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  1. MikeS

    For Sale: Yamaha DSP-A1 Black

    After 2.5 years of service I've decided to replace my Yamaha DSP-A1 with a B&K Reference 30. The A1 is in excellent condition. It is missing a few of the optical caps but other than that it is complete with box, manual and remote. I never even used the remote more than a few times as I had a...
  2. MikeS

    FS: Marantz MA-700 THX power amp.

    Marantz MA700 in excellent condition. Purchased new about a year ago. Original box. The manual was just one sheet of paper which I have misplaced. The amp is THX certified. 200 watts RMS into 8 Ohms. Selling for 250.00 + shipping. The amp was used to drive my center channel but I've since...
  3. MikeS

    FS: SL9000 Remote For Sale

    I have a Home Theater Master SL9000 remote for sale. Read about it here http://www.universal-remote.com I bought this remote new about 3 months ago. I've owned most universal remotes including the Pronto (TS1000), Madigral Take Control, Cinema 7, RS-1594 and Marantz RC-2000(Not the MK2) and I...
  4. MikeS

    Like New IRIQ Remote For Sale

    I have an IRIQ remote that I'd like to sell. I purchased it new about 2 months ago from onecall.com for 149.00. The unit is in like new condition and includes the original box, manuals, CD and serial cable. I'm selling this for 100.00 plus shipping costs. I have decided I just don't like...