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  1. Lawrence0126

    5.1 speaker connection

    Yamaha RX-V863. Where should i connect the back speakers? Surround left and right speakers The surround speakers are used for effect and surround sounds. or the Surround back left and right speakers The surround back speakers supplement the surround speakers and provide more realistic...
  2. Lawrence0126

    still looking..Is this a good deal?

    http://albuquerque.craigslist.org/ele/3175127934.html The guy says there is no model number. Can someone identify these. Is this a good deal. Are they good speakers. Thanks
  3. Lawrence0126

    I have up to 400.00 to spend

    So Ive been looking on Accessories4les. I am really new to this stuff and to tell you the truth its all Greek to me. In an earlier post i was looking for advice on a CL. Ive decided to shop at accessories4less, they seem to have great deals. What is a better product...
  4. Lawrence0126

    Denon AVR 3806 or Onkya S5400 (HTIB)

    This will be my first real set up. Is the older Denon a better product or the newer Onkyo? There is a Denon for sale on Craigs List for 500.00 used with the receiver only or I can get a HTIB Onkyo for around 350.00 new with speakers. Whitch direction should I go? Thanks Lawrence