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  1. AlClarkJr

    I need some honest opinions please Hitachi 60v500 !

    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a new HDTV. I have a chance to get a new Hitachi 60v500 (LCD) for about $2400.00 is this tv worth it? It's a 2004 model. Or what we be a better bargain at this size and cost? Thanks for the advice and opinions.
  2. AlClarkJr

    Horizontal banding?

    Hello all, I have a panny 47wx49, I've had it for about 2 years now. And I've noticed it has started to show banding lines pretty bad (white faint lines scrolling). Could this come from interference? Especially on HD. What causes this, and how can I eliminate it? I've tried unplugging items, new...
  3. AlClarkJr

    Brand new ipod mini for sale

    Hello everyone I received a brand new gold colored ipod mini (never been opened) from my apartment complex for moving in. (promo) I have no use for it. I'm selling it for $175.00 including shipping. I will accept paypal and money orders prefer pay paypal. thanks!!!
  4. AlClarkJr

    ipod mini for sale new

    Hello all I'm selling a brand new in the box (gold colored) ipod mini. I received it after I moved into my apartment complex (some promo)I have no use for it. $175.00 includes shipping. Thanks I will accept paypal and money order only.
  5. AlClarkJr

    Dlp vs CRT

    Hello everyone, I would really like to get some honest opinions. I'm looking at buying a new TV But my problem is I don't know if I want go with a DLP (cost) or stick with a good CRT (very intersted in the Hitachi 65S500). I would like a 65" CRT, Price is always a factor. But really picture...
  6. AlClarkJr


    Hello all, I would like to know if anyone with the lvd-2001 experienced any problems when playing a dvd no picture, nor sound or even the LITEON logo? Sometimes I have to reflash the 3.01 firmware to get my player to work again. It only happens when I do not use it on a regular basis. (usually...
  7. AlClarkJr

    Need honest opinions, please help?

    Hello everyone, I need a little help. I trust everyone's opinion on this forum, all the advice I've received has been so helpful. This is the deal, I'm upgrading my Panny 47" to a 65" (haven't told wife yet) I've narrowed it down I believe to 2 televisions the Mitsubishi WS-65313 and the Sony...
  8. AlClarkJr

    Receiver as video switcher?

    Hello, is anyone using their A/V receiver as a video switcher? (via component) What are your results as far as picture quality? I'd rather not have to buy a switcher if I don't have to. thanks
  9. AlClarkJr

    terminator 2?

    Has anyone owning a Liteon dvd player tried accessing the special edition of Terminator 2 (where you enter the code 82997) been able to get it to work?
  10. AlClarkJr

    component inputs?

    Hello all, I'm want to use 3 video sources via component cables but I only have two inputs on my television. So I was going to use the two inputs on my Yamaha HTR 5280 audio receiver. Has anyone had any success using video swithcing thru their receiver? Also would I lose any video quality...
  11. AlClarkJr

    Comcast HD in Tallahassee!!

    Well all, my little one horse town has finally got HD thru comcast cable. (I've already had it for about a year) But at least I have the option now if I want to choose cable with only a monthly receiver rental of $5.00. Only 5 channels so far. but thank God for that! Has anyone heard of the VOOM...
  12. AlClarkJr

    T2 Extreme Hd??

    Has anyone with a hd dvd player or at least one that upconverts to 1080i, played T2 Extreme (Terminator 2)? Can you tell me the results. I plan on buying the Liteon LVD-2002. I want to really see how the movies look upconverted. Thanks for the info.
  13. AlClarkJr

    Espn Hd ???

    Hello all, does anyone have a Panny-RCA DTC-100 combo? If so, could you please tell me what kinda of picture quality do you have on the ESPN HD? I know the panny does not display 720p but does the rca-dtc upconvert to 1080i? All the other HD channels directv has added look great except ESPN HD...
  14. AlClarkJr

    Best picture qulity from Hdtv?

    Hello all, I just wanted to find out in everyone's opinion what has been the best picture quality from an hdtv show you've seen? I must admit The Miss Hawaiian contest on HDnet as well as Florida the Sunshine State documentary on HDnet was breathtaking. anyone else?
  15. AlClarkJr

    nba playoffs?

    Does anyone know if there will be any more NBA playoff games on HDNET?
  16. AlClarkJr

    Horror Channel???

    Hello all, I watch quite a bit of television (satellite mainly)Out of all the different channels on television. Why have they not come up with a true channel dedicated to just horror movies? There are plenty of horror movies out there to sustain. Has anyone ever suggested this? Or would anyone...
  17. AlClarkJr

    HDTV Question!

    Could someone please answer this question for me. I know the 1080i signal can only be transfered via component,dvi,vga,and firewire. I watched HDNET via s-video and it looked beautiful(Daytona Spring Break). Once I hook up component cables will it be that much better?
  18. AlClarkJr

    Directv setup?

    Hello all, I would like to install my own satellite dish with the triple lnb. Could anyone please tell me how hard is it to lock on to the satellites? If I lock on one will the others automatically lock on also. I've did the single lnb before, but the 3 lnb seems a litle different. Should I get...
  19. AlClarkJr

    WTB: Rca DTC 100 or Panasonic TU HDS20

    I'm still looking for a reasonably priced hdtv receiver for OTA and Directv. Any out there?? Willing to spend about $350.00 including shipping.
  20. AlClarkJr

    Hdtv InTallahassee?

    Hello, can anyone verify that we now have NBC in Tallahassee, Fl broadcasting in Hi-def true 1080i? Also I heard ABC is soon to follow.
  21. AlClarkJr

    NBC- HDTV? Tallahassee!

    Hello everyone in Tallahassee. I heard that NBC was up in hdtv. I'm not sure but I will give call to confirm and post information later. Keep your fingers crossed!!!:emoji_thumbsup:
  22. AlClarkJr

    comcast & hdtv in Tallahassee, fl???

    Hello Jim_B, have you heard the latest about Tallahassee receiving hdtv via comcast next year? I'm trying my best to get a confirmation from someone who knows or who can pinpoint a date. If you hear of anything please post or e-mail me [email protected] thanks
  23. AlClarkJr

    Tallahassee hdtv???

    Anyone out there live in Tallahassee, Fl or very close by knows the status on when we will receive hdtv broadcasts? Titan tv says November 1st but the locals are hard to reach by phone and everyone I ask doesn't have an answer or for that matter doesn't even know anything about hi-def. (just a...
  24. AlClarkJr

    ready for hdtv

    Hello all, here in Tallahassee we're getting ready to get hdtv over the air broadcast. What is a good reasonibly price hdtv receiver,(not a dss system)just regular ota also does anybody use an indoor antennae? thanks for the help.
  25. AlClarkJr


    Hello all, does anyone have any pictures they could post of a isf calibrated Panny pt47wx49? I'm planning on taking the plunge early next year, (hopefully Gregg Loewen will calibrate for me) I just want to see the dramatic improvement a calibration does to a rptv. thanks Al