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  1. ChrisBee

    SVS speaker stand `?'

    Then you're obviously not using REW. :) My wife finds REW sweeps hilarious and walks around going: "Wooooop!" Which might be considered entertaining but can play havoc with the response graphs. :D
  2. ChrisBee

    Discover Deep Bass

    Call it what you like, but what is special about using a 3 drivers @ 120 degree configuration when cancelling forces of opposing linear motors? Two opposed @ 180 degrees is surely as effectve as (say) 3 @ 120 degree, 4 @ 90 degree or any other combination adding up to 360 degrees. Three...
  3. ChrisBee

    Pictures up on new SVS SB-12 Plus: Quite Lovely in Rosenut!

    SVS rewrote the book on affordable reflex subs. Will SVS rewrite the book on affordable sealed subs? Watch this space! :)
  4. ChrisBee

    Discover Deep Bass

    I'd like to know what on earth the thread title has to do with this particular sub? ;)
  5. ChrisBee

    Router bit question

    If you ever get round to cutting holes for larger drivers then you can easily modify the router straight-cut fence without ever needing to buy a radius jig. I replaced the fence itself with a piece of scrap 1.5" x 1.5" x 1/8" light metal angle about 6" long. Which I fixed to the ends of the...
  6. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    Thankyou Mark and to all who kindly responded to this thread. It's always nice to have some new facts to help to fill out the large grey areas in my knowledge. The more I learn the less I really seem to know. Regards ChrisBee
  7. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    Doesn't large room gain match the gain for the same low frequencies without the hurdle of taming small room modes?
  8. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    I don't know who this Nimby is but he'd not have much success sharing a room between an IB and a 16-46. I tried it myself. Fine on film but not on music. ;)
  9. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    My futile attempts to blame small room effects as harmonic distortion may well have done the author an injustice. I think he was really suggesting the loss of the organ pipe fundamental was due to masking room modes. Falling human LF hearing sensitivity and falling LF output makes accurate...
  10. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    I was seeking responses to an article I read online. My understanding is that the author suggests that those attempting to listen to organ music (using an IB) should have a room large enough to support the very long wavelengths involved. I believe he also suggested that stair wells were just...
  11. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    Of course. If only we could arrange room gain to be spread over a usefully wide frequency band we could haul down the free house curve (and consequently the distortion within that band) with a BFD. This assumes that reducing the sub amp's input with a BFD equates to reduced distortion on the...
  12. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    No. Of course I'm not suggesting the subwoofer itself is affected. Only its measured distortion performance in a particular room. My basic question keeps nagging me: Can a room affect subwoofer distortion levels depending only on the dimensions of that room? Your logic suggests that it...
  13. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    Thankyou for your interesting responses. I was really trying to get at the difference in the bass sound quality between small room compression and a larger space able to support the half wave. My fuzzy logic suggests that a large room should offer better quality bass. (I'm not discussing...
  14. ChrisBee

    Soundsplinter RL-p15...port surface area?

    If you use PVC you will have the option of ready-made elbows (bends) to extend the port. These bends add considerable flexibility in box dimensions where long ports are necessary for a particular tune. Bends can be tight or slow and there are various angles available. With Sonotube ports you...
  15. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    So there is no change in the waveform below the half-wave minimum boundary dimension? Is there no increase in harmonic distortion where a half wave cannot physically exist between boundaries? A skipping rope cannot reproduce a specific half wavelength where the distance between the rope...
  16. ChrisBee

    Room size to match wavelength and bass quality?

    Does anyone subscribe to the idea that a room has to be large enough to allow a half or even a full wavelength to exist for best bass sound quality? Or is pressurisation of a smaller space just as good with regards to sound quality in the bass? I am more interested in hearing opinions on...
  17. ChrisBee

    drill holes in speaker?

