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  1. BrianWoerndle

    Anthem AVM-20 firmware update

    Software version 2.20 is now available at Anthem's website which adds PLIIx.
  2. BrianWoerndle

    In-ceiling speaker suggestions

    I would like to get some suggestions for a moderate pair of in ceiling speakers. These will be going in the kitchen for stereo music listening (that is the only room without speakers). So it will mostly ambient listening. I want a decent quality, but they do not have to be top of the line. My...
  3. BrianWoerndle

    FS: SVS 20-39CS & Samson S700 amp

    I have a SVS 20-39CS (with improved standard driver) and a Samson S700 combo for sale. I will include a RCA -> XLR innerconnect and speaker wire. Everything is in good working order, with no cosmetic flaws. I have the original boxes. I am selling because I upgraded to duel 16-46CS+...
  4. BrianWoerndle

    Which SVS for a 2nd sub?

    It has only been 2 months since I got my SVS 20-39CS. It has opened worlds of new bass to me. But, there is a problem. The SVS will play anything that I throw at it, and because of that, I run out of headroom on action movies. I like to listen to my movies loud. I often listen at reference level...
  5. BrianWoerndle

    Paradigm Monitor 5s or Studio 20s

    I am trying to decide if the Studio 20s are worth the extra $125 over the Monitor 5s. First, some info: -These are for 100% music listening in my bedroom. -They will be powered by a Denon 3803 (110w/ch) hooked up to zone 2 -No sub (for now) -I have Paradigm Mini Monitors (fronts), CC-370...
  6. BrianWoerndle

    Hard upgrade decision, opinions needed

    I am hoping to use my bonus this year for my next upgrade. I am looking at the $1000 range. Bear with me as I describe my situation and thoughts. Here is my current setup: More pictures Here is my current equipment list. I want to get a new receiver, as the JVC is currently my...
  7. BrianWoerndle

    3 TV's right next to each other, remote problems

    I have a problem that came up at work. Since I am the electronics expert around the office, I have to solve this problem. Hopefully you all can help. I have someone who wants 3 TV right next to each other. He will probably get identical TV's. When he uses 1 remote, won't it change all 3 TV's...