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  1. Mike_Craft

    Whats a good home theater magazine?

    Now that im finally selling these nice Big screen hi-def tvs, I want to get a magazine where I can read about current news and see pictures of upcoming products. I follow the internet regularly but I just want a mag that I can lye back and read sometime, + show around to the guys at work...
  2. Mike_Craft

    Anything like an ipod which can do hi-def out?

    Something I can carry around different resolutions of video in my pocket with, but is capable of being hooked up to a tv through like component or hdmi or something. Like how you can connect an ipod to a tv... but in HD. Not nesecarily a IPOD device im talking about here. I just need a portable...
  3. Mike_Craft

    Anyway to get permenant marker off a dvd?

    I just got back from my local blockbuster with "the thirteenth floor". Excited to finally watch this movie, I open it up to discover a horrific site. Apparently the DVD is one of those siade A fullscreen and Side B widescreen type dealies, and the moneky working at blockbuster, wrote a big...
  4. Mike_Craft

    Does Xbox allow Surround hook up threw Coaxial?

    EDIT: I just found one of these http://www.av-cables.net/digitalaudi...html?iorb=4764 (first item) can any1 recommend one of these? I mean a spliter would actually do fine for me since I would never have my xbox and DVD player on at the same time I just bout an Xbox.. now Im wondering how I...
  5. Mike_Craft

    Any1 know anything about sound proofing?

    My friend is interested in sound proofing his basement room. could some1 perhaps give a link on some information to get started or perhaps write your knowledge down? Also what are some different soulutions for accomplishing this?
  6. Mike_Craft

    Online Stores to Buy DVDs in Canada?

    Im interested particularly in DVD stores located in Canada were I can buy online and in Canadian dollars. So far all I know of are: www.futureshop.ca and www.amazon.ca Does any1 have any good recommendations?
  7. Mike_Craft

    help buying james bond collection off Amazon

    ok I searched amazon.ca for The james bond collection I want to buy. now it came up with this James Bond 007: V1 Collection James Bond 007: V2 Collection James Bond 007: V3 Collection which is what one would excpect. but it also came up with this The James Bond Collection (Widescreen...
  8. Mike_Craft

    help hooking up a Dayton 10' woofer to my reciver

    ok before I buy the woofer.. I just want to make sure I can hook it up properly. now this is what the back of my reciver looks like for subwoofer wise now I read the instructions for the dayton sub and it says does this mean I will be hooking up some red RCA wire from my sub to the...
  9. Mike_Craft

    Dvd profiler Vs Movie Collector

    Ive been using movie collector and im not to thrilled with the html output compared to the slick look of dvd profiler. Which one of these would you guys recommend for keeping track of my dvd collection?
  10. Mike_Craft

    I got a digital Camera!!

    horray. Now i can finally take pictures of my setup lol. now judgeing from the pictures below.. would I be correct to assume its basically impossible for me to upgrade to 6.1/7.1 in my small room? Also im probably gonna buy the 10" dayton sub for $124USD tomorrow. Is this a good buy for me...
  11. Mike_Craft

    3rd party ink?

    should I go buy a $19.99 magenta ink cartridge MADE by Canon or should I pay $3.99 for one not made by Canon but works in my printer? Like does any1 know if there will be a big quality difference in my printing or will it be the same? If the price difference wasent so huge I would just get...
  12. Mike_Craft

    Family matters....

    Who else wants to see this one on DVD? I grew up on urkel and his crazy inventions. This has to be one of my top three most wanted DVDs.
  13. Mike_Craft

    any1 know a website that lists Defects in DVDs?

    personally Im tired of buying DVDs only to later find that there is a defect and that "next month" or something along those lines is when the newer, undefective DVDs will be released. I now have 6 DVDs that I have bought that have been defective (weather missing booklets, picture/audio is wrong)...
  14. Mike_Craft

    its been awhile... Can i get a sub?

    2 years ago I bought a 500 watt reciver and hooked up 5 speakers for a nice DTS + DD system. Anyway I finally have come across some extra money and want to buy a subwoofer. is it even possible to hook a sub upto my system cause I dont see a place to conect it? I have like a 6 RCA imputs...
  15. Mike_Craft

    Whats a good webstie that lists DVD releases?

    im talking a website that will have a release list off all DVD's comming out on tuesday for at least 3 months in advanced. Also It must list EVERY dvd that is comming out. Not only the popular and Mainstream ones that sites like igndvd.com show. thanks
  16. Mike_Craft

    List Your TV show DVDs

    Mine are: The Simpsons Season 1-3 Futurama Volume 1-3 Famil Guy Volume 1+2 Undergrads Season 1 24 Season 1+2 Smallville season 1 Married with children Season 1 Beast Wars Season 1 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World season 1 DVDs comming soon that im gonna buy: Smallville...
  17. Mike_Craft

    Component video switch-box?

    I want to hook my DVD player, gamecube, and ps2 all with component video cables but my TV only has 1 component input. Does anyone know of a switch-box or selector for component video? Even if it was only a 2 output switchbox then its still ok.
  18. Mike_Craft

    Help choosing between the PAN SAHE70K and the JVC RX6020VBK reciever!

    Im am deffinetly picking up one of these next week and would like to know if anyone knows which is the better deal. (both same price) I know the panisonic reciever has s-video inputs but I dont really care about that. I just want to know which one will sound better. I am leaning towards the...
  19. Mike_Craft

    A question regarding Dolby Digital

    Ok I know the differences between using digital and coxial cables to get DD but what I want to know is: If I hook up my dvd player (which has a built in dolby digital decoder) through the 5.1 RCA OUT jacks at the back, to my 5.1 RCA IN jacks in my reciever will it be better/worse/same as using...