Complete Collection Good news for fans who have been waiting for an affordable alternative to the single releases.
  11. Brandon Gantt

    Xena: Warrior Princess-Season 5 10/19

    From: Anchor Bay Entertainment PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 7th , 2004 * Death Couldn't Keep Xena From Another Season Of Adventures! * Xena Warrior Princess - Season Five Davis-Anderson Merchandising Corp & Anchor Bay Entertainment Present the Deluxe Collector's...
  12. Brandon Gantt

    Murder On The Orient Express

    From Davis DVD: Due on September 7th Remastered 1.85 anamorphic transfer Dolby Digital 5.1 and Mono tracks "Making Murder On The Orient Express" four-part documentary: All Aboard! The Ride The Passengers The End Of The Line "Agatha Christie: A Portrait" featurette and the...
  13. Brandon Gantt

    Tracey Takes On... Coming Soon!

    Or is it? This was posted July 7th at TV Shows on DVD: Now I have two reports of DVD news for Tracey Takes On... One that says a release is coming soon, and the other says a release is not coming soon but later contradicts itself by the "something in the next few months" line. (Which is...
  14. Brandon Gantt

    Cyndi Lauper Live... At Last 05/25

    An icon as both a singer and a fashion leader, Cyndi Lauper has become one of the most popular female solo stars in the history of music. Her charismatic personality is always in full flow at her shows, and when she returns to her beloved New York City to perform, it's usually a riotous...
  15. Brandon Gantt

    Billie Piper is new 'Doctor Who' companion

    From the BBC Press Office
  16. Brandon Gantt

    Spider-Man (1978 Live Action) ?

    I'm a little surprised that this hasn't popped up yet. With Spider-Man appearing in various incarnations on DVD thanks to his movie success this would seem a no-brainer. Granted it's not faithful to the source material but, it's something I would still like to see. Part of the problem may...
  17. Brandon Gantt

    Coming Soon from BBC Worldwide Americas

    From the BBC America Shop: All Creatures Great and Small: The Complete Series 4(DVD) Series Four continues the story of James Herriot (Christopher Timothy), his wife Helen (now played by Lynda Bellingham) and his volatile but warm-hearted partner, Siegfried Farnon (Robert Hardy). Another...
  18. Brandon Gantt

    A Wrinkle in Time 05/10/04 ABC 8pm/Est

    I thought I would start a fresh thread on this since the others are quite old. As you can see from the heading A Wrinkle in Time finally airs tonight on ABC. I really don't know what the three year delay was, but I've decided not to get my hopes up too much. The New York Times has given it a...
  19. Brandon Gantt

    The Munsters & Night Gallery coming soon!

    From SciFi Wire:
  20. Brandon Gantt

    Xena: Warrior Princess-Season 4

    Xena: Warrior Princess - Season Four From: Anchor Bay Entertainment Anchor Bay Debuts 10-Disc DVD Set For "Xena Season 4" The Battle Between Good And Evil Continues With The Deluxe Collector's Edition Ten-Disc DVD Set Xena: Warrior Princess - Season Four Anchor Bay Entertainment &...
  21. Brandon Gantt

    The Jeffersons: Season Three?

    After watching Isabel Sanford and Sherman Hemsley win Best Cantankerous Couple at the 2004 TV Land Awards, it made me wonder: Where's season 3? Has Columbia given up on George and Weezy?
  22. Brandon Gantt

    2004 TV Land Awards

    The TV Land Awards airs tonight @ 9PM/EST. Some of the highlights include an Andy Griffith Show reunion, Lynda Carter doing her Wonder Woman spin, and a tribute to John Ritter.
  23. Brandon Gantt

    Xena: Warrior Princess-Season Three 02/10

    Xena: Warrior Princess - Season Three From: Anchor Bay Entertainment FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 12, 2004 The Mythic Heroine Returns In A Deluxe Collector's Edition Nine-Disc Dvd Set! Xena: Warrior Princess - Season Three Featuring 22 Original Episodes Plus Hours of All-New...
  24. Brandon Gantt

    The African Queen-snippet of restoration info

    Nothing new or exciting, but still interesting. From Variety: The article can be read in full at Variety.
  25. Brandon Gantt

    I Drink Your Blood *New 2004 Release*

    [SIZE=03]From Fangoria:
  26. Brandon Gantt

    Jess Franco's FACELESS 01/27/04

    From the mastermind of Jess Franco, director of VAMPYROS LESBOS, SUCCUBUS, Shriek Show's KILLER BARBYS, and many more! Beautiful women are violently abducted and kept hostage in a covert clinic where Dr. Flamand (Helmut Berger) conducts grisly skin graft experiments, leaving unwilling human...
  27. Brandon Gantt

    The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries (Series One) 11/25

    "Mystery!" fans rejoice! Emmy® Award-winner Diana Rigg (Rebecca, The Avengers) portrays the glamorous and outspoken Mrs. Adela Bradley, a well-traveled, well-appointed, oft-liaisoned divorcee who dabbles in psychoanalysis, toxicology, pre-feminism, and murder investigations. Assisted by her...
  28. Brandon Gantt

    Law & Order: SVU 10/14/03

    Did no one see this last night? They finally got rid of Elisabeth Rohm! Yeah:)
  29. Brandon Gantt

    Cyndi Lauper: At Last 11/18

    Cyndi Lauper Returns to Epic With Standards Album, 'At Last' by Epic Records Due Out November 18th, Album Teams Lauper With Legendary Producer Russ Titelman; Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder Also Contribute NEW YORK, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1984, Cyndi Lauper exploded onto the music...