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  1. Julian Lalor

    USHE Press Release: Seed of Chucky

    The movie was terrible, either as camp or horror. A real disappointment after the hilarious Bride of Chucky.
  2. Julian Lalor

    Just What Kind Of Movie is House of Wax?

    Maybe the confusion stems from the fact that Paris Hilton is used as the model fro the poster art.
  3. Julian Lalor

    Wow HoneyMooners and I Thought it Could'nt Get Much Worse

    You can't remake The Honeymooners. It's value system belongs to a different age. It's like remaking I Love Lucy or Leave it to Beaver. And, as for retaining the 'spirit' of the original piece, well, Gabrielle Union ain't no Alice Kramdem, unless Alice somehow got major reconstructive surgery and...
  4. Julian Lalor

    "Fox Reuniting Itself with 'Family Guy'"

    Over and over and over again, it seems. We get it; you don't like Family Guy. Now, can you leave the rest of us in peace to enjoy discussing the show.
  5. Julian Lalor

    Alexander limited 3-disc, R3, DTS

    Given that the R1 DVD will be a "Director's Cut" (with Alexander's bi-sexuality toned down, if not eliminated), this may be the only way to see the theatrical cut. It also has a DTS track, which the R1 will not have (as it's a Warners release).
  6. Julian Lalor

    Will Ferrell to star in "Land of the Lost" film

    The Fugitive I'll give you, but the other two were pretty ordinary (and Mission: Impossible had an only passing association with the TV series). Land of the Lost, however, is fodder for camp. And Hollywood isn't nearly as clever as it used to be when it comes to comedy.
  7. Julian Lalor

    Ryan Seacrest gets star on hollywood walk of fame

    Well, Mary Kate and Ashley have one, so why can't Ryan? We'll be seeing Omarosa getting hers next year, in all likelihood. The Walk of Fame is just real estate for sale to whoever is willing to fork out 15 grand and who has managed to keep working in the industry for 5 years.
  8. Julian Lalor

    "Fox Reuniting Itself with 'Family Guy'"

    If they loved it so much, then why did they cancel it? And speaking someone who is as far from a frat-boy as you could possibly imagine, I thoroughly enjoy the show. Sure, it's not as good as King of the Hill or Futurama, but at least it isn't another reality show.
  9. Julian Lalor

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Ocean's Twelve

    Those extras don't look so hot. Probably EPK crap and one of those god-awful HBO making of featurettes. Frankly, the film was so acted and directed with such obvious disinterest (and with nothing more than a paycheck in mind for many, no doubt) that I can't imagine Soderbergh would be into an SE...
  10. Julian Lalor

    Gallipoli: 2-Disc Anniversary Edition (Australia R4)

    Another great Australian film of the '70's, 'Don's Party', has just been released in a good anamorphic transfer with a 100 minute making of documentary and 1 hr interview with David Williamson. Australia certainly doesn't make films like this anymore, more's the pity (although Lantana came close...
  11. Julian Lalor

    Not for Resale Rental Only?

    Warners have been doing this for years in the UK.
  12. Julian Lalor

    Basic question regarding region codes on DVDs.

    The DVD is available for sale at Amazon. It is listed as "All Regions" and as many of the comments are from US reviwers, I'd say it was an NTSC DVD. Amazon link
  13. Julian Lalor

    Basic question regarding region codes on DVDs.

    Well, a lot of legit R2 and R4 DVDs state whether they are DVD5 (single layer) or DVD9 (dual layer) on their box. All Fox DVDs state this, at least.
  14. Julian Lalor

    Super Volcano...Anybody planning to...

    Isn't this produced by the BBC and follows the same sort of factoid structure used in the Walking With... series? At least that's better than those cheesy A&E docos.
  15. Julian Lalor

    My Brilliant Career (R1) on May 31, 2005

    Looks the same as the Australian release, except for the inclusion of (frankly useless) DTS and DD ES/EX tracks.
  16. Julian Lalor

    ***Gay-Friendly DVD's, Version 5***

    Another one to avoid: Testosterone. Starts out OK, but ends up the most idiotic mess of a movie. Still, it does have Jennifer Coolidge's only performance as a normal human being.
  17. Julian Lalor

    Lucy MAME where are you?

    I'm a huge Lucy fan and wouldn't touch this monstrosity with a ten foot pole. It can't even pass as camp, unfortunately. It's only redeeming feature is Bea Arthur and they cut all her best lines out (I wonder who thought that would be a good idea?).
  18. Julian Lalor

    8-disc John Waters Set: June 14

    The current DVD release IS widescreen. It also has a fantabulous commentary from Waters.
  19. Julian Lalor

    is the "s-word" allowed on tv now?

    It's happened everywhere in the western world, EXCEPT for the US. Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under are all screened unecnsored on broadcast television in Australia. The UK regularly shows full frontal nudity on broadcast television. It's only a big deal in the US, which ironically...
  20. Julian Lalor

    Bette Midler's Gypsy for under $8.00

    Yes, there is a commentary on the DVD. I've only listened to a few moments, however.
  21. Julian Lalor

    Seven Samurai - 2 Disc Special Edition???

    Strangelove was made in variable aspect ratios, between 1.37:1 to 1.66:1. Seven Samurai was made strictly 1.37:1. You will never see an anamorphic version of this film on DVD.
  22. Julian Lalor

    Time to get another player: was that the Director's cut or ClearPlay?

    No decent writer 'yields to market demands'. It's not like the movie business. Airport trash, sure, but that's why it's trash.
  23. Julian Lalor

    Time to get another player: was that the Director's cut or ClearPlay?

    Well, don't buy NTSC DVDs then, either. Because they run at 30 fps and introduces 3:2 pulldown to get films from 24fps up to 30fps. In both NTSC and PAL, the integrity of a film is compromised to fit in with the television standard. I don't see 3:2 pulldown effect and I don't hear PAL speedup...
  24. Julian Lalor

    Time to get another player: was that the Director's cut or ClearPlay?

    That's an entirely different issue. Comparing a deliberate, conscious decision to hack movies to suit your moral beliefs to a television standard over which consumers have no control over is ridiculous.
  25. Julian Lalor

    Anyone have the R3 DONNIE DARKO disc...?

    They've probably included supplements in the running time. I can't believe that there are 3 versions of this film running around.
  26. Julian Lalor

    Details for German “Aviator” Special Edition

    The R1 release is from Warners Bros, not Miramax, so they'll be no DTS. However, you can at least be assured a decent transfer, unlike Scorsese's last effort.
  27. Julian Lalor

    Time to get another player: was that the Director's cut or ClearPlay?

    But that would require telling your child why they can't watch a certain film. It's much easier to just put your copy of Porky's into the censor-machine (or whatever sanitised name they call this thing) and let it do the parenting. Abdicate all responsibility; it's much easier that way. There's...
  28. Julian Lalor

    McLeod's Daughters -- U.S. DVD release?

    I suspect you're going to have to get this one on R4 DVD. I can't think of one Australian television series on DVD in the US, and each season comprises over 20 episodes. I just can't see it as a commercially viable prospect.
  29. Julian Lalor

    Soderbergh commentary on Erin Brockovich

    The film was released the same year as Traffic. I suspect that he was somewhat pre-occupied at the time on other matters to do a commentary over the whole film. Or, he just didn't want to.
  30. Julian Lalor

    *** Official 2004 Academy Awards Discussion Thread

    Which, of course, explains emotional drivel like Titanic and Gladiator.