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  1. Mike Graham

    Grad school?

    I'm entering into my final year of a B.Sc.E in Electrical Engineering, and I'm contemplating grad school, more specifically a M.Sc.E or M.Eng. in EE as well. I enjoy school greatly but the style of grad school is much more independent and research oriented then the undergrad style, so I'm not...
  2. Mike Graham

    Sony sued over copy-protected CDs

    From the BBC and then from another vnunet. I bought 3 Sony CDs this year, and was very very angry to find this copy protection non-sense on each disc, and the fact that the software from these CDs could lead to my computer being compromised is infuriating. This is the equivalent of placing...
  3. Mike Graham

    Best website for electromagnetics?

    Anyone have any suggestions for a good website that can explain electromagnetic fields? I'm taking a third year EE course it in this fall and could use all the help I can get. Thanks
  4. Mike Graham

    Chris Carter Movie Projects

    Cinescape is reporting that Carter will assist in producing/writing Philip Kerr's A Philosophical Investigation. The article also mentions a project which I long thought was dead and buried, The World Of Ted Serios, based on a "true" story of a man who could project his thoughts on film. Has...
  5. Mike Graham

    Blade III

    David Goyer, who wrote Blade and its sequel, will be helming the third and final installment of the trilogy: http://www.cinescape.com/0/editorial...8&obj_id=38792 Interesting news, as there was always questions surrounding who they would get for the film after Guillermo del Toro opted for...
  6. Mike Graham

    K:19 DVD Specs?

    Recently viewed K:19's cover art at http://dvd.ign.com and have begun to wonder about the specs. Considering this was a major bomb of the summer, I'm certainly not expecting a full fledged special edition, but I'd like to see a Dolby Digital 5.1 EX track to fully capture the entire sound...
  7. Mike Graham

    "Straw Dogs" SE in Region 1?

    Caught this film on a Canadian movie station a few months back, (Showcase), and was simply amazed by how brutal, unflinching, violent and bold this 1970s film was. I recently purchased the DVD that was released by Anchor Bay a few years back. Looking into the film being banned in the UK, I...
  8. Mike Graham

    Where Are The Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan Reviews?

    I've recently finished reading numerous reviews from sites like DVDTalk, DVDFile, The Digital Bits and this forum concerning DVDs like The Fog and Blade II that won't be released until the end of August. Also, reviews for the Speed : 5 Five Star Collection have been out for quite some time...
  9. Mike Graham

    A Question About "Traffic" *Spoilers*

    I recently purchased the superb Criterion version of "Traffic" and watched it today. This was the first time I'd seen the movie since it was in theaters, and a question occurred to me: When Frankie Flowers plants the bomb on Don Cheadle's car and waits for them to get into it, there's a sniper...
  10. Mike Graham


    I understand this has been brought up in older threads, but does anyone have even the slightest amount of info concerning Chris Carter's other series,Millennium, coming to DVD?
  11. Mike Graham

    Trailer Music!!

    Can someone please help me find out the name of the songs and artists who made the music for these trailers : "From Hell" - its the techno beat that plays at the first and end of the trailer "Vanilla Sky" - the music thats playing at the very end of the trailer What particular cds these...
  12. Mike Graham

    Criterion Edition Of Notorious in Canada?

    I remember reading somwhere that Criterion titles may take longer to get distributed in Canada after the initial Amercian release. I've been trying to find the Criterion version of Hitchcock's "Notorious" for some time now, but to no avail. Anybody have any info as to what happened to it?
  13. Mike Graham

    **** The Official X-Files Discussion Thread ****

    *Note: If there's another thread like this, sorry but I can't seem to find it anywhere, so I started this one.* Anywho, I have to say that even though this is the 9th season of the aging Fox staple, I'm still pumped over its priemier. Although I wish Gillian Anderson had of exited with...
  14. Mike Graham

    Terminator and Robocop MGM.....

    ****** is a large retail chain across Canada, and has a store in every sizeable town in Canada, including mine in Miramichi, New Brunswick (the province North of Maine). So last night I walk in to check out their DVD selection, and am completely blown away by what I see - Terminator : Special...
  15. Mike Graham

    Momento DVD

    To Whom It May Concern, The weirdest thing is going on with the Momento DVD I rented - I can't seem to access the special features on my DVD ROM. The anamorphic video and DD 5.1 surround sound are fine on the disc, but in the main menu screen, there's no option for special features or what...