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  1. Craig Morris

    Disney's Sky High

    Watched this on DVD last night... fun family film. However, there seemed to be a complete lack of LFE. I even had to check to make sure my sub was turned on. Could this be an authoring error? Anyone else have the same observations? There were several scenes with rockets or people punching the...
  2. Craig Morris

    Franz Ferdinand Dual Disc

    OK, I'm a bit annoyed by two things... my own stupidity, and misleading labelling. I bought the dualdisc version of FF's new album, because the back said "DVD Side: Entire album in Enhanced Stereo". Now, on the few other Dualdiscs I own, this means DVD-A. If I had looked more closely however, I...
  3. Craig Morris

    Lexicon MC-8 Scenario... (long)

    I've recently had the bug to upgrade again. My current system consists of a Marantz SR-18 receiver, Linn Genki CD player, Revel M20/B15 fronts and PSB center and rears. I am much more picky in 2-channel than in surround. I've had the urge to add 7.1 to my system, as well as adding external...
  4. Craig Morris

    5.1 Source Material on 7.1 Systems

    I have a question regarding pre-pros and receivers when playing 5.1 material over a 7.1 speaker system. On THX Select or THX EX systems, the product manuals state that you can force the EX mode, but the results depend on the material, and may not be desirable. On THX Ultra2 systems, the...
  5. Craig Morris

    Sony STRDB1080 UK

    I was reading What HiFi magazine (or another UK mag) and this receiver won a comparision test of several receivers. I was curious about the supposed "UK tuning" that this receiver apparently has... anyone know what that means? Also, it's a 100Wx6 receiver... is there an American equivalent...
  6. Craig Morris

    Athena AS-B1... Wow!

    So I was at Future Shop (Canadian big box chain) on New Years Eve, when I saw these Athena speakers on sale for $149 Canadian (regular $229). I had read the review at Soundstage.com and was curious how good these could be for so little money. My parents had been looking for a replacement for...
  7. Craig Morris

    Any news on Sony ES SACD?

    I've searched the forums and seen that Sony seems to be discontinuing all their SACD products, and even my own dealer said he couldn't get anything... So what's the deal? Where are the new product announcements? I'm on the verge of buying a CD player... but if something like the 777ES is...
  8. Craig Morris

    "High Quality" 2 channel systems and HT

    I'm curious... does anyone have a 2 channel biased system that they have 'attached' an HT to? Over the past year, my focus has gone away from HT and back to Stereo. I'm even considering buying a high quality integrated amp to drive my Revel M20's (currently using a Marantz SR-18). As I run...
  9. Craig Morris

    Shelf Systems or HTiB's

    A good friend of mine recently lost most of his electronics in a "divorce". He's not an audiophile by any means... but would like an all-in-one system that has DVD and surround capability. I know nothing of all-in-one shelf systems or home-theater-in-a-box systems. Any recommendations? The key...
  10. Craig Morris

    Dedicated Power Line

    I have read about installing a direct power line from my electrical switchbox to a dedicated power outlet for my stereo/HT equipment. A colleague at work here just paid an electrician to do it and claims it was worth every penny. I believe the theory is that you remove all other electrical...
  11. Craig Morris

    Revel M20 and B15 Review - Long

    It's been almost a month since I received my M20's and B15, so I thought I would give you a review of what I'm hearing so far. I'll also add some comments about the PSB Alpha Intros that I'm now using as my Center and Rear speakers. You may remember that I originally used the 80Hz crossover...
  12. Craig Morris

    DIY Power Cables

    Anyone have experience with this? Or have some good links to point me to? This seems to be the best one I've found so far... but I called a bunch of Electrical supply places, and the wire has to be bought in orders of $500 or something. All I want is 15 feet. heh...
  13. Craig Morris

    Revel M20 and B15

    Well, my neighbourhood crack dealer (aka my audio dealer) hooked me up with the M20's and B15 I was considering at a pretty killer price. They're being delivered on Saturday, so I'll keep you posted.
  14. Craig Morris

    Canadians Please Help with REL

    I'm searching for Canadian REL dealers. I contacted Sumiko, the North American distributor, and they told me that Montreal has the only dealer near me in Ottawa. Are there really no REL dealers in Toronto? How about Sonus Faber dealers? The distributor is the same, so a Sonus dealer could...
  15. Craig Morris

    Revel M20

    In my search for great sounding stand-mounted speakers, I came across these Revels. Luckily I have a local Revel dealer, so eventually I'll be able to hear them. Anyone have first-hand experience with these? http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/r...rforma_m20.htm
  16. Craig Morris

    Speaker Experiment!

    I've long been considering replacing my Mirage OM-6/C2/R2 speaker set... the reasons are many, including the never-ending 'upgrade' bug, and the fact that they are physically too large for my room. My problem is I haven't heard any speakers, regardless of price, that have made me want to change...
  17. Craig Morris

    Help Setting up Sony STR-DE1075

    I bought my brother this receiver for Xmas, and now he's having trouble setting it up. He lives in a different city and I can't find the owner's manual online to try and help him. We've fixed several problems so far, but this one remains. He claims he can't adjust the rear levels...
  18. Craig Morris

    Where do you sell used HT equipment?

    I have reluctantly accepted that my Mirage OM-6's are too big for the living room in my new house. I can't position them properly (well, unless I sold all my furniture). So, I've decided to sell my Mirage system (OM-6's, C2 and R2's). My question is, where have people had success selling...
  19. Craig Morris

    Power Conditioners: Monster, Panamax

    I must say I'm a skeptic when it comes to these things. I've been having ghosting problems with my cable. My online research has pointed me towards a line conditioner, which may help with the cable signal as well as overall audio/video in my system. My local dealer has given me a Monster...
  20. Craig Morris

    Subwoofers for Music: REL, Revel

    I'm looking for a sub for music. I heard a demo of a REL with B&W 802's and I could not believe the improvements in the sound. Not just the bass... EVERYTHING sounded better. Something about harmonics the REL literature explains. I'm convinced that my Mirage OM-6's could benefit from a...
  21. Craig Morris

    Speaker Dilemma - any suggestions?

    I am currently running a Marantz SR-18 with Mirage OM-6, OM-C2, and OM-R2. I love my setup for both movies and music. However, I recently have begun to crave more detail and accuracy in my two-channel music listening. Also, since I moved recently, the OM-6's seem to be overkill for the room's...