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  1. David Judah

    Dolby Pro Logic II vs Dolby Digital vs DTS

    Your question, Marc, brings back memories of the heated Dolby Digital vs. DTS threads that were very common in the earlier days of the HTF. I spent many a late night at the keyboard participating in those seemingly endless debates. The only more contentious issue was perhaps the "Do cables make...
  2. David Judah

    Sony Recievers?***

    I've wondered why the Sony receivers don't get more love, as well. I always hear, as Jeff said, that unless it's an ES, don't bother, yet the higher strdg models seem to be very similar to the lower end ES models--on paper, anyways. I don't have much experience with them, but I was thinking...
  3. David Judah

    Recommendations on a wall mount for small speakers.

    Paradigm makes some mounts in black or white--model MB-60. They are about $30-$40 a pair. Good luck, DJ
  4. David Judah

    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    1. I'm not thrilled with the limited selection of players and the lackluster reviews they've been getting. 2. I'm going to wait until I get a new TV with 1080p and HDMI 1.3, even though I understand both kinds of players will work with my RP Mitsubishi CRT. 3. The PS3 hasn't been released...
  5. David Judah

    Panasonic officially announces its Blu-Ray Player

    If I remember correctly from an article in Twice magazine, Neil, the Sony is scheduled for an October release.
  6. David Judah

    HK AVR7000 sounds better than Parasound Amp...

    I would think anything in the signal path has the potential to sound different from something else. "Better" is a little harder to get a handle on, however. DJ
  7. David Judah

    Help answer an argument - analog TVs purchased today

    They've built enough exceptions into it so that it could potentially be a long time before they shut-off the analog signals.
  8. David Judah

    Please help me with HD set top cable box set up please.

    Yes, he was wrong to have you use "other" because everything would be stereo or pro-logic decoded, but he might of meant for you to temporarily switch it to help diagnose the problem. At any rate, keep it on "Dolby Digital." If there is a discrete DD track then you'll want to use it. I assume...
  9. David Judah

    Sub hook Up

    Look and see if one of the red and whites(should be labeled left and right)has a "/mono" next to it. If so, hook it up to that one. Some manufacturers recommend a y-cable(sub cable goes into a single female that splits out to two male connectors)that would connect to both red and white. Most...
  10. David Judah

    Please help me with HD set top cable box set up please.

    You want to set the box's output to 1080i and the digital audio setting to Dolby Digital(assuming you have a digital coax or optical cable running from the box to the receiver). If you are using an optical cable make sure it is securely fastened to each component and not crimped because that can...
  11. David Judah

    Need help with LFE/Bass routing options

    I admit I don't have alot of experience with store bought subs(so I might get a little education), since I make my own passives, but I thought if you used the high level ins & outs, it passed everything above the variable crossover setting to the speakers. A fixed high pass at 80-100 Hz...
  12. David Judah

    Need help with LFE/Bass routing options

    Despite the wrong terminology on my part, it should still work. If he sends the full range signal to the sub through the high level inputs(with the high level outputs going back to the speakers)and the low pass filter is set ~35Hz, he'll get all the very LF's for DVD tracks to the sub, but when...
  13. David Judah

    Need help with LFE/Bass routing options

    You could try Avia for setting channel levels; it also has video adjustments for your Hitachi TV as well. I don't think even the HK's can do what you want to do, but maybe an HK owner could clarify, since I don't own one. That kind of BM scheme sounds like something that would be on a pricey...
  14. David Judah

    Can I change the display color of my Elite VSX-54tx?

    No, you as an end user can't--I doubt it's even possible. You could try putting a dark blue transparent piece of plastic over the display, like the blue filters used for setting color and tint with Avia or DVE. I don't know if that would do it, but you could try it, if it's a big deal to you. DJ
  15. David Judah

    Need help with LFE/Bass routing options

    I'm curious--why do you want to set it like that? Are you concerned you are going to overload the sub by sending LFE and bass redirected from the small channels? I would frankly be more concerned about overloading my mains. If it is because of compensation for a weak sub, you could set the...
  16. David Judah

    Outlaw's new pre/pro, the 990.

