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  1. Travis_W

    Official TMNT (2003) DVD Thread

    I'm creating this thread in hopes that it will be the sole place for topics on the 2003 edition on the TMNT cartoon. Anyway, to start things off, it seems Funimation is releasing Volume 9 on this Tuesday, May 4th. Does anyone have any idea which episodes will be included as info appears to be...
  2. Travis_W

    Must...have...info on the DVD release of the Dawn of the Dead remake

    For some reason the wait for DVD is especially difficult for me and the Dawn of the Dead remake. Does anyone have any rumors or possible street dates? The only thing I've heard is the possibility of an unrated cut.
  3. Travis_W

    'Clerks: 10 Year Aniversary Edition' still coming this year?

    I remember on the commentary track for 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' that Kevin Smith mentioned something about a special edition of 'Clerks' coming out on the film's ten year anniversary which is this year. With Miramax releasing new editions of 'Trainspotting' and the words Wave 1...
  4. Travis_W

    'House of the Dead' MAR...no surprise it's Artisan

    Now don't take this the wrong way, I despised 'House of the Dead' and merely rented it. I DID NOT PURCHASE IT...just had to clear that up before I was shunnded from the board :D. Anyway, I remember when this was playing at my theater that the film was presented in scope. On DVD it's flat...
  5. Travis_W

    Ryuhei Kitamura films on DVD

    I really think Kitamura is one of the best directors out there right now. His films are full of energy and just all around coolness (don't know if that's even a word but we'll use it anyway :D). 'Versus' has quickly become one of my favorites and I waited patiently for the Region 1 release just...
  6. Travis_W

    Attack the Gas Station (Korean film)-fullscreen?

    I just imported a region free version of 'Attack the Gas Station', a very funny Korean film. For some reason the disc is fullscreen only, a problem I've never encountered on an import. It's from Mei-Ah and it's not a bootleg as the same disc is available on HKFLIX.com as well. Does anyone know...
  7. Travis_W

    Amusing mistake on The Blues Brothers DVD

    I was checking in this Cast & Crew section under Dan Akroyd and his filmography lists 'Ghostbusters III' from 1998. Hmm... I don't seem to remember that one, does anyone else? :D. Anyone else ever see a mistake in a filmography like this one?
  8. Travis_W

    Wal-Mart Warning!

    If any of you like to go to Wal-Mart early in the morning around midnight or so you may notice something. Countless Wal-Marts mark the new DVDs for $19.74 and up...until the department manager comes in at his regular time and calls around to other stores to see their prices. Wal-Mart basically...
  9. Travis_W

    The Twins Effect

    I had the oppurtunity to import The Twins Effect the other day, just wondering if it's worth it.
  10. Travis_W

    Avalon DVD-Japanese language?

    Disney is bringing Avalon to the US on December 13th but there's no way I'm buying it if the original language is not present. Also, were any cuts made to it?
  11. Travis_W

    Any reviews of 'The Tick' Complete Series?

    I'm really debating on whether or not to get this one next week and I'd like to see a review before I decide.
  12. Travis_W

    Know it's early but does anyone have any rumors or anything about 'Freddy vs. Jason'?

    I'm really excited about this DVD when it comes out and I just wanted to know if anyone had heard any rumors or anything that could hint at a street date, etc. I don't usually get this jazzed up about a DVD when the film has only been out for a month but I'm desperate, for some reason I...
  13. Travis_W

    Very quick question about NYPD BLUE-SEASON 2

    I'm about to review NYPD Blue-Season 2 but one of the requirements is to post the back cover. The screeners sent out are only the 1st and 6th disc so I have no back cover to post. If someone could type up the back cover for me that would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Travis_W

    Just curious-8 Crazy Nights?

    I was just struck with the horrible memory of being duped to see Adam Sandler's animated film '8 Crazy Nights' last year. Then I remembered it's still not out on DVD. To me this seems like a Christmas release but it's almost like Sony forgot all about it which is pretty funny. I'm not starting...
  15. Travis_W


    New Line, 'Mortal Kombat' is one of the films that had a lasting impact on me when I was growing up. I saw it at least seven times at the theater, recommended it to friends, anything I could do to make it a hit. I rented it on VHS, bought it on VHS, rented it on laserdisc, and finally bought the...
  16. Travis_W

    Bad Pressing?

