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  1. Derek Faber

    FT Snow White Platinum Edition and Tokyo Olympiad Criterion

    Both Movies work perfectly and have zero damage. Any offers?
  2. Derek Faber

    Pink video from component cable

    I just bought a fairly cheap component cable and hooked it up yet the screen is all pink. I've never had a componant cable before and I was wondering if anyone knew why this would happen? Is it the cable or something else? I also have have a cheapo dvd player(not for long though)if that means...
  3. Derek Faber

    Ghosting on Widescreen Sets

    Some movies I watch are filled with ghosting, specifically on the face. This doesn't happen on all DVDS, so my question is it the DVD that is the problem or is this something that I can correct on TV? I've tried all kinds of things but it still happens.
  4. Derek Faber

    2 Criterions for trade

    Trading 2 criterion titles, Branded to Kill and Tokyo Drifter. Hoping to trade 'em together. Open to any offers.