    There are plenty of adjustable speaker wall brackets that have foam strips for the speaker box to sit on. I'd keep looking for some of these rather than drill holes. I bought my wall brackets rather cheaply in a DIY superstore. There are usually lots of different wall brackets around the...
  18. ChrisBee

    SVS 25-31pc Plus. ?

    The easiest way is to upload pictures from your hard drive into a free image hosting service like Image Shack. (Or any of the many other hosting services) You open the hosting service in your brower then BROWSE your images on your computer. Now SELECT the image you want to upload. After...
  19. ChrisBee

    SVS 25-31pc Plus. ?

    I have regularly seen close to 110dB uncorrected @ 9ft in 2000 ft^3 (open to a similar volume below the open stairwell) from my 16-46PCi. Dragon's wings in LOTR is a memorable example. Hellboy another. :) The cylinder is about 9' from the nearest corner in my 30 feet room. I have never...
  20. ChrisBee

    Sub materials and such

    If you are looking for clarity then you should be building a true infinite baffle subwoofer. ;) http://ibsubwoofers.proboards51.com/index.cgi? You still get to play with your tools but your present drivers are unlikely to be suitable.
  21. ChrisBee

    Sub materials and such

    You certainly don't need thick wood veneer to make nice rounded edges. You inset a ready-made hardwood quadrant. (quarter round) Or round-off a strip of wood with a square cross section after it is fixed in place. Trying to shape what is really a very thick veneer leaves you wide open to...
  22. ChrisBee

    Speaker Wire

    http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/8...nituseq2sy.gif Think of all cables as multiple passive filters. How much are you willing to pay to move those sliders? ;)
  23. ChrisBee

    proof that Bose's marketing is unequaled:

    I wonder whether recognising "better" sound quality from "better" equipment is a learned skill? Good equipment really ought to sound more like real life (I suppose) compared with "inferior" stuff. Perhaps, to Joe Public, Bose sounds more like real life than hifi sound? If Bose sounds...
  24. ChrisBee

    New SVS Plus Driver!

    Frank If you upgrade all your drivers you don't have to send the old ones back. So you'll have enough drivers for a modest IB! (well, modest by your standards anyway) :D Regards Chris
  25. ChrisBee

    New SVS Plus Driver!

    Frank If I can still get near 110dB (uncorrected) out of my 2 year old 16-46PCi at 10 feet in a 30 feet long room open on two floors then you can just relax and enjoy the VLF massage. Just because you've passed 60 doesn't mean you're obsolete. Nor are your drivers. ;) Happy birthday...
  26. ChrisBee

    Help design the new Behringer Sub Equalizer BSE2496C to replace the BFD...

    On re-reading my post it sounded like a rant so I have deleted it. Just give me rubber feet and lose my sticky-out ears and I'll be quite happy. ;)
  27. ChrisBee

    Preliminary IMD measurements for subwoofers

    Forgive my intervention in a fascinating thread... but why the absolute fixation on comparison testing of single, commercial subwoofers? While it is interesting to compare commercial examples of such exceptional perfomance... the simple addition of a second subwoofer, a third or a fourth...
  28. ChrisBee

    HT sub tuning freqs

    If you use a telescoping port you can easily adjust the tuning of your sub. Then try playing sinewaves and checking against an SPL meter to see what is happening to the response in your own room. Using PVC drainage/plumbing pipes and fittings will give you cheap, easily-available components...
  29. ChrisBee

    Question for SVS owners

    Our 16-46PCi is almost touching our Philips CRT TV without any problem. The 2' high TV stand and low position of the driver in the cylinder design may be an important factor here. Perhaps some TVs are more sensitive to magnetic effects than others? Loudspeakers are probably at a more...
  30. ChrisBee

    Craig, Ed...try this recording!!!...

    Isn't it awful when a poster starts talking about software on the speakers forum? :frowning: It means he's forgotten his system and is just enjoying the music. :b We can't have any of that Frank! :angry: Tut, tut! If everybody behaved like you nobody would buy ever buy any more kit...