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  1. NickSI

    SCS-02M-3.0 or....? For a 3.0 upgrade

    Hello everyone. I have decided to upgrade my system a little. I was looking at the SVS SCS-02m for my mains and center. I will not be using a subwoofer for the immediate future, so my concern is that they will be too bass shy with their 80hz roll off. But they cost $350 shipped... and I know...
  2. NickSI

    Timbre matched center for 1970's EPI?

    Hello all, My current setup is EPI 90s as mains, A Klipsch kt-LCR (http://www.klipsch.com/kt-lcr), an rears are little Klipsch satellites from a defunct Promedia 2.1 set. They are run through a Denon 1612 with my PS3 as my main source. Now i don't feel that the LCR matches the EPIs at all...
  3. NickSI

    Klipsch KT-LCR; Sansui TU S77x; Sansui Model 2000; Pioneer SA 6700. All must go!!!

    Hello all, (edit Price Reduction!!!!!) I like many here have accumulated too many audio devices that I do not use in my life. So I am thinning the herd, but do not think that I am only picking off the weak and sick. (edit) I would prefer if someone local could come and pick it up and...
  4. NickSI

    Aquos HDMI issues

    Hi all its been a while since ive posted here but i have a problem. I have a 37" Aquos LCD that is 2yrs old. i purchased an upconverting LG DVD player and have been using component for video, because of the high price of HDMI cables. i found a really good deal on HDMI cables at MONOPRICE.COM 6'...
  5. NickSI

    Marantz DV4300

    Hello a good friend of mine is replacing his marantz with a XBOX 360 HD player and he is looking to sell his Marantz. so two questions in one sort of. How much should he get for it and how much should i pay? i was looking at new DVD players and i know it is a good player but i would like input...
  6. NickSI

    JL Gotham 13"x2 sub!!

    hey has anyone heard this sub? http://home.jlaudio.com/products_subs.php?prod_id=370 im trying to convince my friend that SVS is the way to go but he seems set on JL as that is what he uses in his car. let me know guys
  7. NickSI

    $40,000 speaker?

    hey guys i was surfing the other day and came across a little company called SUMIKO. they seem to be a conglomerate of ultra high end audio equipment. the first company i looked at was Sonus Faber. they make speakers. the top of there line was the Stradavarius (like the violin) and it cost...
  8. NickSI

    Help with hooking my sub up to my HK3380

    hey all. i mentioned my trouble with this in another thread but unfortunately my comment was a bit off topic and was never answered. but now i really am curious. here's what i did and what happened. your part is telling me how to fix it. I was planning a little party and wanted some music. so i...
  9. NickSI

    Pioneer speakers

    Hey guys! Any thoughts on the S-H253B-K Speakers? im looking for something semi cheap but don't want a tiny bookshlef with a 4" woofer. cause im sorta partial to actual bass and don't have funds for a subwoofer right yet.
  10. NickSI

    BW speakers

    hello all ive been looking for a while now and cant find any pricing information on them. and i know the old adage "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it" but they have some small speakers that i might be able to afford such as the 300 series and the LM's so if anybody has pricing...
  11. NickSI

    Confusion in the land of seperate stereos

    Alright guys and gals. ive been surfing HTF for almost a year now and i have learned a ton. but im still confused about a few things and that is seperates. amps pre-amps mono-blocks, etc these words are thrown around and ive googled each and still cant figure out what goes to where and why. i...
  12. NickSI

    sub in a box

    ok guys really wierd question. I'm not sure where this idea came from maybe it came to me in a dream or i overheard it somewhere, but i heard that putting your subwoofer in a box with an open top makes it sound bigger. so i tried this with my computer speaker sub which is a small 7" woofer. i...
  13. NickSI

    Musical Subwoofer

    hey everybody this may sound like a weird question but i want to know what are some good "musical" subs in the $300-400 range. For HT every here seems to reccomend SVS or HSU and when a person asks about speakers its always go and listen for your self. so my sub is for a 2.1 musical system that...
  14. NickSI

    Athena S-3C-1

    does anybody know anything about this speaker? i have a chance to get these speakers real cheap and i can't demo them because they are out of production and the deal is off a website so does anybody have them. they should be nice ive heard athenas stuff before and liked it. its a 3 way with an...
  15. NickSI

    good used stereo pre-amp

    ok im getting more informed about home theater everyday but im still sort of new. im a college student who wants to make my own stereo. i realize that i can get better sound out of component pieces than if i buy a big boombox. my budget is limited to a couple hundred bucks $500 at the absolute...
  16. NickSI

    Fixing my setup

    Ok first let me say that i wasn't really sure where to start this thread but its sort of a basic question so ill do it here. I have two systems in my house the first is a HT: 5.1, HD LCD etc... the second is a strait up 2ch stereo ive heard something about setup DVDs and a SPL...
  17. NickSI

    Boston or Paradigm

    Ok i'm in a perdiciment. My father and i are shoping for a new 2 ch stereo. we have decided on a HK 3380 rec and are trying to decide between two sets of speakers. the first are the paradigm monitor 7s at a very good price and pair of boston VR3s also at a good price the digms are about 525 and...
  18. NickSI

    my new stero

    Hi i need a new stereo! my dad gave me his old one and he wants a new one. He needs a reciever (stereo is all that is neccicary) speakers and a new CD changer im kind of new to the stero market but have some knowledge from my time purchasing a surround sound system and a new TV the listening...
  19. NickSI

    up converting DVD players?

    My uncle told me about this samsung DVD player that up converted dvds to HD. I did some research on it and i looked at the samsungs and the reviews were all pretty much the same the picture looked great but the unit itself was crappy. problems with reliability and some weird reseting function...
  20. NickSI

    How do they do it?

    Does anybody know of a good website that explains (with pictures) how some of the more complicated TVs work. LCD Plasma LCD projection DLP LCOS etc. if you have any i am eager to learn. PS i know the basics but not the actual procedures EX DLP color wheel LCOS is a crystal
  21. NickSI

    Subwoofer wireless?

    I have a behemoth of a subwoofer and i need it to move away from my TV but the problem is i cant use wires because there is no place to wire them short of ripping off the custom wood wall that my father built. is there some way to make the sub wireless so i can place it where i want?
  22. NickSI

    LCD Projector what are your feelings?

    Hello i am a big fan of the site and i have a question for you guys. i have been looking for a new TV and have been looking at the 42" sony LCD projector and from what i have seen it looks good but are there any hidden secrets that the sales man didn't tell me about? PS i do know about the...
  23. NickSI

    what's the big difference?????

    alright i am a newbie to the world of hometheater but i do have a little knowlage and a decent system. i have a reciever that cost about $300 it is 6.1 has DTS and Dolby 2 and all that stuff. but i am seeing recievers that cost in the thousands. what do they have that makes them soooo much more...
  24. NickSI

    Help!! I'm getting a new TV!!

    Hi i am looking into getting a new TV. my current model is 13 years old and was a good tv in its day (PIP and the like) now i want a new one. my current set is a 27" and i don't want to go much bigger 30" or 32" max. what should i get? LCD, DLP, Flat Tube, Plasma? Space is no issue and if i...
  25. NickSI

    Floor standing speakers "Genesis

    alright my father gave me two old speakers that are pretty good but my father put in crappy replacement woofers in it because the original woofers disintegrated. the speakers are Genesis physics group. they were based out of new hampshire. while surfing i found this man who used to work at...