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  1. stephen_z

    Sony SCD-CE775 not reading some standard Redbook disks?

    Don't know if this is a new development with the player or whether I'm just starting to come across some c.d.'s which won't play on the system. Does anybody else have the same problem? Hate to bring it in for service if it's characteristic of the unit.
  2. stephen_z

    Recommendation for S-Video cable

    My HT is in flux due to a recent move. I've had to set up my equipment stack >15 ft from the display. This will hopefully be temporary. Are there any recommendations out there for an inexpensive S-Video with decent performance that will tie me over. I was hoping that AR would have something, but...
  3. stephen_z

    Soprano Fan Furious In Bay Area - No Hbo!

    Here we are, in the greater Silicon Valley region where technology is king, and ATT Cable TV can't get their act straight to keep the Sopranos broadcast from going off the air! This is the 2nd week that HBO has gone off a few minutes prior to the start at 9:00PM PST. The last blackout lasted...
  4. stephen_z

    Shrinking list of on-line DVD merchants

    Just wanted to see if other members noticed the same... when using www.shopping.Yahoo in search of DVD sellers, a reasonable list of low priced merchants would appear. I would typically use these searches to find a low cost/high rating supplier for higher priced DVD's which haven't been...
  5. stephen_z

    Online Song Sampler

    Can anyone help jar my memory... there was a website I found which allowed you to input a song title which would come back with a list of releases by various artists performing the song. You could then sample snippets of the song without a long MP3 download. We're not talking Napster or any of...
  6. stephen_z

    Recommendations for first SACD buy

    I just recently picked up a Sony SCD-CE775 to try out the SACD format. Can folks make recommendations of their top 5 choices? Any genre is welcomed, though I lean towards jazz and classical. I'm looking for selections which are sonically exceptional and really show off what SACD can do. 2-ch or...
  7. stephen_z

    Opinions on CD player replacement

    Looking for suggestions on which way to go. I was looking for a single box solution for progressive DVD, SACD, and redbook (still looking for a Philips DVD962SA to show up locally...even considering holding out for the 963SA with upsampling), when my old cd player crapped out. I could do one of...
  8. stephen_z

    ISF Calibrator's Opinion on Panasonic Temp Settings

    Hoping that some of the ISF calibrators out there can provide inputs on how well Panasonic factory temperature settings for Tau screens are setup. I recently bought a CT27SX12, and once I dialed down the PICTURE control, the NORMAL setting seems right (COOL and WARM seem too extreme). How close...
  9. stephen_z

    New 2-tone Rotel RMB amps are here!

    My lonely two-tone Rotel RSP-1066 finally has a new mate... the silver and black RMB-1075! My local dealer finally got one, and it really looks sharp next to the 1066 (who says the fins should have been silver?), and it sounds really sweet so far in just 2-ch (I have Triangle Titus 202's for the...
  10. stephen_z

    24"-27" Sony Wega or Panasonic Tau PureFlat?

    My 15 yr old 25" Sony XBR just died, and I just want a plain old analog set to fill the gap until I go to HDTV next year... any suggestions? I've been looking at Sony Wega's and Panasonic Tau Pure Flat, but I've seen some of the horror stories about poor geometry on flat screen TV's (there's...
  11. stephen_z

    Outlaw PCA Cables - tight squeeze?

    During my search for reasonably priced audio cables, I thought I would try Outlaw's PCA cables (hard to beat at $30+shipping for 0.5m pair). Build quality and sound is fantastic, but does anyone else think that the "zero" clearance between plugs can be annoying? Are all locking interconnects...
  12. stephen_z

    Philips DVD962SA (SACD; DCDi; dual laser) - now online <$500

    For those of us who are looking at a DVD player that can provide high performance video with 3:2 pulldown progressive scan and multi-channel SACD and hopefully good to great CD performance, we have anxiously been waiting for any news or reviews on the Philips DVD962SA (unfortunately, no DVD-A)...