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  1. Rob Dawn

    When are ONKYO 2017 Receviers coming out?

    Does anyone know when Onkyo will be releasing their 2017 receivers? They released the 2016 receivers in March of 2016 so I was thinking it might be about time for them to release their 2017 models. Hoping to find a closeout sale on a TX-NR555 from an authorized dealer after the 2017 models are...
  2. Rob Dawn

    How do you turn on your sub with no AC outlet on receiver?

    I have an older Sony ES receiver that occasionally drops audio or makes clicking noises so I have been looking at new receivers. One of the first things I noticed is that the new receivers do not have an AC outlet in the back to plug a sub into (at least that's the case with the Onkyo's I'm...
  3. Rob Dawn

    Questions on Sony Upconverting DVD players

    For those that own a Sony Upconverting player, does the Digital Coax transmit sound when the HDMI connection is used for video directly to the TV? I'll be running HDMI to my TV and Digital Coax to my Receiver and want to make sure I'll get sound that way before purchasing the DVP-NS710. Also...
  4. Rob Dawn

    How heavy can center channel be on Mits 55"?

    I've got a new Mits 55" (55313 I think) and just order the JBL EC35 center channel speaker that weighs 22 pounds. Will I have any problems placing this fairly heavy speaker on top of the Mits? I'm wondering if the top casing of the TV can take that much weight right in the center of it...
  5. Rob Dawn

    What to do with non-anamorphic extra features?

    Got a new WS55313 and I was watching the extra features on the Stuck On You disk and have a question: The deleted scenes appeared squashed vertically (the black bars were much thicker than during the movie and the people looked short and fat) so I'm guessing they were non-anamorphic?? What...
  6. Rob Dawn

    JBL E20 rear port speaker against wall - problem?!

    I just ordered the JBL E20s to use as surround speakers but I was planning on using speaker wall mounts like these to mount them to a wall. It looks like the speakers will be about 3-4 inches from the wall using these brackets. Also, the speakers will be angled to the side about 45 degrees so...
  7. Rob Dawn

    Can't display 1080i on Mitsu HDTV

    I'm trying to help my Dad set up his HDTV cable box (Motorola box from Adelphia) with his Mitsu 65" HDTV (last year's model, probably 65513). Whenever we switch the STB to pass anything other than 480i, we get a blank screen. We can tune the box to the HD channels and see the picture (down...
  8. Rob Dawn

    HDTVs that don't take 720p?

    I plan on buying an HDTV-Ready RPTV this summer and have been doing some reading on 720p. For now I am looking at Mitsu (doesn't support 720p) and Sony (does) but am not set on these yet. I will also be buying a DirecTV HD TiVo box to do my sat and OTA HDTV viewing. I have a couple questions...
  9. Rob Dawn

    How to get Hidden Hills on DVD?

    So I registered at TVShowsOnDVD.com and requested Hidden Hills there, but does anyone know anything else I can do to get NBC (or whoever owns the rights to this show) to put it out on DVD? Thanks, Rob
  10. Rob Dawn

    HDVR2 with cordless phone jacks - any problems?

    Since DirecTV just got our locals up here in Colorado Springs, I was planning on upgrading to an HDVR2 DirecTiVo unit. But I saw on the DirecTV monthly news show that you can sometimes have problems with the DirecTivo units if you are using those cordless phone things that plug in to an...
  11. Rob Dawn

    6.1/7.1 worth if couch on back wall??

    I'm going to be building a new house in the next year and will have the family room pre-wired for speakers. We'll have walls on either side of the couch so the standard surround speakers will be easy to set-up - either on stands or attached to the wall. But the couch will sit right on the...
  12. Rob Dawn

    Giants - 49ers game: HORRIBLE pixelation on DirecTV

    The pixelation and picture freezing (near the end of the game at least) on DirecTV was absolutely horrible - making the game almost unwatchable. I watched many of the Little League World Seris games on ESPN(2) a few weeks ago and saw NO pixelation, so I hope last nite was not indicitive of how...
  13. Rob Dawn

    How dark must room be for RPTV?

    I couldn't figure out what to search for to find threads on this issue, so I appoligize if this has been asked and answered many times by the regulars. My wife and I plan on buying a new house in a year and the one we really like has a fantastic family room that is 2 stories high. Problem is...
  14. Rob Dawn

    How often to calibrate TV?

