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  1. WesleyHester

    New LiteOn LVD-2001 Firmware 0301 Beta

    I just started downloading this firmware and will report back ASAP.
  2. WesleyHester

    Sega Dreamcast RGB output to Component?

    I have the RGB cable for the Dreamcast. Is there a way to convert the Dreamcast's RGB output to Component Video without spending over $200? Of course audio will then be a problem too. I already have a Key Digital KD-VTCA2 Digital VGA (RGB) to Component Converter/Transcoder but could not get...
  3. WesleyHester

    Sony STR-DE915 Subwoofer Out Stopped Working

    My brother has a Sony STR-DE915 receiver that has a subwoofer out that is no longer working. I've tested the jack and there is indeed no voltage at all. Removing the cover revealed no obvious problems (I'm not an electrician but I know a little). Has anyone else experience a similar problem...