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  1. Dennis*G

    4,000-Plus Titles Available in Walmart Disc-to-Digital Program

    Actually I think it is a great idea, once more movies become available (and you really don't mind another $2 fee for the movie) but now you can have your entire movie library with you no matter where you go in the world. Great for times you are traveling or visiting. It's absolutely no...
  2. Dennis*G

    If the rumors are true, iPhone 5 looks like a DUD!

    I also think this is an ios5 issue, not a 4s. my 4 now cannot go a day without being recharged, and my 3g speeds have decreased, but I still need to do more testing on that. I do a LOT on my phone. Put me into the camp that they better not increase the size of the phone, I like it just the...
  3. Dennis*G

    Netflix search no longer shows dvd titles?

    I have the streaming only plan now, but I could search and it would show me movies that were both instant and DVD (and give me the option to get a dvd plan also) now tonight I went to do a search, and it ONLY searches for things in the streaming side, it no longer shows me any DVD choices at...
  4. Dennis*G

    Netflix goes [email protected]#%@ insane, it's $16 a month now if you want to keep 1 DVD + streaming, $18 for 1 B

    I know the USPS closing would have effected me had I kept the disc option. I have a distribution only 2 miles from my house, that made for great turn around times (I could get 3 movies a week when I had the time to watch them), and now that would never be possible as our distribution is slated...
  5. Dennis*G

    iOS5 and iCloud users and review thread

    I disagree, or at least allow us to set when it alerts you. I do not need to be told at 20% and 10% with an alert, or banner me at those levels, and alert me at 5%. I am on the device so I can see the battery level, and If i'm in an app and cannot see the battery, that's when I do not want an...
  6. Dennis*G

    iOS5 and iCloud users and review thread

    Also, I do not seem to have the switch to do a location based reminder, is this a 4s feature only?
  7. Dennis*G

    iOS5 and iCloud users and review thread

    Omg all the enhancements with notifications and the low battery warning still cannot be suppressed or at least turned into a banner? Wth
  8. Dennis*G

    iOS5 and iCloud users and review thread

    As I put in the other thread. On my iPad I love the new split keyboard! I also am going to love iMessage to send free texts to the wife ( I have no texting plan) and I love the new notifications and swipe down feature/
  9. Dennis*G

    Apple iPad buyers / Owners thread

    I just installed ios5 on my original ipad 3g. I am loving the split keyboard, and I love wireless sync! I think imessage will be handy also. put it on my iPhone 4 also and love notifications on that!
  10. Dennis*G

    Netflix restricts streaming to one device per account

    I don't get it. If you have the stream and disc option, they only allow you to stream as many as discs you have out? I have stream only plan and seem to still do multiple streams. I stated in the other thread that if it did come down to only being able to have 1 stream at a time, I would drop...
  11. Dennis*G

    Netflix goes [email protected]#%@ insane, it's $16 a month now if you want to keep 1 DVD + streaming, $18 for 1 B

    At least we still have another 5 months for them to figure it all out with Starz (or another premium). I will start to worry come February though.
  12. Dennis*G

    Netflix goes [email protected]#%@ insane, it's $16 a month now if you want to keep 1 DVD + streaming, $18 for 1 B

    Now there is talk that streaming charges will be on a per user basis in the possible future! I have no idea how they would do that, but if it comes down to a per user or per device charge, so long Netflix completely...
  13. Dennis*G

    Netflix streaming

    Looks like the party is over. Just received an email that streaming and shipped discs are now going to be two separate accounts, so my current 1 disc unlimited streaming for $10 will now be $16. I'm not sure which one to give up at this point, but leaning toward the dvd's as I can still get...
  14. Dennis*G

    The Best Burger Place EVER

    I tried 5 guys that just opened here about 8 months ago. Their burgers and fries are the exact same as a local burger place that has been here for 26 years and 5 guys costs twice as much for a meal. They are delicious, but glad I have a local cheaper alternative. Local place is called snappy...
  15. Dennis*G

    Official March 2nd iPad Event ANNOUNCEMENTS and Discussion Thread

    Only thing to make me update is a better display, so when that comes I will update from iPad1. Probably will not get 3G version again either now that I have an iPhone and hotspot is coming, ( but more likely just to use my phone for whatever I needed to look up)
  16. Dennis*G

    One cable to rule them all: Light Peak

    It will be interesting to see what devices get announced at launch also. A nice lightpeak thumbdrive or external harddrive enclosure would be nice.
  17. Dennis*G

    Super Bowl commercials 2011

    My fab was the vw beetle. There were too many bad ones to list
  18. Dennis*G

    Official iPhone on Verizon Press Conference, Announcement and Discussion thread

    As spotted by SlashGear, WSJ has posted an update indicating that the unlimited plan is a decidedly limited time thing, with tiered pricing to come in the "not too distant future." Intrigue! It will be just like AT&T. I think the unlimited is to get people into the phones right now and...
  19. Dennis*G

    The ongoing is Verizon getting the iPhone thread

    I think it's insane for Apple to sell the phone now. By all means, announce it now, but wait until the normal refresh time frame to sell it it, so June. Next it's insane for Apple to have two versions of the phone, I do not see that as a good thing at all. They should only support both...
  20. Dennis*G

    Apple iPad buyers / Owners thread

    Actually with the bigger size of the iPad, the physical switch for lock was a lot easier to use then the on the screen lock now. I want the physical lock back for iPad!
  21. Dennis*G

    Apple iPad buyers / Owners thread

    Rejoice!!! iOS 4.2.1 is finally here for iPad
  22. Dennis*G

    Parallels 6 or Fusion 3 or Virtual Box or Dell Zino?

    I have used virtualbox for 3 years now and love it. Have not tried it on a Mac host before, ( just windows and Linux) but I have done a Mac guest. Since it's free, give it a try!
  23. Dennis*G

    Apple iPad buyers / Owners thread

    Wonder if they will update the iPad as often as the others though? Be nice to see 412 cache in processor, retina type display ( hard to look at my iPad after beingonmy iPhone4) and front facing camera.
  24. Dennis*G

    Official iPhone 4 thread

    Ok due to mistakes by Apple, I did not get the free case I wanted to get but instead got the Apple bumper. For something free it's tolerable but do not ever pay $30 for this thing. It fits ok, but does tend to move around a bit, and as others have stated on the web, not all adapters will fit...
  25. Dennis*G

    Official iPhone 4 thread

    I wonder if apple just sends out 1 or 2 pushes a day for apps instead of sending out notifications whenever an app ha an update
  26. Dennis*G

    Official iPhone 4 thread

    ah, played some more and the volume of everything is going down, it's just that even at one volume cube, it's still loud when a background app (im client) notifies me there is an IM. only other option is to turn off volume and go with vibrate. Thanks on the keyboard sounds also, turned that...
  27. Dennis*G

    Official iPhone 4 thread

    Ok need help with volume control. How do I turn down the normal volume? Hitting the button on the side only does the ringer volume, so as I type this my key oars click is extremely loud, even with my ringer volume all the way down.
  28. Dennis*G

    The ongoing is Verizon getting the iPhone thread

    Here we go again! http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703735804575536191649347572.html?mod=e2tw
  29. Dennis*G

    Official iPhone 4 thread

    Ok, just got the phones last night. Love the display! They are heavier then anticipated. Able to order one case with no problems, but had to call Apple to get the case submitted for my phone. I can bring the phone down by 2 bars with the 'death grip' but never goes below 1 bar so far.
  30. Dennis*G

    RIM introduces it's tablet.. the PlayBook

    Ah, I see the are targeting business only with this device, so in that regard ey might have something good on their hands