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  1. Adam Krogul

    Why isn't SDDS in the consumer market?

    i know this is sorta off topic but i thought i could add my 2 cents.... my boss went to a show last year and they were debating of making a 10.2 standard for home theaters. they had some demo stuff created for the presentation with individual information for all 12 speakers. 5 fronts, 5 rears...
  2. Adam Krogul

    FS: Krell preamp & amp

    thanks for looking guys, its up on ebay now.
  3. Adam Krogul

    FS: Krell preamp & amp

    this is the last bump from me. :frowning:
  4. Adam Krogul

    any airline pilots out there?

    thanks guys, i swear you can ask anything on this forum and i bet someone will know the anwser. :)
  5. Adam Krogul

    any airline pilots out there?

    my friend and i were having a converstation about jobs and a plane flew over head and we both wondered what a pilot's job schedule was like. what's their salary, do they work every day or have a certin schedule. how hard is it to become an airline pilot? are their different licenses for...
  6. Adam Krogul

    FS: Krell preamp & amp

    ^^^ i can't believe that no one even has anything to say about this awsome gear! man if i had the money id be all over it. well ill give it a week here and then off to ebay i guess.
  7. Adam Krogul

    FS: Krell preamp & amp

    ttt (man no one is even intrested?)
  8. Adam Krogul

    FS: Krell preamp & amp

    Hey my bud asked me to sell this stuff on ebay cause he's computer illiterate. if you have any questions, requests, comments, i can get a hold of him at any time. i love this forum so i'd give you guys first pick at it. krell kav 250a & krell KAV 250p he has all the orginal packing...
  9. Adam Krogul

    Who Plays Disc Golf

    so i come home from school for the summer and find out that the park next to my house has a dinky 9 hole course. its a really new park with little trees and i figured it would be a great place to practice. well my first run on the course and on hole number 7, I ACED IT! i was jumping up and...
  10. Adam Krogul

    Camping: what's the best way to save $$ on gear?

    have you thought about getting an inflatable mattress instead of a sleeping bag? yea i know it's really not roughing it but its hella comfortable. actually i have a herniated disk and i didnt want to risk sleeping on the hard ground so i decided to get one of these, with an air pump your good to...
  11. Adam Krogul

    Need advice for dealing w/ credit card (reducing rates)

    ok i have a question about my credit cards and i really couldnt find the answer within the post so far. im 25 years old and @ 22~23 i decided it would be a good thing to establish credit so i applied for a visa, i got denied. went to discover and got accepted, now i have 3 (visa, and...
  12. Adam Krogul

    Who Plays Disc Golf

    hey chris have you tried the "tomahawk" throw? its a complete overhand throw one in which the disk will flip in mid air and then break left slightly (depends on the disk). it's very useful to shoot over trees and get out of the rough,(some how ive been getting very good at this throw). Try it...
  13. Adam Krogul

    Who Plays Disc Golf

    wow, i didnt expect to see this thread in here... anyways ive been playing for about 2 years now, here in the chicagoland/northwest indiana area there are about 8~10 courses. It seems that my game has improved from the begining but i dont think im close to my best. i dont know the differences...
  14. Adam Krogul

    FS: PCMods Cold Cathode Kits

    many thanks Glauco.... i would by from you anytime.....
  15. Adam Krogul

    sony viao laptop grx550 1.6ghz

    bad link... you have the "..." in the address
  16. Adam Krogul

    1080i vs. 720p

    thanks guys... thats what i thought
  17. Adam Krogul

    1080i vs. 720p

    ive been out of the loop for a little while and did a search trying to explain the diferences but came up with no luck. (i didnt look to hard) at anyrate, i wanted to know what displays a better picture and why? my first thought was 1080i but for some reason im second guessing myself... any...
  18. Adam Krogul

    Last Drop

  19. Adam Krogul

    Building a new house and HT from scratch, what type of wiring should I do itially

    well i would at least run 3 "solid copper" coaxes (not the regular Home Depot RG6 coax)from the computer to the HT. this would cover the video and audio if you wanted to watch some video files on the big screen. the other thing i would suggest is 3 runs of cat-5 or cat-6 ... one for the...
  20. Adam Krogul

    WTB: Energy Veritas 2.2's and 2.0C

    hey eric i have a mint pair of energy 1.8 veritas cherry for sale... please email me for i do not check this forum regularly if your intrested.... [email protected] Thanks,
  21. Adam Krogul

    24" 16:9 Computer Monitor FS and Viewsonic 22"

    i must say i own the sony gdm-w900 monitor that you say your compaq is, and if it is a rebadge then i can only give high remarks for this fine peice of equipment. you have never seen a "real" computer monitor until you see a 2304x1440 @80 Hz resolution. the sony monitor retails at 2k but luckly...
  22. Adam Krogul

    WTB: two-channel preamp or 5.1 pre/pro

    i have some marsh gear that is two channel, its big bad and silver with blue leds. but i believe that its out of your price range... email me if your intrested. l8rz, adam
  23. Adam Krogul

    Questions about power strips and lightning protection?...

    well i work for a retailer in the chicago land area and we used to carry panamax... they do back their warranty. There was a case where lightning hit the guys tree in the back yard and surge blew up his tv, and vcr. we sent them the panamax and they sent us a check. Unfortuanly not all cases...
  24. Adam Krogul

    Is my subwoofer supposed to rattle?

    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Or it's some sort of note that some Denon sweat shop worker is trying to send out calling for help. omg thats too funny, thanks for the laugh l8rz, adam
  25. Adam Krogul

    Moving Sale, only for one week!

    alright... the sub is sold.... and one last price break....... what if the vertias 1.8 were $2,000 for the pair would anyone be intrested.(firm) l8rz, adam
  26. Adam Krogul

    DVD-A in the car?

    it retails for $1399 but you said you saw that one on sale for 450? whats the link to fry's website for that one? l8rz, adam
  27. Adam Krogul

    Moving Sale, only for one week!

    ill give it one last bump :)