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  1. Chad_D

    Anyone own the JVC DVD-A Sample disc?

    At one of the many speaker auditions I've done this year, a JVC DVD-A sampler was used. Unfortunately I didn't grab the track list before I left and have been racking my brain to remember the name of the classical track included on the disc. So.. Does anyone own this disc? If so, would you...
  2. Chad_D

    Largest TV that is usable for console gaming?

    I did a quick search and wasn't able to locate a thread that would answer my question, but I'm sure it's been asked before. What is the largest TV that I could use without the possibility of damage for console gaming. As I understand it, no rear-projection TV is completely safe from burn-in...
  3. Chad_D

    Do I need a progressive scan DVD player with my TV?

    I've been pondering the purchase of Sony's KV-32HS500 Wega HDTV-ready set and have heard conflicting reports about progressive scan. Do I need to buy a progressive scan DVD player in order to view movies @ 480p on the above set? One salesmen at the local electronics shop said yes, but my...
  4. Chad_D

    Some generic newbie-like questions!

    Hello all! I have a few (what I imagine are) simple questions that I was hoping you folks could help me with. First let me say that I have gone through the FAQ and while it answered a large majority of my questions, there are a few that I couldn't find answers for. 1) Progressive scan DVD...