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  1. Brian McHale

    "Sixteen Candles" Missing Scenes?

    Until I got the DVD of Sixteen Candles, I think I had only seen it on my pre-recorded Beta tape. While the disc certainly looks and sounds great, I noticed at least three scenes missing: 1. Jake tries to call Samantha, but gets grandparents. On the DVD, the original scene where he calls then...
  2. Brian McHale

    iDVD - Flim/Video Flags?

    I have recently started burning DVDs on my Mac using iDVD. The first few were home videos, which I haven't watched much. I finally created a DVD of an old B&W movie (It Happens Every Spring) that hasn't made it to DVD yet. The movie was on a Beta tape and recorded off of cable. Since it was less...
  3. Brian McHale

    Bull Durham DVD Video Comparison?

    Sorry if this has been covered already, but I tried searching and couldn't find an answer. I already own the original DVD of Bull Durham. Is the video quality on the new release significantly better than the original? I don't really care all that much for extras, but would double-dip if the...
  4. Brian McHale

    King of Hearts Subtitles Question

    I recently found out that King of Hearts (Le Roi de Coeur - 1966) was out on DVD and was wondering how good the disc is. I haven't been able to find any reviews (here or on the web). It looks like it's non-anamorphic, which I can live with, but I'm curious about the subtitles. Since my player...
  5. Brian McHale

    Equestrian DVDs?

    I am thinking about taking the region-free leap, but haven't convinced myself (or my wife) that I need a region-free player. My wife is into horses big time, and if I could find some good equestrian DVDs that were only available in other regions it might push us over the cliff. I've been...
  6. Brian McHale

    To All Studios That Do Pan & Scan

    I recently bought a 16:9 TV. While this has greatly improved my normal DVD viewing experience, there is one thing that really gets under my skin now. I don't buy DVDs that are not in their original aspect ratio, but I do occasionally rent them. It is hard to describe just how annoying it is to...
  7. Brian McHale

    Any Chance of "It Happens Every Spring"?

    I just watched my old taped-off-cable Beta copy of "It Happens Every Spring" and wondered if there's any chance of this classic baseball fantasy ever being released on DVD. I believe that Fox owns the rights.
  8. Brian McHale

    A League of Their Own:SE?

    I've thought about picking up the existing DVD of A League of Their Own. It can be found for under $15 and it's supposed to have a very good anamorphic transfer (though no extra features, which normally doesn't concern me all that much - just give me the movie!). Then what's stopping me? This...