    An instant 4-6 db worth of gain DJ
  17. David Judah

    BEHOLD!!! I give you the 7-channel Panasonic SA-XR55 Digital Receiver...

    I'm glad to see them go to 7 channels. I wonder if TI developed a single channel digital amp module for the 7th channel or are they are using a 2 channel module with one disabled?
  18. David Judah

    Any major/noticeable differences for receiver from $500 and up?

    I'm amazed by how much you get in the ~$500 price point these days. Manufacturers are packing features in the lower ranges, including even EQ and 7 amp channels. Certainly, it's partly because DSP is getting cheaper and cheaper, but I think it's still coming at a cost and IMO, in the ~$1000...
  19. David Judah

    Denon 3805 or Outlaw 1070

    The auto EQs tend to set speakers to large regardless of brand. I know my Pioneer used to do it as well. It's easy enough to change back to small in the menu, however. Most don't EQ the sub, but do a good job above the system crossover point. I've owned the Pioneer, but messed with the Denon and...
  20. David Judah

    After 2 weeks.... Finally pulling the trigger.

    The 56TXI is a great receiver--congratulations! I had a 45TX and not only was it a great sounding unit, but built very solidly as well. The MCACC auto set-up and EQ can really make a difference too. Let us know how you like it once you get it home. Enjoy. DJ
  21. David Judah

    Kenwood Audio?video Department Is Dead!!! Read!!

    I liked where Kenwood was going with the Entre, and I think we'll see more of that kind of connectivity down the road, but perhaps it was just a little before its time. I think they had some reliability issues, however.
  22. David Judah

    why do Dolby Digital sountracks sound so GOOD?

    Thanks for the info., Albert. Could you please expand a bit on the criteria used for objectively determining which is better in the type of comparison you mention? I'm curious about that. DJ
  23. David Judah

    why do Dolby Digital sountracks sound so GOOD?

    You're right it can't. There are so many variables in Eddies comparison, it's meaningless--different sources, material, receiver input settings, etc... My guess, Eddie, is you are equating the greater amount of bass(especially if you have your sub pumped up higher in level relative to the...
  24. David Judah

    Crossover setting with no sub

    Welcome to the HTF, Ryan. I'm not familiar with the Athena's, but generally, you would want to set your main speakers to large, the rest to small, and sub to no with the crossover at 100 Hz, if your mains can handle some bass. If they are bookshelves, you might be better off setting everything...
  25. David Judah

    Denon 3805 vs. Harman Kardon 635?

    Yeah, it's a newer unit with more configurable bass management and a better EQ system. That's not to say the 3805 isn't a good machine, though. DJ
  26. David Judah

    Pioneer VSX815 vs Panasonic SAXR70s

    The Klipsch with their high sensitivity will be easy to drive, but both receivers will lean towards a brighter sonic signature and coupled with the brighter sound of the horns might be too much depending on the room. Of course, you won't know it until you try it and your tastes might favor that...
  27. David Judah

    Wow, is Yamaha really this STUPID?

    It's not stupid--it's just the reality that they had to compromise somewhere to hit the price point and include the XM capability. You could always add a stand-alone video switching box; they are relatively inexpensive. DJ
  28. David Judah

    Is it the receiver or the speakers?

    Don't forget the effect the room and placement has, as well as how the equipment is configured, which can be hit or miss at alot of retailers. At any rate, that will be a very nice setup. Enjoy. DJ
  29. David Judah

    Pioneer 1014 manual EQ how to

    I recommend letting the receiver set the levels and raising the surrounds just a few dB higher, so you maintain a good balance. If the surrounds are maxed out during the MCACC calibration you might need to go in to the menu and set the system to an overall lower level. I know the 45TX I used to...
  30. David Judah

    Yamaha Reciever won't lock onto DTS tracks!

    I assume you just got the receiver recently. I would exchange it--it sounds like there's a defect. DJ