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  1. Jeff_M

    Zenith DVB318 DVD player (Upconverts over DVI and Component!)

    I've only used the player for about an hour or so (purchased earlier this month). It has the older firmware, and I've confirmed that it does 1080i/720p over component. My projector acts a bit funky with anything besides my trusty Panasonic, so I figure I'll cut my losses. Everything is as new...
  2. Jeff_M

    Will adding more subs really improve bass response in a properly calibrated setup?

    God bless all of you maniacs out there with multiple subs. I love chest pounding bass as much as the next guy, so this is no knock on you. I have a fairly basic question. I will use my system as an example. I own an SVS 20-39 PC+. My calibration was fairly simple. I got out the Avia DVD, an SPL...
  3. Jeff_M

    Looking to play 4 player games but don't have a game port - What's my best option?

    Hello all. I recently put together a new computer and discovered the joys of emulation. I'd really like to be able to play some of the four player games with friends. Unfortunately, I don't have a game port on my computer. I'm looking to use four fairly basic six button gamepads. What is my most...
  4. Jeff_M

    Would a surge protector/line conditioner fix this problem?

    I have my home theater setup in the basement. Unfortunately, the only outlets reside on the opposite side of the room. Currently, I'm running a standard orange outdoor extension cord across the room. I've plugged a basic computer surge protector into the extension cord and the equipment into the...
  5. Jeff_M

    My struggle to harness the power of SVS

    First of all, I would like to thank SVS for accomodating me throughout my SVS purchase process. My initial preorder for 2 25-31 PC+ subwoofers (way back in July) was changed to a pair of 20-39 PC+'s without a hitch. They even through in a sexy SVS wall plaque! I have had one HELL of a time...
  6. Jeff_M

    Any way to fix classic team player numbers for Madden 2003?

    I got this game for Xbox about a month back and was very dissapointed to see that some of the numbers for the players on the classic teams are all screwy. Anyone else notice this? Without the names, I rely on the numbers to see which player I'm using. Is there a way to edit the classic teams?
  7. Jeff_M

    Anyone here seen the new Swingers SE DVD?

    I love this movie, but was dissapointed with the quality of the non-anamorphic original release. I'm surprised I haven't heard anyone comment on the new SE DVD that came out yesterday. What's the audio/video quality like? Is it f$%#in money?!
  8. Jeff_M

    Audiosource SW15 w/polyfill

    A great sub made even better with the addition of polyfill. This thing will shake any small-medium sized room! This was an awesome sub when I first it with two caveats: 1)Somewhat boomy 2)Very big By lining the insides with spray adhesive and polyfill, I was able to tighten up the bass...
  9. Jeff_M

    Is there a forum devoted to Madden 2003

    I have a ton of questions about my new Madden 2003 XBox game. I'd hate to inundate this board with questions before doing a little research first. Any ideas where I should look?
  10. Jeff_M

    Let's take a tally: Who on the HTF is on the SVS PC+ preorder?

    I was ok up until now but the anticipation is finally starting to get to me. My preorder was made on the very first day (I actually slipped in early, thanks to an HTF'r informing that the preorder was erroneously opened up 12 hours ahead of schedule). My order consists of a pair of 20-39 PC+'s...
  11. Jeff_M

    Lexicon DC-1: Setup questions....please help

    My first question is how can I run my mains in full range for 2-channel bypass music? I want to keep them set to small with a 40hz crossover for home theater use. My sub is a bit muddy for music, so I'd prefer to run my towers without it. Anyone else doing this? I also feel a bit guilty...
  12. Jeff_M

    Questions about using 5 IDENTICAL speakers?

    I recently moved to a front projection setup (what fun!). One of the ancillary benefits that this provides me with is the ability to use 5 identical speakers. Obviously with a tube or RPTV, there is no way to put a standard speaker in the center. My question is whether using a horizontally...
  13. Jeff_M

    Pinnacle Classic Gold Aerogels for $499!

    http://www.reliableaudiovideo.com/pinaerfloors.html I own the Classic Gold Towers, and thought I got the deal of the century when I bought them in an online auction for $499 (retail for $1100). The Aerogels are supposed to be a significant upgrade, adding an expensive midrange driver. They...
  14. Jeff_M

    I'm looking for cheap Pinnacle Classic Gold Loudspeakers

    I'm looking specifically for the Pinnacle Classic Gold Towers and the Pinnacle Classic Gold Center. Anyone know of someone selling these? I'm looking for either a used pair or a really cheap new/refurb. Please help me out. Thanks a bunch guys!
  15. Jeff_M

    WTB: Pinnacle Classic Gold Loudspeakers

    I'm looking specifically for the Pinnacle Classic Gold Towers and the Pinnacle Classic Gold Center. Anyone know of someone selling these? I'm looking for either a used pair or a really cheap new/refurb. Please help me out. Thanks a bunch guys!
  16. Jeff_M

