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  1. John Goodwin

    It's Official: HD DVD and Blu-ray Can Limit High Resolution To HDMI Only

    I cant see them not enforcing region coding either. Not only are the non-region 1 discs inferior most of the time,but at the moment,i can buy two R1 titles (sometimes three) for the same money as one R2 disc. They must make a fortune in profit on region 2 dvd's.The markup will most likely be...
  2. John Goodwin

    It's Official: HD DVD and Blu-ray Can Limit High Resolution To HDMI Only

    We'll also need a standard DVD player too,for the mountains of multi region discs we own that wont play in either/both HD players.So the argument that the new formats will play SD-DVD's is wasted on people like me. If i cant play my existing discs,theres absolutely no reason to bother upgrading.
  3. John Goodwin

    THE CHASE (1994) - Sept release, pan/scan only?

    Agreed,very worrying. The only online site i could find that stated anything regarding aspect, was The Lasers Edge,who list it as anamorphic widescreen ,and full screen. Hopefully its both,not full screen only.
  4. John Goodwin

    Innocent Blood - PS or ?

    It's PAL,and theres some vendor links in the dvdcompare link i posted a few posts ago .
  5. John Goodwin

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    So has anyone heard anything about some sort of interim "Director's Cut" showing up soon? I thought someone posted that the original version DVD had gone OOP in region 2 recently,so it had got my hopes up that we were going to get something. Has it in fact gone OOP,or am i just dreaming?
  6. John Goodwin

    Other Shoe Drops: Will Blu-Ray be HDMI Only Too?

    yeah i was looking forward to it too,but now my collection of mostly non-region 2 standard DVD's probably wont play on any new format player. From the sound of it though,it looks like internet connection isnt needed,its just an option to enable us to get "extra" content,like games etc?
  7. John Goodwin

    Other Shoe Drops: Will Blu-Ray be HDMI Only Too?

    Ok thanks Aaron, what is the current situation in the US, regarding region free standard DVD players? Are they illegal as such? Over here,most players sold are region free,mine was direct from the manufacturer,it just isnt an issue at all.
  8. John Goodwin

    Innocent Blood - PS or ?

    If you have the means to play it,the region 4 version is OAR and anamorphic,but only DD 2.0. http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=4255
  9. John Goodwin

    Other Shoe Drops: Will Blu-Ray be HDMI Only Too?

    Has anyone seen anything at all that mentions region free use with these new formats/security systems? The ability to play discs from other regions is top of my list of concerns with any new format,after years of having the choice of buying the films i want,that maybe arent available in...
  10. John Goodwin

    Other Shoe Drops: Will Blu-Ray be HDMI Only Too?

    What does this key revocation mean for multi region capability?
  11. John Goodwin

    Risky Business Special Edition?

    Me too. Risky Business is one of the films that i refuse to buy until they re-do the current DVD release (some others include Black Rain,Falling Down and Blade Runner-which seems to have gone OOP anyway now).
  12. John Goodwin

    Scenes in trailers NOT in the movie!

    One of the Point Break trailers has scenes where Keanu Reeves fires a gun out of a truck window ,(that is being driven by Patrick Swayze i believe),that didnt make the theatrical cut. Be good to know when in the plot this occurred and why these scenes werent included on any new version of this DVD.
  13. John Goodwin

    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    So has the current edition of Blade Runner now been taken OOP on both sides of the Atlantic? Surely this must mean something new is near to being released ?
  14. John Goodwin

    any hope for Waterworld SE?

    At the time of release,Waterworld was being panned for the massive (at the time) production costs. There was also some kind of Costner-flaming mentality at the time also,so no matter what the film had been like,it would have been slated. They may have been picking up on the falling out between...
  15. John Goodwin

    Gumball Rally

    Thanks WB :D
  16. John Goodwin

    A few words about....Blu-Ray

    They announced a dual format player ? Blu-ray and HD DVD combined in one unit?
  17. John Goodwin

    What's currently the most prized item/s in your DVD collection and why ?

    Lyle,what's the story behind the banned trailer on I Know What You Did Last Summer?
  18. John Goodwin

    Heaven Help Us due on 31st April

    Indeed i do ,must have got too excited :D Maybe a mod can alter the thread title so it doesnt confuse anyone else?
  19. John Goodwin

    Heaven Help Us due on 31st April

    DavisDVD is reporting that WHV is releasing,among others, Heaven Help Us on 31st April. I've been waiting for this one for a long long time. So far 2005 has been outstanding for getting my hands on my most wanted previously unreleased catalogue titles. Nice one WB :)
  20. John Goodwin

    Blu_Ray vs HD-DVD or Wait?

    The delay between the formats rolling out is what bothers me,i will certainly get a Blu-ray drive for the pc,as the increased storage capacity is a no-brainer. Europe's HD DVD roll out may come a lot later than the USA's,which may bring the delay between the two launches closer,which also...
  21. John Goodwin

    Blu_Ray vs HD-DVD or Wait?

    Will we be able to find out if there is a difference in quality if there arent many of the forum's software reviewers who actually buy into either of the two formats,never mind both? All this may not even matter to any of us non-region 1 people anyway,as we may be borked by some sort of HDCP...
  22. John Goodwin

    Blu_Ray vs HD-DVD or Wait?

    Hmm i've just been reading about what qualifies as "HD Ready" as specified in Europe.We arent getting any HI-Def tv broadcasts until 2006,but the powers that be are now forcing manufacturers to adhere to certain specs in order to display the "HD READY" logo on their products. A lot of plasma...
  23. John Goodwin

    Upscaling DVD's

    Thanks for the info Jack and Chuck, I was asking about this as maybe something to tide me over until the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format war has been settled one way or the other. I will still be buying standard DVD for quite a while,and it sounds like a good thing.
  24. John Goodwin

    Upscaling DVD's

    Hi Can someone explain whats involved when people talk about upscaling a DVD please? I thought that a DVD has a standard resolution ,does upscaling achieve a higher res,and if it does what is it? What kind of hardware would i need to upscale a DVD,just a player capable of doing it,or...
  25. John Goodwin

    Fandango on 2/15

    No audio problems here,and it sounded very good tbh,especially in the final scenes.
  26. John Goodwin

    Will we ever get a Full Metal Jacket SE?

    I just placed an order with my usual American dvd supplier for FMJ,who happened to be out of stock on this title. They sent me a mail back stating that they,AND the studio were unable to supply it. I've seen it in stock on other sites ,but was just wondering if anyone knows if its now OOP...
  27. John Goodwin

    Johnny Be Good PG-13 or R?

    Hmm just got my r2 copy,its widescreen-but it is also the edited version-no extended ol' tex strip club scene,or the frat house scene either . :angry:
  28. John Goodwin

    HD-DVD Titles Announced for 4th Qtr Release-

    The home theater pc option just isnt viable for me either,theres no way id be able to fit a projector in the room,and to be honest,i dont want to. Same goes for having a pc in there-i'd have to have a display that would show standard TV broadcasts,and dvd (or hd-dvd). You are talking...
  29. John Goodwin

    Ridley Scott's BLACK RAIN - SE DVD soon?

    Wouldnt the same hi def master be used to create both versions (DVD and HD-DVD)? I cant see them not releasing it on SD aswell,as that will be by far its biggest seller?