    Subject says it all... I last calibrated my TV about 18 months ago with Video Essentials. Does it need to be redone every once in a while or good to go for years? (I have a 32" Sony that's about 7-8 years old with S-video connection for DVD & Sat.) I'm sure "it doesn't hurt" to do it every...
  15. Rob Dawn

    Terminator: SE subtitle problem

    Has anyone else tried to turn on the subtitles while the movie is being played? It doesn't work on my Pioneer 343 model DVD player! It just pops up the little symbol that means I'm trying to do something that has been locked out. VERY annoying! :angry: This is the first disc that I've...
  16. Rob Dawn

    What's up with Disney's Pinocchio?

    Does anyone know what Disney's plan is for Pinocchio? I know it's going OOP on 01/31/02 and it's not on the Platinum list. So is there going to be a Special Edition coming out soon? My wife wants to pick this up if nothing's coming out in the near future. But if a SE is in the works...
  17. Rob Dawn

    Next cities for DirecTV's local?

    Is there anyway to find out what cities are next on DirecTVs list to get local channels? Just wondering if Colorado Springs is coming anytime soon so that I can drop my cable and maybe get a DirecTiVo! :) Thanks, Rob
  18. Rob Dawn

    Record 2 cable/ota shows at same time on TiVo?

    A question from someone considering a TiVo purchase: I'm 99% sure that you can't do this currently (correct me if I'm wrong) but does anyone know if this feature might ever be available on TiVo, and when? I don't see DirecTV getting Locals for Colorado Springs (population around 250K) on...
  19. Rob Dawn

    How easy is this? Re: TiVo's "Season Pass"

    I'm thinking about a Tivo unit and had the following question (I use cable for Locals as DirecTV doesn't carry them here): Say I set up a Season Pass for Friends. But one week I want to watch Friends when it's on and record Survivor instead. Is it easy to change the recording around to do...
  20. Rob Dawn

    DVD Profiler: Problems with 'My Profiler'?

    3 of the DVDs that I have in DVD Profiler never show up on my My Profiler web page: American Pie: Ultimate Edition Buzz Lightyear of Star Command The Offspring - Huck It Everything else shows up fine. (Well, except for American Pie 2, which doesn't show up in my 'Wishlist'...
  21. Rob Dawn

    Angle surround speakers down towards listener?

    My surround speakers are on plant ledges on either side of the listening position. So that puts them 8 feet up. Should I put something under the back of each speaker to angle them down towards the listening position? Or leave them as is, shooting the sound over the listener's head? (Seems...
  22. Rob Dawn

    How best to get Snow White, etc. DVDs out?!?

    Is there a good way to get the DVDs out of the cases like the Snow White one? (I think the Jurassic Park DVD cases are similar.) It's almost impossible to get the DVD out without bending it. At least the DVDs are easy to get out of the dreaded WB snappers - the only good thing I can say about...
  23. Rob Dawn

    What audio format to use when using headphones?

    I ocassionally watch DVDs with my headphones on when the wife goes to bed early or is doing homework and I was wondering what the best audio format choice would be - theoretically. DTS, DD5.1, Dolby Surround, . . . The other night I watched Gladiator using DTS and the sound was fantastic -...
  24. Rob Dawn

    Bass Shaker questions

    I asked these questions on another forum but never got any responses so I'll ask them here - where I should have just asked them to begin with! 1) Where all can you buy these things online? (Besides auction sites.) 2) Has anyone put just one unit on a couch? If so, did you still get the...
  25. Rob Dawn

    How far to sit from different size TVs?

    I seem to recall reading something on some Web page many moons ago regarding the optimal distance you should sit from TVs. But I of course have forgotten both the page and the distances. Does anyone know of some recommended distances you should sit away from the TV based on it's diagonal...
  26. Rob Dawn

    NFL Sunday Ticket on a weekly basis?

    I read in my last Sports Illustrated that the NFL is now going to offer the NFL Sunday Ticket package of games on a weekly basis now. (I'm assuming this will be in addition to the $149 annual package.) Does anyone have any info on the pricing structure for the weekly deals? (Didn't see...
  27. Rob Dawn

    OK to leave Hughes receiver on 24/7?

    I was wondering if it's OK to leave my Hughes Gold Edition model DSS receiver on all the time? I haven't been able to find discrete on/off codes for it to use with my RS 1994 remote so I was thinking of just leaving it on all the time. Thanks for any input, Rob
  28. Rob Dawn

    For DirecTV: RCA or Hughes better hardware

    I'm going to be picking up a DirecTV system in the very near future (can't pick DISH since they don't have NFL Sunday Ticket) and I was wondering what you all thought of the hardware by RCA & Hughes. If you love your equipment, let me know. If you've had problems with it or the company's...