    Pair of Norh SM 6.9's

    Awesome speakers in perfect condition. They are a bit too large for my room in terms of depth. If I had a dedicated room, these would be keepers. Original boxes and packaging. I'm asking $750 + shipping but am open to any reasonable offers. I'm located right outside of Boston, MA so any local...
  17. Jeff_M

    Looking for info on the SVS PC+ preorder

    I know the preorder starts Monday, July 15. I am wondering how the preorder works. Do I stay up until the stroke of midnight on Sunday, July 14? How does billing work? Does a fraction of the order price get billed to my credit card, or the whole amount? Or is their no charge until the sub ships...
  18. Jeff_M

    How many of you have actually had neighbors complain about your HT?

    I've heard a lot of members talk about pissing off neighbors with big bass from their home theaters, but I'm curious as to whether this is all said in jest. How many of you out there have really had angry neighbors knocking at your door, calling the police etc.? And if you have any amusing...
  19. Jeff_M

    How do I "break-in" an amp?

    I just received my Odyssey Stratos yesterday and am dying to hear what it is capable of. I have heard from various other owners that sonic nirvana won't be achieved until around 200 hours of break in have been given to the unit. I agree that the sound is a too bright right now, and the bass is a...
  20. Jeff_M

    How big a difference does an external DAC upgrade make (relative to other upgrades)?

    I am seriously considering adding a nice external DAC to my Panasonic RP56 which has less than stellar 2-channel redbook performance. Compared to upgrading amps and preamps, how big a change will I notice jumping up to something like an MSB Gold Link III? Would a combo like this sound better...
  21. Jeff_M

    Why aren't all speakers shielded? Please explain shielding to me...

    Could someone explain what is involved in shielding a speaker so that it can be used near a tube-based television? Why aren't all speakers shielded? Is there an actual change in the components of the speaker involved? Any adverse effect on sound? Why does it often cost more to buy a shielded...
  22. Jeff_M

    Why in the world do people care about the included remote?

    I have noticed that many members here and on other boards seem to be overly concerned with the manufacturer remotes that are included with components. If one is willing to spend $$$ on a receiver and $$$ on a DVD player (let alone mega $ on separates), wouldn't it make sense to get an...
  23. Jeff_M

    SVS subwoofer performance with Peavey, Crown or other "Pro"/"PA" amp?

    In keeping with the SVS theme of lots of bass for (relatively) little cash, I will be purchasing an unpowered version of SVS's CS+ series subs. My question is what kind of performance can I expect out of a professional or DJ amplifier? I ask this because I have seen many high-wattage Peaveys...
  24. Jeff_M

    Wanted: Testor Silver paint marker for modifying NEC LT150

    Any of you who own the NEC LT150 projector and frequent the AVSforum should be very familiar with this marker. I was wondering if anyone was finished using their marker, and if I could buy it off of you. I will pay you the full price + shipping since there are no nearby hobby stores or...
  25. Jeff_M

    Does anyone else use these speaker stands from Partsexpress?

    http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...=4929&CATID=49 Just purchased these stand for use with some Norh SM 6.9 speakers. They are built like a tank! Really nice looking as well. I purchased these stands specifically for the oversized top plate (8 3/4" x 9 3/4"). The large bases on the Norhs...
  26. Jeff_M

    Do the new SVS "PCi" subs have built in adjustable crossovers?

    Title pretty much says it all. I checked out the website, but I couldn't seem to figure out whether the built-in amp has a crossover or not...
  27. Jeff_M

    Question about 10% discount for repeat SVS buyers

    I am anxious to purchase one of the new "PCi" subwoofers and wondering if I can take advantage of the 10% discount (I have purchased a 16-46 CS in the past). If so, then this is a done deal!
  28. Jeff_M

    Pixar's 15th Anniversary 3-Pack: A Bug's Life / Toy Story / Toy Story 2: Anamorphic?

    Title just about says it all. I'm thinking about picking up this 3 pack but I'm wondering if all 3 titles are presented in anamorphic widescreen. I already have a non-anamorphic edition of Bugs life. I wonder how much better the anamorphic version will look!
  29. Jeff_M

    Acurus A150 Amplifier - $350 obo

    This is a very musical amp conservatively rated at $150 watts X 2. It has high quality gold 5 way binding posts, and thick milled face plate. I have used numerous home theater amps such as the ATI, Carver, and Outlaw 5-channel amps and the Acurus sounds just as good for movies and trounces all...
  30. Jeff_M

    Pinnacle Classic Gold Towers - $300 obo

    I have enjoyed these speakers for less than 2 years, but my new apartment forces me to go with something smaller. I was ecstatic when I scored a deal on these ($600 for the pair) as they retail for $1095. Though they are smooth and detailed with music, they would make an excellent home theater...