    I noticed a few DVDs I own have a similar defect on the information side of the disc. They have this warped like effect as if-really don't know how to describe it, it's like someone spilled something on it and it stained. I have no idea how to explain this but it starts the spindle and looks...
  17. Travis_W

    'Day of the Dead: SE' audio dubs identified-NOT THAT BAD

    I picked this disc up early today (hint: major chain) and sat down to watch it right of the bat. I'm fully aware of the audio controversy and have read every review known at this point. I've watched this film... easily more than thirty times and know it nearly verbatim (audio based memory). So I...
  18. Travis_W

    Can 'Spy Kids 3D' work on DVD?

    I'm a fan of 3D films and as much as it pangs me to go see this film (not a big fan of the first two) I've heard good things about the 3D effects. But when this comes to DVD next year can we expect it to be in 3D or will it just drop the 'D' from the title?
  19. Travis_W

    Blockbuster again bullying the DVD industry-this time about menus

    From Davis DVD:
  20. Travis_W

    'Ravenous' DVD

    I was wondering if the DVD of the film 'Ravenous' is any good. What about the film as well? With all this attention over 'Cabin Fever' this seems to have a similar plot and I was going to try to find it.
  21. Travis_W

    More proof that Artisan is the worst studio out there

    Posted at DVD File.
  22. Travis_W

    2 Disc Resident Evil German release-need some info (SPOILERS)

    I can't wait any longer for the ultra special edition release here and importing is out of the question. Could somebody describe the deleted scenes and the alternate ending here? Thanks in advance.
  23. Travis_W

    The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D at the Drive-In!

    This past July 4th I caught a screening of The Creature From the Black Lagoon in 3D at the drive-in. It was at the Route 66 Drive-In in Springfield, Illinois. I was suprised to see how well the 3D was, although I think it would have been a little better in a closed environment. We were told that...
  24. Travis_W

    Rhino Home Entertainment and Widescreen

    Rhino Entertainment is known mostly for their TV on DVD titles but every once in a while a movie slips out. And more times than one it's fullscreen only. I own their disc of 'Comin at Ya' from about four years ago and it's widescreen at 2.35:1. When I went to purchase their disc of 'Walking...
  25. Travis_W

    Who owns the rights to the 'Lone Wolf and Cub' films in the US

    I saw 'Shogun Assassin' the other day and understand that it's really the first two 'Lone Wolf and Cub' films edited into one. This version was uncut but horribly dubbed. Importing is out of the question but I just don't get why these aren't here in the US yet.
  26. Travis_W

    Pioneer DV-414...TR. Rate?

    I have a Pioneer DV-414 player and there's a display function called TR. Rate. I'm thinking maybe it's for measuring the bit rate but I'm not sure. What is this?
  27. Travis_W

    What happened to 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'?

    The film was due on DVD on July 15 but was pushed to September due to a theatrical re-release on Disney's part. I can't find anything about a re-release so I'm thinking maybe it's delayed so that George Clooney can't put the director's cut on disc. Anyone heard anything lately?
  28. Travis_W

    Why do so many people dislike 'Last Action Hero'?

    I've always wondered about this. The first time I saw it at the theater I went in reading the reviews, critics lambasting it and so forth. Walked out and thought it was a great fun flick. In fact it's one of Arnold's best in my opinion. I mean the film is smart, makes fun of the genre that it's...
  29. Travis_W

    The Matrix Revisited-rent or buy?

    I'm trying to decide whether I should buy The Matrix Revisited. Something tells me it's a disc I'd watch once and probably forget about but I'd rather hear advise from you guys. You see I'm figuring that these are probably all the extras The Matrix will have and when the special edition arrives...
  30. Travis_W

    3 Ninjas Aspect Ratio Mystery

    I know most people could care less for 3 Ninjas and it's DVD release tomarrow (June 3) but this is really odd. Dave Lambert's Weekly Roundup AND DVD Empire claim that this DVD is fullscreen but the back cover does not. I'm not calling them out, I believe them and I think this may be a misprint...